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Cyberpunk Drink Enamel Pins

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 2, 2018, 5:47 PM
Hello guys! I've recently started a kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of my cyberpunk drink pins. If you back the project, you will receive the pins for cheaper than when they are being sold in my shop!

If this is something you're interested in, go check out the project at:…

Kickstarter Banner by SeerLight

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Features of June 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 1, 2018, 9:46 PM
Here we have the features for June! If you have some time go look through some of these lovely artists and give them some love! ^^

GIRLLL by soweii
World Cup AU: Izuku by katrucci varendel by AngelKite Underwater Marketplace by ukenni Spring Gift by CyashaRain Carnage2 by louistik Introspection by kristynjmiller
Mountain Path by Kornderia
back to countryside | BG by hooshiyo The Fairy of Chrysanthemums by ZhaoLuna A Fly on The WallThere's a fly on the wall. Oh shit. Spatuletail Hummingbird by peach-petals Crusader Bamby by GlitchedPhoenix
La Dame avec le livre by CoffeePotion
Foxfire by Niruja Late by FierceBabydoll Wondeerland by MarkotnePierniki Harley Quinn by Gem-D Portrait of a Ivan Kozak by lazy-brush

Comic Page 02 by Super-Chi Summer Solstice by SparkytheWingedCat SE18 - 2:4 by Wintercat96 Stride By Stride by BluejaySymphony Cattle Egret 4625 by DPasschier Nightfall Poster 2 (Android Version) by AKoukis Follow the Trail by Citrus-Chickadee Red Light by KokoKiero StarGazer by LilaGara Shadow DawnFor the first time in decades, the streets of the underground city bustled with uncharacteristic vigor. Trapped deep in the bowels of the earth where the deadly rays of the scorching sun could not touch them, the inhabitants gathered around in large crowds to witness the countdown to the phenomenal event that only happened once every moon cycle.
The buzz of excitement was felt all around by rich and poor alike. All except one dusty blonde young man who gulped hard as he gathered his courage to approach the green-eyed woman in front.
“Hey.” A weak greeting given, he smiled awkwardly.
As her sharp gaze turned to meet his, she scoffed in disgust. “Well, if it isn’t the jerk who was flirting with Alexi yesterday.”
Her hands folded across her chest as she declared with a sense of finality. “Look, I don’t want to be a part of your love games anymore, Lucien.”
His expression fell. He had not expected such an extreme reaction from her despite war
PURE MADOKA by maribee03 Violet by kanachroma Red Rubies by JustAnotherGirlyGirl Ironstrange by Kinnebrand Black and White on Red by theJfluffy Naivety by nosycatus Rosia VI by AAAHartvisen Tiger, tiger by AnOddStore Just Gonna Boop [Gift] by MarkPajo Style Challenge 2 by Amelia-N-Warrix Commission: Kilauea, the Dragon of the Seas by kuraikitsune13 The Vengeful Goddess by sketchabeth Maned Wolf by RiverHound Hangan by AlaudeSketchbook Mystic Tree by Dark-Fenrir Pink by sulgao Cold Creation by MakeArtReal<da:thumb id="751069086"/> Chise and Ruth by Heirozen [ROSE] The Pixie Tech Innovator by RogiShin I can't ear you by ElissaKarminakria VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER - KEITH by Amethyst-Project Returning Home by ArtofaWhiteDragon Lilies Never Grown by Icy-HeartProductions Jess Connelly by shikinist Art Block Is Bad by GirlWithTheGreenHat Lazul the Illusory Dragon by kreativedragonling Bear Gets Claws from Forest Spirit by TeroPorthan Garden Of Roses by Lily-Nicole Hidden LightLight peeks out from over branches,
dappling the skies a myriad of
greens, and blues, and whites.
Laughter floats on the breeze,
swept up like scattered seeds to
find rich ground elsewhere.
Bittersweet memories assail the senses.
shadows of time creep into the field of vision
obscured by unshed tears, lips curved
in wide smiles too irresistible to refuse.
Old traditions were taught here,
even as memories were instilled
deeply in hearts not ready for the future’s heartache.
Winter gripped hard after
Autumn’s colors faded.
Sorrow dripped snow on
flower beds once tenderly nourished.
Sunlight weakly shines through bare branches,
causing bleak shadows to dance
where leaves once held sway.
Desperation creeps close to mourners
as tears tumble down cheeks once
rosy with summer heat and laughter.
Spring bursts forth with a riot of colors.
TWWM | The Last Thing You See by Vantsu Just The Two of Us by LittleViktoria Queen Serenity by CherryHour Sleepy Hollow by TheBrassGlass Super Veniens Tenebris by AshClad-Shade Tainted sunset by RibbonsandClay Truce of Heroes by GodsDemonsMen Splatoon 2 Octo expansion: Pearl by BrokenDoll777 Candykate and the Cameraman by DinaMNealey African Night Sky by Mariam-Saba 707  by mftttt Mastery of Cold and Dark by Kiwi-R Finished by MaikelKing Divine Dove by LiussSteen voiceless by popfiish [Onmyoji] Yoto Hime by Frostbite07 Touhou Chibi - Cirno by kkommy Happy Halloween from Proxima by Lidiash

Mature Content

Lua by BloodyWing
One More Time by L-James Inflorescence by AimOfDestiny DEJ 02 (Lineart) by Bouchardet-C ~Peaceful Moments~ by SadoAlice Trinity by LualaDy

