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Sega Tower

The Tower of Sega related stuff... :)

Somewhat inspired by another pic on the internet, I decided to do it with what I have.

And this is it :)

Sega Model 2 Megadrive
Sega 32x (my first one)
Sega 32x (my second one, got it in a swap with my friend on here "Theloveofdrift")
Game Genie ($5 at Pawn Store)
Sonic and Knuckles (Boxed original and all $9)
And Sonic 3D Blast JAP version ^_^

And, you know, it looks stable, but in reality, its ready to break apart and fall over, seriously, try it yourself :)
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SteffDrewIt's avatar
Where's the mega cd / sega cd? 👍
Put micro machines with the extra two pad ports cartridge at the top. I"m sure there's a karaoke add on for the sega cd as well.
goldprime111's avatar
The Sega tower of power!!!
Galaxie-The-Fairy's avatar
Introducing the sega 64X
KatrinaTheLamia's avatar
Hey... just a heads up, I might have used this as a resource for an image I made... possibly...
Totally legit secret easter egg by KatrinaTheLamia
I mean... the MORE likely answer is that this Easter Egg is totally legit, and I got it in totally legit manners...
AwesomelyMecha's avatar
Woah There Friend, You May Need To Slow Down!
robowil's avatar
So...SEGA 32x + SEGA 32x = SEGA 64x?
ComannderrX's avatar
nice! all it needs is a sega CD!
Super-Knuckles's avatar
obviously you did it is just for the pic (and for the lulz), but if you really love Sega you never turn on this... or it will explode!
Wael-sa's avatar
Sega Tower:o (Eek) ? This is funnyGiggle , and cool too:) (Smile) ! I know that 32 X was an extra machine for the console Mega Drive/Sega GenesisNod , and putting all those machines together is funny, and nice too:D (Big Grin) , excellent photo.:happybounce: :happybounce: 
Snow-katt's avatar
uh no id rather not try it myself 
my 32X  was  rather exspensive to begin with 
MegatronDX's avatar
Thats overkill!
CrimsonFatMan's avatar
Nice, but I'm pretty sure that's a European version of Sonic 3D.
Sega Genesis + Sega CD + Sega 32X + Gameshark/Game Genie + Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic 3 = ?
TailsKriby's avatar
Reminds me of the Retro Duo Portable episode from Game Sack for when Joe stacked the RetroGen Adapter with the Master System Base Converter with the Game Genie and with Sonic 3 & Knuckles xD
emshomar's avatar
Hehehe why not? :rofl's a console orgy.
UltimaRedFox's avatar
I never knew you could put a Game Genie into a 32X.

Well, I guess you do learn something new everyday. And unlike school, it's cool. And learning.
Megaspidermoon's avatar
kinda reminds me of the towers from the lord of the rings
CaseyDecker's avatar
That's a very nice picture you've taken of your Sega stuff all stacked up. ;)
StephanoHandler123's avatar
i love doing that xP
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