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7 Heroes 14: The Night Before the Fall
                    Re-emerging to a conscious state, Adameria’s vision slowly returns. When she regains focus, she fixates her eye on Viper, who is squatting in front of her. Trying to process what just happened to her, she readjusts how she sits against the tree trunk. At this point, realizing she had just been standing before she passed out, Adameria becomes increasingly concerned about what may have just happened.
“How do you feel?”
                    Seeing the cuts on Viper’s face reminds her of the previous events. His little scuffle with Resheph and retrieving the water…she had felt sick after seeing Resheph take a bite out of the man’s flesh, but now she felt content. Unsure of what exactly Viper had done to her, she still appreciated it, realizing he did it to calm her down.
“I feel better than you look right now.”
Her comment pr
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7 Heroes Protagonist and Antagonist profile images by Sega-Superstar 7 Heroes Protagonist and Antagonist profile images :iconsega-superstar:Sega-Superstar 2 0
7 Heroes Questionaire 4
Slate: “Wow, it’s been quite some time since we’ve done one of these! Welcome back to another questionnaire! And no, the reason is not because of lack of questions. Rather, it has mostly been because Sara was busy working on the comic on top of schooling and many other things here and there. We apologize for that and hope to make more of these for all of you since Sara vary much enjoys the questionnaires.”
Sara: “Originally, I was only planning on doing seven on these to match the seven theme, but I may do more since I enjoy them so much. However, I do feel like these should be more consistent? Say, every seventh piece, to contribute to seven heroes, of either literature or comic pages I should release a new one of these? I dunno, please leave your thoughts in the comments below the questionnaire.”
Slate: “Alright, as per the usual, now, there will be seven questions total, with the best saved for last, so stick around for that. This time aroun
:iconsega-superstar:Sega-Superstar 1 0

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7 Heroes Chapter 2 pg 11
Grabby hands

A lot better quality than the last one for sure. I know this took longer than it should have. Still keeping busy after graduating of course. Either way, happy to be able to finally put time back towards this project. I will have to work on some other things as well that I will post here, so there is that to look forward to.

7 heroes, "The Gathering", Chapter 2- "Abdicate"
(next) page 12: Coming soon!
(previous) page 10:…

7 Heroes, "The Gathering", Chapter 1- "Legend of 7"
page 1:…

Preceding this series is the Prologue.  Prologue pg 1 can be found here:…

Written version (goes further) can be found starting chapter 1 here (links to other written chapters found in the bottom of the chapter in the description):…
Page might be a day late but it is COMING and the hiatus is ENDING. I just have to readjust back into the consistent workflow once more for the 7 Heroes comic as I work on other projects as well. I will not stop doing art and I will hopefully have more stuff to post here weekly.
The 7 Heroes comic will return June 2nd!


United States
Okay, so this is my second attempt of writing this since apparently my computer kicked me off the other web browser and deleted my copy of my draft for no apparent reason, siiiiiiiiiiiigh. This is just supposed to be a quick (apparently not) update on information I saw was incorrect and needed adjusting on a  previous journal, plus a small farewell before my trip to Ireland next week in which I will be gone for a month. Also, the comic will return when I complete a surprise to go with it, should be done in decent time as long as I don't get caught up in too many projects (sorry!).

Certain things about the breakdown of finances in Marnix needs to be fixed. I have also implemented a conversion factor so that readers may be able to understand the real net-worth of the monetary system and class system in Marnix.

5 bronze coins makes up a silver, each bronze coin is worth $30
3 silver coins makes up a gold, each silver coin is worth $150
1 gold coin is worth $450

The Angel Crystal is worth 8 gold coins, aka $3,600
The Blood jewel is worth 20 gold coins, equaling $9,000
The rarest gem, the Purity stone, is worth 80 gold coins, grand totaling a value of $36,000

Housing classes by value. No matter where you live in Marnix you must (unless declared otherwise by local government) pay a monthly expense for housing. Houses that are low class cost 1-2 gold per month. Middle class homes expenses are 3-5 gold per month. The high class homes cost 6 and up depending on value.

Average low class wages:
Yuki's territory- 1 silver and 1 bronze per week = 1 gold, 1 silver, and 4 bronze per month
Hotaru's territory- 4 bronze per week = 1 gold and 1 bronze per month
Master's territory- 3 bronze per week = 2 silver and 2 bronze per month

Low class by wage: 1 bronze-1 silver and 2 bronze per week, or anything below 2 gold per month.

Average middle class wages:
Yuki's territory- 2 silver and 2 bronze per week = 3 gold and 3 bronze per month
Hotaru's territory- 1 silver and 4 bronze per week = 2 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze per month
Master's territory- 2 silver and 3 bronze per week = 3 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze per month

Middle class wages: 1 silver and 3 bronze- 1 gold per week; or 2 gold and 1 bronze- 4 gold per month.

Average High class wages:
Yuki's territory- 1 gold, 1 silver, and 3 bronze per week = 6 gold and 2 bronze per month
Hotaru's territory- 1 gold and 3 bronze = 4 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze per month
Master's territory- 1 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze per week= 7 gold and 3 bronze per month
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