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Landscape/Background Tutorial

Hey guys, as my way of giving back to the DA community, here's a tutorial on how I draw my landscapes/backgrounds/environments. Its my first time doing a tutorial, so please let me know if anything confuses you, or anything I can do to make future tutorials better! :D

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so helpful for beginners, thanks a bunch for sharing!

DizzyDreamer99's avatar

Thank you for making these! I love your style.

DENISLOUP's avatar

Thanks bro, I'd love to draw like you someday.

AidanMurray's avatar

so handy, thanks

VeggieBiti's avatar
Help! How do i blend the character with the background?
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This was very informative! Thanks!
SeerLight's avatar
you're very welcome! ^^
pastel-taco's avatar
Thank you so very much, I honestly really needed this! Love 
SeerLight's avatar
ahh happy to help! ^^
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Very helpful, I currently suck at backgrounds :-)
SeerLight's avatar
aww well I'm glad it helps :)
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This is not gold. This is diamond! (*✧ㅅ✧*)
Seriously, thank you soo so much for this epic tutorial! happy cry XD 
SeerLight's avatar
haha thank yiu! and it's no problem at all! :D
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Some good tips there ! Thanks for sharing with us. You're great at explaining.   Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
SeerLight's avatar
no problem! I hope hey help :D
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thanks a lot for the tutorial. tutorials like these help self-taught amateur artists like me. thank you ^.^
SeerLight's avatar
no problem! I'm glad they help :D
LeLumy's avatar
This was really helpfull and a great tutorial!
SeerLight's avatar
I'm glad it could help :D
Vesperexa's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! If I can be as amazing an artist as you one day, I would be so happy oooh, stars 
SeerLight's avatar
haha you're very welcome :D
DeQuill's avatar
Oh. I forget my profile comment. I found exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much.
SeerLight's avatar
awesome! no problem ^^
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