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Thank you for all the birthday wishes! ^^
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Guess who's got a patreon! I do! You can find live wallpaper downloads at the $5 tiers and up. Any support is greatly appreciated. ^^
Patreon Icon by poserfan
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I've just started a new kickstarter campaign for new pin designs I've made! Check it out at…
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Woah! I just logged in today to find all these birthday messages! I just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! You're all amazing and kind :D
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And here we have October's edition of the feature journals! Come look through some spoopy entries and give them some love :D
I see some of you guys have really improved since the last feature journal I've done XD

Blodia Sprite (BX-02) by Nighteba What Do you See by ShootingStarLogBook
Underwater by AshnoAlice
130 Derelict by jarvuffin The Blood Prince by luffie

Heart within a cage by AliaAldarmaki

Onmyoji : Koi by Kurijo Roderich von Polsterreich by HyliaBeilschmidt

Scorched by Shade-the-AshClad Nightmare Before Christmas by SOSArtStuff  Inktober day 2 by fireytika INKTOBER - WITCH OF THE SANCTUARY by BabanIllustration We are Venom. by Mario-19 [ Commission ] #1 Hoshiguma Yuugi by CyashaRain Inktober Day 25: bunbuns by VanillaTeaCup Inktober Day 1 by LulaScarlette Strawberry Elf XD by SukiMisaki Messenger by Qbaska Mechanical Heart by Virus-Tormentor D.Va by RCSR-art Portrait of My Mum by warrior-princess46 As Happy as A Rainbow by Layneon Dawn by Iduna-Haya<da:thumb id="724855258"/><da:thumb id="769938202"/> Boosette by zivangie Kim Possible by MaikelKing Hawk - Nanatsu no Taizai (Halloween) by Dingier Linkhvhgvgv by mokacchi Crouching dragon by AcidicDoll Tourabu Arcana: The Chariot (no frame) by AlaudeSketchbook<da:thumb id="765891311"/> Neverland by Kyorukki Ancient of Days, Artist of Artists by GodsDemonsMen Luhan (Drawing-10) by BlindDoctor22 Apple Mood (DTA Creambun) by AuttumntheGuardian In Season by BluejaySymphony Kiss by Lawari Levi x Gamer!Reader - meta:Morph Part 1/4 > P L A Y <

(Excerpt from VGame Premium magazine)
New Virtual Reality Attack on Titan Game Takes Market by Storm
29 Apr 2027:
The release of the Attack on Titan: Expeditions game by VR Agent Inc has seized the attention of millions around the world. With its proprietary, realistic AI-based avatars that are larger than life, players can interact with existing characters and experience the world first-hand using the custom built headset…. You can get your own copy of the game today in stores!

Peaceful was not exactly a word she would use to describe the Attack on Titan game where slaying titans and losing comrades were the staple events of that world. Yet sitting beside the game character Levi as they looked out on the night sky was the most tranquil part of her daily life.
She was dressed in the standard white shirt and pants, her hair styled the way she always dreamt of. In this surreal game world, she could change her looks any way she wanted and not feel
ThE Little Samur@i by Xesxus Snail's house/ Ujico* fan art by El-Skully Bowsette by Yunio138 Commission: Alexandra the Red Dragon by Aramisdream A Joyous German by FoxinuhhBox<da:thumb id="768653269"/> Father and son quality time by arcadian123 Ela by Hector-Monegro Page 8-9 by IkaTheMadHatter Inktober2018Day12: Loving You Always ft. Kizourumi by kuraikitsune13 The forbidden cave (Art Trade) by LacrimareObscura Purple Eyes Metal Dragon by Ocetee Waterdragon by thesketchercomics Beyond The Crystal VeilFallen into the grasp of
Deemed serenity;
Thinking the unthinkable
Held at the rule of my Simurgh
Stalked by my Heiðrún
Governed by a more reasonable Bahamut
My odd and malevolent triad
Dare I give birth to my thoughts,
An even worse path will be paved
Forever a slave to (my) beliefs
Never able experiment with this lifetime
All timelines are freedomless
Losing motives
Gaining imbalance
<da:thumb id="769781997"/> Kayle + Mercy by Caleb5Wolf Carnifex by YokaMycelium Fall Colors by flowerhippie22 Cute looking doggy commission by MagdaSleboda Lone Symphony by RytelierArt The Gauntlet 2018 4: A Pawn Among TrashAs I have followed my creations, humanity has deteriorated generation after another. Centuries have passed and everything would have turned out far better had I not set humans loose. They have gone bad enough on their own, especially those in their quest of abandoning me, and Lucifer is making it even worse. I suppose I should have struck him down instead of just kicking him out of Heaven... Or at least I should have moved him to Mercury or Venus.
Now, it is too late.
Oh? Now what? Another human planning to harm her own, without witnesses? Time to do yet another round of damage control and get a witness there. Let's add some hazards to guide this nearby man there...
Edward trudged through the littered streets, using his cane to turn trash over to reveal hidden treasures or, as more often was the case, more trash. After living on the streets
RotBTFD Next Gen: Queen Elsa (In Color) by Kiwi-R Blue and white ''S'' initial canvas by RibbonsandClay Fan Art Mashup Challenge: Dinero de Tortuga by Kaleidechse Cloudia's hideout (gift for SleepingAyumu) by Thecat66666 Teddy Bear Mug by Aura-Fantasy Breaking the Silence by Cyneless Zeus - Eye of the tiger by andropov97 Asianesque Sunset by starplexus YCH-Guyver: Samus by Lucithea regicide ii by Kantiee Chainmaille Snake Slave Bracelet by imsogreen Azur Lane: 2018 Halloween Art Contest Submission by TheRebornAce [CLOSED] Adopt Auction 94 (Halloween special 2) by AridanBlack Frog and Moon by Kyorukki Fur Elise by ghostchiryou WIP: Tenn Kujo by smash-brethren Endo Saya - Dagashi Kashi - Vector by HanaJoka<da:thumb id="766385486"/> Happy All Hallows' Eve by HeadphonesDrawing Little Vampire Queen by SuiroAtair Space Princess by fullcolour-canvas Dr.Miracle by Miraclewithmiracle Serval by LiussSteen   The Society of Love For Thy StrangerYou are starlight in a bottle with lightning in your eyes
You are a divine kind of unusual
Not the shallow sense that lends nothing palatable to your mind,
But in just how noteworthy you pretend not to be
Believe, even
Your singularity of being, your truth and idea,
Your lovableness and dignity, 
Your mere presence in this mysterious ether of chance and destiny
This is a miracle

You are a miracle,
A miracle made everyday,
Between you, me, God
All of everything
To you, dear reader, I love you as your friend
To you who will not read this, I think of you as your Angel
To you who will only hear this, I say these to you in my voice
To you who will not believe this, I exist to persuade you of the invulnerability of your most sacred person hood -the person-hood I am convinced you have
To you who hates that I wrote this, I do not know you, and therefor cannot understand your reasoning and reality
But I shall keep striving, keep conceptualizing, keep rememberin

Skin by UszatyArbuz
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