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I wish I had the cleverest joke, and everyone laughed.  I wish I had the wittiest meme and was " in the know " and was able to laugh with everyone else online. I wish I cared what the news said.  I wish I wasn't scared of the Idea of being alone forever.  I wish it didn't hurt.  I wish my bank account reflected the value that I felt like I was worth.  I wish we were still friends. I wish you didn't hate me. I wish I didn't give you a fucking reason.  I wish I would have been a little more selfish and a little less "I have to help everyone!!!"  I wish I knew what the next step was. I wish I could get ahead. I wish I wasn't judged. I wish people would just say whatever they're thinking to my face, Instead of beating around the Bush.. I wish people meant it when they said the word love.. I wish people knew the peace of.....................Meta
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