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HS: DirkJake 'Broken Prince' :iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 8 12
SeerofBloodyHope ID by SeerofBloodyHope SeerofBloodyHope ID :iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 3 0 LoZ UO: Piggy back by SeerofBloodyHope LoZ UO: Piggy back :iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 1 0
Mature content
HS: EqSol 'When You Were Gold' 6 :iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 0 2
HS: EqSol 'When You Were Gold' 5
Captor had lost count of how many times he had had to block Eridan in the last couple of months. He was getting rather annoying these days, always trolling him to leave Feferi alone and that she would never want to be a matesprit with a mustard sludge like him. It was the same thing over and over, he was had finally gotten tired of it. He finally yelled at the seatroll that if he wanted Feferi, he could fucking have her, and blocked him from trolling him anymore til he finally calmed himself and sorted things out that were going on in his life at the moment.
Gog... he needed something to help him relax.
He went over after a few minutes to help get his always busy little mind honey bees to get their usual rest so they didn't overwork themselves again. When they do that, they seem to get rather aggitated at him whenever he goes over to get honey to give to his lusus. That is never pleasant, for them or him.
His interest seemed perked as the sound of his trollian going off, as he set the
:iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 1 0
HS: EqSol 'When You Were Gold' 4
Nepeta slipped back into her cave, having finished her usual hunt of the day, purring now that she had a full belly. She quickly scurried over to her computer to see if anyone was online that she could talk to, or have a good old fashioned role play with, like Terezi or even Sollux. He was good at it, though he always claimed he was too busy to do it with her sometimes. She had a little smile, as she found Equius was on once more... seemed he had gone home a lot quicker than she thought. Guess he got rather bored without her around.
As quickly as she discovered that he was on Trollian, she quickly brought him into a chat.
---arsenicCatnip [AC] begins trolling centaursTesticle [CT] ---
AC: :33< *the beast slowly makes her way over to her friend, and rests by his leg to avoid all of the glasses of milk and pieces of robots on the floor, as she licks her paw* Hi, Equius~
CT: D---> Hello Nepeta
AC:  :33< You feeling alright?
CT: D-> For the most part I suppose
AC: :33
:iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 2 0
HS: EqSol 'When You Were Gold' 3
Sollux was sitting at the desk inside of the labs that he had helped fix up and even helped fix up the transportalizers so they all could have a safe place to go in case they needed to hide from anything.
Karkat was having one of his usual chats with Terezi while half paying attention to the computer screen where he was trolling one of the human kids... John if he remembered correctly.
He never paid too much attention to whatever KK was doing, since he would usually get brushed aside, or yelled at rather loudly for just stating his opinion...
But to be fair, he did that to everybody, even the people he seemed to like.
He carefully flipped through the Album he had found in lusus' room, trying to see if he could find anything out of the ordinary.
He made a face... so far all he could really find was pictures of him in his grub days after he had been taken in by Bicyclops.
"Heeey, Sollux~" A unnecessarily pitched voice caught his attention, which caused him to throw his album book closed.
:iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 0 0
HS: EqSol 'When You Were Gold' 2
Trying to hold off from answering the computer for just a few minutes, Sollux made his way over to his Mind Honey Combs, as he began to get a dish of the sticky substance.
Never again was he going to eat this stuff... as if he didn't regret what happened the first time he did it.
Sollux went over to the door where his lusus was sleeping, and carefully opened the door.
"Dad." He called inside, checking if he was awake yet.
He didn't get an answer. He must have been in a really deep sleep this time. He had a little smile, when under the influence of the Mind Honey, he was always getting picked on for sleeping in longer than Bicyclops, but always seems to get up earlier than him when he hasn't taken it in a while.
He went over near where he was sleeping and left the dish of honey by his bed for him to eat when he woke up. He reached out gently and lightly pet the taller on the head. All the time whenever he was talking to Karkat, he would complain about his own lusus, Crabdad, but he was
:iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 0 0
HS: EqSol 'When You Were Gold' 1
A few days had gone by since the Dim Season had finally begun.
