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Bday 2017 :: Picture Tribute | Hogger the Hedgehog by SpyxedDemon
Sonic holiday box by Sega-Club-Tikal
Sonic SA Camerabag by Sega-Club-Tikal
Bayonaketta by CaptainKharma
SEGA-Club Arts
Snow - Blaze by Metal-CosxArt
Ava Charmy by Metal-CosxArt
Ava Retro Robotnik by Metal-CosxArt
Ava Sonia by Metal-CosxArt
Stamps and Banner
Shadow Forces by franikku
Sally and Fiona Mobotropolis by KEVIN-K-DEVIANTART
Sonic the hedgehog by AztecAngler
Tributes to SEGA
Running to speed highway ( Sonic graffiti ) by SkeletoonsWasHere
Color the walls ( Sonic graffiti ) by SkeletoonsWasHere
(Sonic The Hedgehog ) MANIA {OLD} by ZahraKatzzuga
SONIC MANIA by esbelle
Sonic the Hedgehog's World
SA1 Sonic by KaosMass95
UAGS: Black Arms Eclipse Poster by SAJ-Man
Sonic characters_oc and canon by kennaknight6
Wind and Fire by HarmonyBunny2021
SEGA Animations
Who IS gOnna sAvE yoU noW? by ctg405
A.R.M. 2017 'Flux Capacitor' by AlekidThunder
Sonic into Tails Power up GIF by ClassicSonicSatAm
Artisan Craft
Chu Chu Rocket, Help a rat by AntisocialHam
Chuchu Rocket by Gabi-Bones
sonic the hedgehog pillow by xXRed-InfernoXx
Sonic Prototype Design Model (Rough) by FierceTheBandit
SEGA Crossovers
Honey the Cat - Stylin by BroDogz
Sonic Excalibur - Final Fantasy by Bakahorus
Sonic Channel - Jonic and Silvester by Bakahorus
Together Stronger by FenriRez
Alex Kidd
Whats a sonic by QUIXILVRR
The Forgotten Mascot, A SEGA Tale - Rogue Kidd by QUIXILVRR
Alex Kidd in Miracle World by W-Orks
Alex Kidd by JamToon
Xenomorph Font - UPPER CASE by Predaguy
Xenomorph Font - lower case by Predaguy
Alien vs. Pussycat by Davesrightmind
Anarchy Reigns
sasha and mathilda by ninpeachlover
Altered Beast
Altered Beast grafito by JordiLupo
Shadow Prove by Metal-CosxArt
Bayonetta by VoidVenn
Billy Hatcher
Rolly Roll and the Chocolate Egg by AlcyoneAX
Burning Rangers
Burning Rangers Tillis by TenderSman
ChuChu Rocket
Xmas - ChuChu by Metal-CosxArt
Crazy Taxi
Axel from Crazy Taxi by LaundryPile
Daytona USA
Rolling Start by franikku
Dinosaur King
M A X . D I N O . K I N G by taxikun
Ecco the Dolphin
Green Lantern Ecco by Parlinten
Fighting Vipers
Honey and Grace by VaultMan
Golden Axe
Goldenaxe Final By Deimos Remus by Kenkira
Hell Yeah
The Prince and his Duckie by wiirdo
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Jet Set Radio
beat (jet set radio) drawing colored by OxiCl3ean
Commission for ColdCollector by Krizart-DA
Mad World
MADWORLD - Scratch Paper WIP by Hyrule-Hat
MushiKing The King of beetles
mushiking the flash vershon 1 by ARM0UR0S
Nightshade Hibana by magion02
Nights into Dreams
Panzer Dragoon
Last Flight by GangsterLovin
Phantasy Star
Oran by Novembear
Pulse Dweeb by DroseAttack
Puyo Pop
(Point Commission) Jay-Puyo Puyo Tetris by Iyzeekiil
Daily sketch - N030 - 1/2 by PezAdriArts
Rub Rabbits
Astrobeat - Ulala by Eniotna
Rocket Knight Adventures
Commission: Sherry by kgfantasy
Space Channel 5
Ulala by Freddy-Kun-11
Sakura Wars
Iris Chateaubriand by Krizart-DA
Samba de Amigo
linda by ninpeachlover
Caution: Seaman by MableTheRabbid
SEGA Rally
Soul on Desert by LucasIT
Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue) by fugushima
Shining Force
Max and Bowye by gmb83
Shinobi by timwork
Skies of Arcadia
The Forgotten Mascot, A SEGA Tale - Vyse and Billy by QUIXILVRR
Streets of Rage
Streets of rage / Bare Knuckle by rbl3d
Super Monkey Ball
Super Monkey Ball by metaEAT
The House of the Dead
AMS's Finest by GangsterLovin
Toejam and Earl
Funky Surprise by blue-shadow24
Valkyria Chronicles
Aika - Skies of Arcadia by Kylika
Vectorman V2 by Drawloverlala
Virtua Cop
Lethal Enforcer by StealthNinja5
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter 5 by FranjoGutierrez
Hatsune Miku by Freddy-Kun-11
Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy the Dragons Trap!! by Nephtys-Bastet
One Eyed Slugger by mecharune


BAYONETTA 2 by bellhenge
Sonic's Winter Dream by MissNeens
Bayonetta by uger
Back In Time by MissNeens
Banwhaghen jamp by Axl-fox
Sonic - Link y Tails - Navi by franikku
Gaming poker by XAMOEL
the golden Supers by Dayheart
SEGA Fan-Charas
I am... by Swirlything
OCs with SEGA-Charas
Metal Sonic meets Fran by AdeLeanis
Sleep time 2 .... by MontyTH
Sonic by Archie Comics
The Four Hedgehogs by grim-zitos
Sonic: Knux-- don't ever leave me again! by LuLuLunaBuna
X'MAS by GaruGiroSonicShadow
Summer time by Un-Genesis
Shadow Blaze by Isabele4
Blaze inks by Yardley
A special day by Troyd-Straviouche
I'm not a lesbiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!! by Troyd-Straviouche
Sakura Taisen by Horikiri
Sakura Taisen-Sakura Shinguji by Horikiri

SEGA Icons

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Shadow the Hedgehog:

Silver the Hedgehog:




Eggman / Robotnik:


Other Sonic Charas:


This group is for all SEGA fans out there who like to draw SEGA characters. Whether Sonic, Ulala, Ecco or Bayonetta: We would like to cooperate together with you a large collection of cosplay photos, Manga, drawings, wallpapers and Flash animations to browse all enthusiastic SEGA fans a corner for their Art.

Thank you for your support and have fun with us here at SEGA-Club.

If you like you can visit our You-Tube Channel, Site or (German) Forum.

Self-made trailers and music videos found here:

Official trailers, gameplay videos and interviews can be found at:

Our forum you can visit with



SEGA-Club Team






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