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Still here, painting away, looking forward to sharing some new stuff.
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Hallo, feeling marginally better, and working away to celebrate the New Year. Apologies to anyone with commissions, should see some results sooner rather than later. Hope everyone's year is going well so far, now that I'm over mono/sinus infections, mine's going swell!

I realize my updates have been pretty terrible, my access to internet and computer were severely limited for basically the entire month of December. Coupled with an awkward camera situation, it's been hard to stay up to date on here with pictures, but I plan to try and figure out a good way to not only post completed stuff, but also some kind of functional WIP uploads, or some step-by-steps. If anyone knows how to achieve this on dA (multiple photos+text? WIP pictures that aren't separate submissions, but rather sub-submissions?), please comment.

I'll also try and be less anti-social- you guys/gals are awesome, and always brighten my day with your comments, I'm just terrible at responding. Hope everyone has a great year, thanks for watching. :)
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Just a quick shout out to anyone with commissions: I'm working on them, but seem to have come down with something. I've lost a ~week so far coughing and otherwise feeling shitty. I value your patronage and faith in me to handle your cards, but also don't want to force anything and risk doing a crappy job basically, so as always, thanks for your patience, and I'll continue to chip away for now, and hopefully once I start feeling better I can do your commissions justice.

I'm sure this cold snap has something to do with it, I seem to get hit every year with a bad cold at some point or another. Nothing too serious, but enough to make me hate the north. :P

I'll try to keep you all updated when I get the ball rolling again!

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season!
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Now it's here yo. Putting a hold on any further commissions, my plate is full for the moment and I have other projects that need attending. As I'm sure many of you are aware, there are quite a few other talented artists who do kickass alters (much to my chagrin- trying to keep up with them is absurdly difficult).
You can find a lot of them posting here:… I first got into this process with that thread (which is now massive), and if you haven't checked it out yet, take a look!

Thanks for watching, I'm hoping that the auction content I have planned will make some of you happy. No ETAs on that though, I will upload as many as I can, when I can.

Hope everyone is well!
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Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for all the kind comments and for watching. Second, I'm going to start outlining new commission outlines, to deal with an incoming schedule (all good and involves art, but I know I'll be busy). I always appreciate feedback, but most of this is due in part to keep things streamlined, hassle free, and hopefully more organized (but probably not).

I understand that Magic is not cheap, but it only adds to my urge to make something that's great, rather than perhaps leaning towards an assembly line state of mind. I'm raising the price of individual MTG alter commissions. The space is larger for me now, but more time (and supply) consuming as well, so I have to ante up. There are 2 cards posted right now, a blue rare and blue uncommon. Expect more variety and range in auctions posted.

I will return to auctioning cards, and there should be enough diversity among them to make everyone's wallet happy. Some of you have asked to be put in line when I start commissions again- trying to remember who messaged me first, who'd still be interested, and everything else would be pretty difficult for me, so given the new guidelines, if you are still interested, send me another note and I'll figure out the line from there.

-$75 per altered card.
-Limit of 4 alters per commission. Exception: A cycle of 5.
-Payment must be sent before work begins on the card.
-I can't make any guarantees on how quickly cards will be finished.
-The cards fit inside Perfect Fit sleeves even after altered, no sleeves can be guaranteed safe return, send your cards in sleeves you don't need back (or back in perfect condition).
-Any insurance fees, international shipping, and/or any extra costs should be added to the cost, I can guarantee a toploader, standard shipping, a random sleeve, and a bubble mailer.

-Links will be posted, I'm going to try and set a specific schedule, and cover all bases in terms of cards up for grabs.
  -Most likely going to list a card for each rarity per color, and just cycle through the wheel (and lands/artifacts).

-Send a note, but I'm playing everything by ear right now. That includes content, medium, price, and deadlines. Note however, for all private commissions, copyright does not play a role. I'll have more concrete prices for digital commissions soon.

Post any and all questions. I know some of you have waited a while, and I apologize for that, but I just wasn't able to commit to anything new up untill now.

higher prices, better quality, more auctions, stuff that isn't mtg related, love you all
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Just a quick update for anyone with commissions, they are approaching completion en masse, should be getting more Sakuras in the mail tomorrow to finish everything up. I'd like to say that everything will be complete before next weekend, though I'm more interested in making sure your cards look as polished as possible.

To anyone who's messaged me regarding commissions: I'll have updated info soon, and will attempt to set a queue up. I'll have to dig a little to try and get the people who've been waiting longest.

Thank you for the massive amount of patience from everyone, I've been working on my mental/physical health in the past month or so, and making some good progress. You've all been awesome the whole time, anyone with commissions that have had to wait exorbitant amounts of time, I'll be adding sweets to your return envelope as a thank you, you're all eligible for sainthood.
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Back from an impromptu vacation, hoping the break will reflect in my new stuff. Slow and steady, just a little sorry about the "slow" part, I'll get some stuff up soon. Thanks for watching. <3
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Everything's good, to people with commissions, small creative delays, but things are still moving. I'm going to be away from technology for a spell, but I'll try and make it up to you guys.
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Quitting cigarettes, trying to work in well ventilated areas, trying not to drown in coffee.

