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Weathering With You

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My favorite movie ever.
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What movie is this from?

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Am I allowed to use this art with my lofi song on youtube?

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Awesome art!

And I'm still waiting for the movie here

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That rain animation is AWESOME.
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Holy cow them colors are making my soul blush!  Well done!

Sidenote checked the trailer - looks pretty good!
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What a lovely sight.
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A vending machine that sells *steak*?!

Moving on .... Fab, as always!

And time for me to confess that I have now missed the last two big anime movies, Mirai and this one. Need to up my game.

PS: I've met Shinkai-san (briefly). Got his autograph somewhere.
It was at the (world) premiere of "The Garden Of Words" - Gold Coast, Australia. 
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ADDENDUM: I re-read it. Not "steak". It's "Snacks". Heh!! 
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Aaand .. I found "Mirai" on Youtube - watched it right through .. aaand - I'm not hugely enchanted. Hosoda-san just seemed to be trying slightly too hard with it. Okay - some realistic insights into parenting, i liked the idea of Family Story and a Deeper History to anyone's life ...

Meh; maybe I just don't like movies with mawkish little kids in them.
(I *adore* his previous movies, BTW.)

"Weathering, next on my bucket list. 
have a productive 'lockdown' wherever you are.
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I wasn't crazy about mirai either, but you'll definitely like this one :D
and thank ya
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Wow~ so pretty!!! I haven't had the chance to watch the movie yet but I srsly can't wait to!!
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Weathering with you. That's the movie

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