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by Blumye

First of all I have to say: OMG! I saw the little thumbnail and was like: Wait, I konw that...That's Meimi! I haven't seen such a good ...

So, this is my very first critique ever to write: First of all: The colouring of the drawing is pretty good! The shading, especially on...


Sefira-ry's Profile Picture
Hello stranger, who accidentally happened to end up here ;)

There's just one thing I wanted to let you know:
I'm hobby-artist, drawing in my spare time to (sucessfully) avoid boredom. I like to be inspired by all the beautiful drawings around here.

If you wanna know anything else...feel free to ask

So neko-chan, you thought I'd be interested? :iconotakuneko2499:
You're damn right xD
Never seen such a tag before, but it looks like a lot of fun ;P

Let's start:


 ~An object : A street lamp

          ~A season : Autumn

                  ~A plate of food : Maybe crackers...but you can't fill a plate with crackers o.O so... I've no idea xDD

                         ~An animal : DRAGON ^~^
                                    ~A color : turquoise  

                                      ~A novel : One novel?! I'd be a bookshelf!!!!!!

                                               ~A legend :  Leeeegend of kooooorra...wait, what? Legend like fairy tale, like super hero, or what???

                                                    ~A fictional character : Friends compared me with Tris from Divergent^^

                                                 ~ A movie :  How to train your dragon

                                     ~A weapon :  Twin swords (but I admit bow and arrow would be very cool too neko)

                     ~A motto : 'Doors are for people with no imagination' (Skullduggery Pleasant)
         ~A bird : Eagle

~An element : That's mean! I don't want to choose... all of them P:

        ~A plant : Oaktree
                ~A fruit : Mango
                           ~A sound : the chirping of the crickets

                                  ~A climate : Some climate where there are 4 season

                                         ~A leisure time : Doing anything you like

                                                ~A clothing : A long, long coat ._.

                                                      ~A vehicle : Does my bike count?

                                                 ~A flower : Orchid

                                           ~A jewel : saphir

                                    ~A country : Test said something asian, like china :D

                      ~A precious stone : Rose quartz (has something to do with novls of my childhood xD)
            ~A day of the week : Fridaaaaay /(^^)/

   ~A musical instrument : Don't, never ever, give me an instrument.

~A metal : ...? Maybe silver^^

       ~A perfume : A smell of flower and cinnamon

               ~A drink : Tea

                   ~A fear : Is there a word for the fear of fish? xD

                          ~A person I would like to meet : Cornelia Funke

                                 ~A passion : Fantasy *^*

                             ~A letter : Z
                     ~A musical style : none :P
               ~An hour : 4 pm

         ~A sport : Athletics

   ~A quality : o.O I don't know, really
        ~A fault : egoism

            ~A part of the body : Easy, brain.

                ~A super power: Some fighting skill I guess

                    ~A website : P:
               ~A job : criminalist

       ~A room : Under the roof

Hope you had fun reading it ;D
I'm not gonna tag further, because...
honestly I am too lazy right now Giggle 

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