With this season only existing twice in a Solar Sweep, it was perfect time for new trolls to be born and be given to their chosen Lusus that would nuture and raise them in their new homes.
Wriggling day had finally come, and twelve baby grubs had come to greet the light of the pink moon that managed to cascade its glow through the thick clouds.
Inside the stone pin created for the new wrigglers was the new borns, all seeming to be of different colors.
Candy Red, Dark Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Teal, Azure, Blue, Violet, Magenta and Tyrian Purple.
This is was probably the only innocent time of their lives, before the teachings of the hemoscale were taught to them. And they would see others in a different light, whether it would be good or bad.
It also in this part of their lives that a rumor brought up by their ancestors before them can take part.
Where the young little grubs... wait... hang on... what's that
:iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 1 0
HS: PsiiSol 'NightHorrors, DreamBubbles'
Sollux was sitting in front of his computer, typing away madly at his keyboard, working on another code project that Karkat had given him.
He was hopeless with this kind of stuff by himself.
Once he was done, he could get some sleep for tonight.
That sounded rather good at the moment.
Cuddling up in his recupracoon in the warmth of either the blue or red.
He was already struggling to keep his eyes open as it was. His fingers were moving a little slower than his brain wanted him to.
"Dammit, Thollux... jutht a little longer..." He scolded himself.
He rubbed his face gently, trying to fight off his urge to sleep, though it felt like someone was trying to lull him into it as well.
It couldn't be the voices he heard all the time. They never allowed him to sleep when he was outside of his recupracoon.
He didn't like this... maybe he could make wait Karkat wait at least a day before he sent this code to him.
He began to pick himself up, holding his head since it was beginning to hurt, as he
:iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 2 6
HS: DaveSol + Bucket by SeerofBloodyHope HS: DaveSol + Bucket :iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 41 1 HS: Dave's Gamzee Blanket by SeerofBloodyHope HS: Dave's Gamzee Blanket :iconseerofbloodyhope:SeerofBloodyHope 1 3


Dreamland Protectors 1 month left by HazuraSinner Dreamland Protectors 1 month left :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 123 4 You make me want to sin by Darqx You make me want to sin :icondarqx:Darqx 74 20 Photograph Pg2 by Scyrel Photograph Pg2 :iconscyrel:Scyrel 92 7 Photograph Pg1 by Scyrel Photograph Pg1 :iconscyrel:Scyrel 87 7 Smurfs: My ships by rinacat Smurfs: My ships :iconrinacat:rinacat 189 39 Just Rina Cat 2018 by rinacat Just Rina Cat 2018 :iconrinacat:rinacat 123 16 Smurfs: Lost Village Epilogue pt 2 (p1-p2) by rinacat Smurfs: Lost Village Epilogue pt 2 (p1-p2) :iconrinacat:rinacat 181 20 Commission - Clash by ThisDarkLight Commission - Clash :iconthisdarklight:ThisDarkLight 33 4 Pretty Little Whores by WeJustLuvBoys Pretty Little Whores :iconwejustluvboys:WeJustLuvBoys 59 3 Sonic Rivals 2: Silver n Espio pt.2 by MikuMiruMikuru Sonic Rivals 2: Silver n Espio pt.2 :iconmikumirumikuru:MikuMiruMikuru 113 25 Sonic Rivals 2: Silver n Espio pt.1 by MikuMiruMikuru Sonic Rivals 2: Silver n Espio pt.1 :iconmikumirumikuru:MikuMiruMikuru 140 26 Road Trip by bleedman Road Trip :iconbleedman:bleedman 1,549 59 GOTF issue 15 page 31 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 15 page 31 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 595 91 YUI by Kiwibon YUI :iconkiwibon:Kiwibon 280 2 Ravens by bleedman Ravens :iconbleedman:bleedman 5,506 137 Kenny by bleedman Kenny :iconbleedman:bleedman 1,876 80




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