Mature Content

3 hours of you by itreza
Lucas by Lawari Luna and her Sugar Stars by Yenni-Vu Trust Me by catname Photo study by katrimav Night Lights by MetAnnie Hua Cheng by its-kaira Coping Mechanism by LualaDy Chun Li by Hikari-chyan Eskploring the Forest by Lymire

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Features of March 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2018, 3:08 AM
Welcome to the feature journal of March! We have some stunning work to showcase this time! And hopefully the journal won't glitch out and abduct some entries XD
Don't forget to leave some love to these artists! :D

Underwater (wip) by Avls

Big Red by JohnYauDesign

Noir Study (Retouched) by Lillendandie

Spring by JennyJinya

drift by princerivy Eva's OC by Scorpieee A2 by Ayywa Gorilla Samurai by Khov97 Unicorn by mechanicalvalkyrie Keeper of the light by Sava-G

Lunar sky by cassjohnson18 red peonies by Alluis Book Cover by Lamentine Berliner Dom 3 by Laurlolz My Little Pony Adopt #3 // Sold by Meginya Astronaut2 by louistik Neon Genesis Evangelion by katrimav The Duo by hafzicalart [Draw this Again] Over the Fire by Alaycii Healing by The-fox-of-wonders |Fursona|Snowfall by DreamerFoxness Inter-dimensional Overlord by WendigoMoon Photo Witch - Birthday Gift by Mavelle-Ealenyr Three-Way Fight by AlaudeSketchbook<da:thumb id="736988074"/> Persephone by maryioum The Lonely Princess by MaikelKing Fyhirs by fyhir ::: Nur Robin ::: by NurRayArt [Experimental Easter Gift] No Regrets by numinox Utah by AprilSilverWolf Aokigahara by JennyJinya Horns by KaisPotato My Little Pony Adopt #1 // Sold by Meginya [BnHA OC] Date at the sea by Kiyopan Run the jewels DA by Jickleberry Kaori by AUDEAMUS-019 Across the Ridge by JG1723 [Request] Trixie by KamiSulit Lonely Retrospection by Mariam-Saba Kimono by Estheryu Apenk Supardi by EmbunLebah Heinrich by Dangerbirb Battle Against Gluttony! by arcadian123 Oven Mother - OC Pageant 2018 (Round #1) by Whim-N-Wonder R O K U by K3NMA BTS's Jungkook [+ speedpaint] by day-tunes Embrace by NikySHouse CFV G: Sunrise Ray Knight, Taiyou by rainbow000pegasus Dancing elf by Animefanka Willy Wagtail 3561 by DPasschier Clint Eastwood ink by neraksel Sin by LiussSteen Canvas Practice by BIValentine Demons by Shiyatsu The Sun That Never Sets by Flamedragon44 A jellyfish by Lorena-artist Horsey by Clamdiggy Ancient mentor by RavenCorona Adopt no.3 ( AUCTION OPEN ) by SelpheeUsagi A Capella by MAJArtsy Children of the Ocean by Niruja Tarja, Defender of Life by MrDessin Train by ngocthanh1103 [Commission] Connections by numinox Snowball by AshClad-Shade Sleeping Plutie by Mustaro Gamirah reading on the edge by AliaAldarmaki Speedpaint #13 Journey by araednia [C] Sakura by Yaantii [CM] Ariel by rizihike Invisible Girl Against the World by Tears-of-Xion Mabel and Star Sleepover by spookylolly Seigneur du Malin by Yseulta River Spirit Nami [Fan Art] by BluesSketchbook Eclipse Sketches by AquaticJM New icon! (OC - Lobito) by thebadgerfoxdraws .:The Raven:. (Chapter 2 Preview Poster) by AKoukis Usagi  by k-i-k-i-a Dark Alley Mugging by RasheruSuzie Beginnings by Chamomile-Tee Practice 9 by MrsCallaghan Pink [ON REDBUBBLE] by GirlWithTheGreenHat Midnight Reverie [OC: Tsung] by xXSerena-CrosseXx

Skin by UszatyArbuz

2000 points + Doodle Giveaway [Ended]

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 19, 2018, 6:07 PM
The raffle has ended!
The 2 winners are ArtOfRivana & Alolan-Vulpixy
Funniest comment goes to Eggnatie

Contest Ss by SeerLight

Welcome to my 2nd Giveaway Raffle! This time prizes include a free doodle from me as well as points! :D

Doodle examples:
Doodle 47 DVA by SeerLight Doodle 46 Black Panther by SeerLight Doodle 44 princess monononke by SeerLight Doodle 43 Roe by SeerLight Doodle 42 Kaonashi Star by SeerLight doodle 37 Keyria by SeerLight

Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
Bullet; Blue There will be in total 2 winners, each will receive 800Points points and a free doodle!
Bullet; Green To enter you must be a watcher! (New watchers welcome!)
Bullet; Yellow Favorite this Journal (So you get a number ticket!)
Bullet; Orange (optional) Tag people in this journal, for the chance to win 50Points extra points per person tagged (up to a possible 200 extra points) if you happen to be a winner!
Bullet; Red Deadline is April, 7, 2018

Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
All Winners will be chosen through a random number generator :D (Big Grin)
Star! Funniest comment gets any leftover points and a free doodle as well Star!

Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
Good luck everyone!

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