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A New Beginning

Hello everyone and happy 2013. I present to you my first submission of the new year!
I wanted to draw Mitsuki for a while and because this year is when Sailor Moon comes back, I thought it was appropriate.
For the many of you who don't know, Mitsuki was an OC that I created way back in middle school.
It was supposed to be an easy drawing because there is not much to it. However, that wasn't the case at all. This drawing gave me so much grief. Mainly because the hair took forever and I was trying something new out with the eyes. Which I thought came out awesome! I lightened her hair because the last few pics I did of her, the hair just made me cringe. It was too dark. Her hair is supposed to be lavender... give or take. You also have the simple background because, let's get real, I wanted to get this drawing done with.
Hope you all enjoy the new picture.

*Drawn, scanned

*Outlined in Adobe Illustrator CS4

*Colored in Adobe Photoshop CS4

*Brushes by :iconkavaeka:

*Mitsuk © SeEun402

*Art © SeEun402
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Thank you! How do you like the eyes? Being that you have followed me for years and have been through all the changes, I want your input.
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the eyes really do look radiant in my opinion so i think you did a very nice job with them :'D
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awesome! thank you!