After losing at least a week to "other" work, I've also only taken longer on commissions. It's a quality choice, but if you have a commission or are planning one, I've started outlining a new commission info sheet of sorts. One that hopefully clarifies my process (I'll be including a tutorial/pictures), and a few disclaimers, mostly all related to me taking time to pass a quality standard. I'll also probably outline the process a bit more, since I still receive a lot of questions on just about every aspect of it.

Stay tuned, I'll try and make things happen sooner rather than later (as always).
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Hey everyone living in the year 2013!

Now that we live in the future, I'm gonna try and use a calendar that isn't sun/moon/season related. I'll be restocking supplies, and hopefully mixing it up a bit in terms of what I paint outside of cards. Playmats will be painted, d20's pondered, and deckboxes perhaps? Maybe some non-MTG but still customized things (been mulling over fabric paint quality).

I'll still be taking commissions. I might migrate from eBay to Etsy or something.

Thanks for watching!
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So I got some cards going up soon. In fact, I will be uploading an enormous (~7) batch on my birthday (Dec 14). Every card paid for by December 21st will be mailed in an envelope decorated by yours truly on that date.

Cards will start anywhere from $10-$30, if you've been wanting a card for less than commission price, now will be the perfect time (whether they arrive before Christmas, I dunno). Uploads will start tomorrow, and I'm still accepting commissions.

Hopefully I'll stay productive in my digital stuff as well, thanks for watching.

Happy holidays/end of the world everyone. :D

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Cards are up now, link to the cards on the left. Minus three cards that are already sold.


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I'm back, card up now, more to come, and I'm open.

Baby needs a new pair of everything.
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No internet for the time being, working to resolve it, but expect uploads/replies/auctions to be slow or non-existent for now.

Love all yall, stay warm!
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Thanks for all the kind comments, faves, watches, and everything else that lets me know you guys dig my stuff (or at least, some of it).

Working/meditating/relaxing. Hope all of you are having a nice *winter. :aww:
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Feelin relaxed after the summer, going to try and be producing work into the cold weather.
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I was all like "Yo, I'd do other stuff if I didn't have commissions to finish."

Send me your money, and my pen/brush/tablet are yours to command. Actually, send me a note or something first.
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Bam. I'mma do something to make it up to you guys soon.

Music: Yelawolf's new Mixtape (hip hop/rap). It's in HD (it basically gets better as it goes, so you can only imagine the last 5 minutes).

New stuff:

Awesome art/illustration resource:

Much love, Mike
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That's where I am now (New York, SCHMEW SCHMORK).

New stuff on the way, few commissions, few paintings, we'll see what's up.

In the meantime, I will try and upload the White Queen's sister portrait (yeah, little Red).

Love you guys, always feel free to send me a note if you can think of anything remotely commissionable. ;)

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Hope you dig the new alters. I'll have to live with mediocre pics for now, hopefully their new owners will scan them or something. :D
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As you may know, I alter Magic cards. Well, this DA is now (more or less) my hub for the alter-inclined (I'll still be on mtgs), soon I will have a new actual "Art site", and it will help keep things here pretty Magic oriented.

With that in mind, I'd like to get some alter fans involved. I gave up premium on here a little while ago, but that doesn't mean I can't get feedback outside of a poll. If you watcher folk would be remotely interested in owning a card by me, this might be down your alley. Starting shortly, I am considering a stronger presence in selling work outside of commissions (ebay mostly). For every X amount of cards I sell, I plan on working out some kind of contest/giveaway to hand out some alters, but in the meantime...

What kind of cards would people rather bid on? Even if you don't plan on bidding, alters must fit into a general category deck-wise? EDH (Commander), Cube, eternal formats... which crowd am I catering to here? I love all the supportive comments, and though specific card requests do not go unnoticed, a general kind of card helps everyone out (you see more alters, potentially yours if you were interested, and I can focus my aim on specific cards). "Alter a Liliaa of the Veil, I'd bid on that" helps me a little (this isn't commissions), but "Standard staples", "Generals/Commanders", "Mythics/Rares/(Un)Commons" let's me get more alters "on the market" that will probably be quite a bit cheaper than commission (at a cost- the card is picked/designed by me). So if you want Snow White smoking a cig in lingerie, you'll probably have to get in touch with me rather than just check out recent pieces.

I don't need a ton of replies, just chime in, I have a feeling on what most of you guys/gals play, just saying feel free to chime in. :)

Other than that, I'll sort the gallery a bit more efficiently, and keep painting, thanks for the support and watching!