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Resurrection Lily by seesefire Resurrection Lily :iconseesefire:seesefire 4 0
Blood of my Blood
Blood of my Blood, I'm broken inside,
By that empty gaze, frozen and freeze dried,
You see there is nothing left of me,
No face for bloodshot eyes to see,
Shadowed by so many faces,
Tainted in so many places,
Heart pounding, thoughts racing,
I see who you really are,
A face I cannot recognize,
A heart that refuses to empathize,
Sinister smile, empty eyes,
I see who you really are,
A life of lies covered sickly sweet
With tainted tries delusional love,
Smells of hate and dark deceit,
And what you're truly made of,
Narcissistic tongue bleeding broken truths,
What does it mean to forgive to you,
Where in your heart does emotion dwell,
Twisted, broken, torn askew,
Blood of my blood, you feel nothing at all,
Blood of my blood just feel something that's all,
Anything other than what I can see,
Your apathy is slowly killing me.
© seesefire / Amanda Seese 2015
:iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0
A face I've seen a million times,
Yet one I do not recognize,
Set in stone, cold, broken lips,
Cracked mind full of bags of tricks,
A lie I've heard spoken in rhyme,
Trickling down through my veins over time,
Burning my skin, boiled, bleeding out,
Turning my body to ash throughout,
I feel the sting of what once was,
The ache of freshly painted claws,
Dig so deep I don't feel the pain,
Until I broke the chains of your reign,
A glimpse of what could have been,
Sends me reeling back to when,
You should have been the selfless one,
Now you can't turn back from what you've done,
Promises breaking that never existed,
A swollen tongue so loose and twisted,
Fills my flesh and bones with hate,
You had your chance to prevent this fate,
A face I've seen a million times,
A face that looks so much like mine,
How can you love what never existed,
And all that's left is dark and twisted.
© seesefire / Amanda Seese
:iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0
What We're Made Of
"What We're Made Of"
Lost, tossed, broken, open,
Feeling my way through a crowded room,
Scarred, tarred, and feathered,
Wing's clipped, grounded, surrounded by fear,
Bleeding, screaming to be free,
I hear them screaming,
Surrounds my every being,
Far from here and seeing,
What we're really made of,
The pain I must get rid of,
I see them fleeing,
From their constant disagreeing,
Over my petty well being,
What are we really made of
Can't we just agree to love?
Shaken, forsaken, mistaken,
Feeling my way through an empty room,
Wet with tears, fears consuming,
Trust in lies through hollow stares,
Heated eyes and fearful glares,
I hear them pleading,
Yet no one is conceding,
When will this need of leading,
Make you see how I am bleeding,
Crowded room, empty faces,
Where do we go from here,
Saddened eyes and hurtful tears,
Is this really what we're made of?
© seesefire / Amanda Seese 2014
:iconseesefire:seesefire 2 0
I can feel the pressure building,
Pushing me down but I won't bow,
I hit the ground running just to get away,
From you, from you,
A mother's tears won't help you here,
I know the truth behind the lies,
I've cut the strings, my puppeteer,
And like the phoenix I will rise,
To take back what is mine,
An empty shell filled with boiling rage,
Bleeding through the cracks of your facade,
Can you wear that mask forever,
Or will it start to fall apart,
When all hope left for you is lost,
A mother's tears won't save you now,
I know the truth behind those eyes,
You cannot control me, I will disavow,
And like the phoenix I will rise,
To take back what is mine,
Break me, I dare you,
You'll never see my face again,
Push me, I dare you,
To the edge, you'll try in vain,
Burnt to ashes, your hate consumes,
Scorching the same blood in my veins,
But like the phoenix I will rise,
To take back and claim what is rightfully mine.
© seesefire / Amanda Seese 2015
:iconseesefire:seesefire 1 0
Summer Mushroom by seesefire Summer Mushroom :iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0 Tiger Lily by seesefire Tiger Lily :iconseesefire:seesefire 2 0 Maleficent Poem Preview by seesefire Maleficent Poem Preview :iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0 Winter's Shadow by seesefire Winter's Shadow :iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0 Frozen Beauty by seesefire Frozen Beauty :iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0 Bambi Watercolor by seesefire Bambi Watercolor :iconseesefire:seesefire 1 0
Chains of the Deceiver
I looked up,
I looked down,
And your face,
Is all I found,
But not today,
I'm okay,
Said you'd meet me halfway,
But it's not the case,
It's written on your face,
Never thought you a deceiver, believe it,
Why won't you let me spread my wings and fly away,
Leave the nest just like the rest why can't you see it,
Just how long before you break my wings to stay,
I look through,
I see past,
It's you I can't surpass,
What'd I do,
What'd I say,
To make you feel this way,
I can't fight the fear,
So much is so unclear,
Never thought you a deceiver, believe it,
Why won't you let me spread my wings and fly away,
Leave the nest just like the rest why can't you see it,
Just how long before you break my wings to stay,
Found my wings with chains around my heart,
Never thought I'd start to pull apart,
When will my life start?
When will our lives start?
:iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0
Winter Sunrise 3 by seesefire Winter Sunrise 3 :iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0 Winter Sunrise 2 by seesefire Winter Sunrise 2 :iconseesefire:seesefire 2 0 Winter Sunrise 1 by seesefire Winter Sunrise 1 :iconseesefire:seesefire 1 0 Happy Bride by seesefire Happy Bride :iconseesefire:seesefire 0 0


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Amanda Seese
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I'm an artist living out in the middle of nowhere Arkansas. My passion for art and literature is extensive. I write poetry and stories. I paint, draw, and also do photography. You will find all of that here so here's to hoping you find something that suits you! I also have a stock photo account so be sure to check that out as well if you need any sort of stock photos for your own work. ((( redphoenix-stock )))

NONE of the things on this account are stock, so please do not use them as such.

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Sleep Depravation

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 12, 2015, 4:37 PM
  • Reading: Gardening Books
  • Watching: Richard play Fallout3
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

So much has been going on and I've been so busy I just haven't had the time nor energy to really create anything. I have been writing a lot lately, and did some photography today. Nice day for it too. 

So tired though, we didn't go to bed because we couldn't sleep. I keep dozing off while I'm in Photoshop! Ahahahaaaaa I need a nap XD

I will upload some of my poetry once I'm able to focus clearly. Right now that's close to impossible. 

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak


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