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Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for all the kind comments and for watching. Second, I'm going to start outlining new commission outlines, to deal with an incoming schedule (all good and involves art, but I know I'll be busy). I always appreciate feedback, but most of this is due in part to keep things streamlined, hassle free, and hopefully more organized (but probably not).

I understand that Magic is not cheap, but it only adds to my urge to make something that's great, rather than perhaps leaning towards an assembly line state of mind. I'm raising the price of individual MTG alter commissions. The space is larger for me now, but more time (and supply) consuming as well, so I have to ante up. There are 2 cards posted right now, a blue rare and blue uncommon. Expect more variety and range in auctions posted.

I will return to auctioning cards, and there should be enough diversity among them to make everyone's wallet happy. Some of you have asked to be put in line when I start commissions again- trying to remember who messaged me first, who'd still be interested, and everything else would be pretty difficult for me, so given the new guidelines, if you are still interested, send me another note and I'll figure out the line from there.

-$75 per altered card.
-Limit of 4 alters per commission. Exception: A cycle of 5.
-Payment must be sent before work begins on the card.
-I can't make any guarantees on how quickly cards will be finished.
-The cards fit inside Perfect Fit sleeves even after altered, no sleeves can be guaranteed safe return, send your cards in sleeves you don't need back (or back in perfect condition).
-Any insurance fees, international shipping, and/or any extra costs should be added to the cost, I can guarantee a toploader, standard shipping, a random sleeve, and a bubble mailer.

-Links will be posted, I'm going to try and set a specific schedule, and cover all bases in terms of cards up for grabs.
  -Most likely going to list a card for each rarity per color, and just cycle through the wheel (and lands/artifacts).

-Send a note, but I'm playing everything by ear right now. That includes content, medium, price, and deadlines. Note however, for all private commissions, copyright does not play a role. I'll have more concrete prices for digital commissions soon.

Post any and all questions. I know some of you have waited a while, and I apologize for that, but I just wasn't able to commit to anything new up untill now.

higher prices, better quality, more auctions, stuff that isn't mtg related, love you all
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October 11, 2013
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