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i rly need it pls hlep

  • 1 x prime meat / 3 x standard meat / 9 x utility meat
  • 3 x coconut
  • 3 x snowa
  • 3 x swindy

I will pay you the amount in Crescents listed in the price list, meaning:
  • prime meat: 1000 Cr per item
  • standard meat: 300 Cr per item
  • utility meat: 100 Cr per item
  • coconut: 30 Cr per item
  • snowa: 50 Cr per item
  • swindy: 100 Cr per item

Thank you! ♥

xCastra is hosting an amazing raffle, go go go!

Rainbow Drake by Rexpedia

Selling this guy, simple as that. Won't take trades or points.
Paid 45 USD, would like that back if possible.
Feel free to offer lower, but don't get offended if I don't accept such offer.
Will provide large watermarked and unwatermarked versions from the original artist.

I really like this birb but not really enough, and I wouldn't really use them anyway.


Self explanatory title yay. Will pay in USD or euros. Throw at me how much you might want.
I don't have any extra right now to use, please take a look at my bank.

I don't have much in my bank, but if there's something you'd want for a trade, give me a holler. Won't trade BGs (ask about CoL BGs), familiars, scars, accessory blueprints, the sexxi totem, big animal pelts or trait token/s.…
I'm looking for one use of red, grey or rainbow dye. Will pay max 5 USD.
don't you hate it when something is off by one small thing?
Make an offer. I won't be replying, at least not properly, to anyone who comes to me with "what do you want for this and that". I do not know.
Taking points, can consider stats. I have the full right to reject any offers and keep the horses.
I will revoke deals if there is no proof of progress in a reasonable amount of time, same goes for disappearing or not replying to my messages.

1312 | Nkosana Tendaji by seepranne
pure mountain stallion
Ee Aa Dd nSty Mm nLp(Patn1)
Sooty Bay Dun Merle Leopard Appaloosa
196 total stats
12 attack strength
2/18 slots used
3 extra confirmed stat slots

As the title suggests, I am looking for three kukuri enamored pictures for breeding. I cannot do them myself because of various reasons, but would still like to get to breeding since I've had these slots sitting around for some time now. Unfortunately I cannot offer money or points. I do not know if this is too small of a payment offered, but here we go anyway.

For each enamored, I am offering one slot to my darling dearest Ruoto 232. I am not looking for anything fancy, just the minimal range of a kukuri showing and something that doesn't look like you threw it together in five minutes. Even though none of the pairs have my kukuris in them, I don't want anyone to get half-arsed art because of this. They need to meet the requirements.

You are free to use the second usage of the enamored, if you happen to breed the same pair.

  1. Aoba 499 x Nebula 833 (PRIORITY) - Shiny hoppers
  2. Lanterns 037 x Synti 485 - firedragoran
  3. Rollo 138 x Nori 422 - firedragoran

Just comment if you're interested. Please give me an estimate of how much time it will take for you to finish.

LF specific Vayron

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 12, 2017, 4:19 AM

Didn't think I'd ever go this far but here I amm. I'm having difficulties browsing through the advertisements to find anything since they're pretty badly organized (why are there folders for them anyway if no one uses them??) and some people just don't mark things sold or on hold. Also I might be pretty picky, haha. I really want a vay I like, instead of just getting something.

I am willing to pay quite a lot (in my own scale at least) for the right Vayron, even up to 50 USD. Even so, if you're just trying to rip me off, consider it a no. I will not pay in art, I have no interest or time to do that. And the credit system makes art pretty worthless, though all ARPGs tend to do that. Some are just worse than others.

I am looking for genos. I won't buy slots, not anymore, especially since I'm mostly after traits.

Bullet; Blue PERFECT
Bullet; Green YEAH
Bullet; Red NOPE

    If not listed, it's a maybe. Maybe is most probably a no, unless gender, coat color or eyes.

Bullet; Blue Male

Bullet; Blue Runner
Bullet; Red Chaser


Bullet; Blue Lisse
Bullet; Red anything else

Bullet; Blue Draco
Bullet; Blue Sonar
Bullet; Green Long
Bullet; Green Dumbo
Bullet; Red Vulpes
Bullet; Red Loopy
Bullet; Red Long loopy
Bullet; Red Rodent

Bullet; Blue Reptile
Bullet; Green Long tuft
Bullet; Green Whip
Bullet; Red Stump
Bullet; Red Fox
Bullet; Red Puff
Bullet; Red Large puff
Bullet; Red Base brush
Bullet; Red Papillon
Bullet; Red Double tuft
Bullet; Red Kitsune

Bullet; Blue Glowing
Bullet; Red Shaped

Bullet; Blue 104 - 113
Bullet; Green reds
Bullet; Green greens
Bullet; Green natural colors
Bullet; Red violets/purples

Bullet; Blue Stocking
Bullet; Blue Striped

    The simpler the markings the better. I hate coloring complex designs, pfft.

oh look another ARPG ad

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 3, 2017, 10:11 PM

Masked goat doges? HECK YEA.

<da:thumb id="666750166"/>


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 10, 2017, 2:42 PM

SOLD TO Flamestorm11

I am really not sure about this foal, though I will keep it if I don't get an offer I like. >u> It's my first mane mutation bab anyway. I'm mostly looking for points, might consider a modern oriental mare slot, but probably not by itself. I have no idea if the geno would be that pricey itself, but, well.

Mare owner requires a slot to this foal.

801 | Mors Dominus x 425 Cacidi Aurea

ID: 3560
Possible Extra Manes: x
Calva: Lined full
African with 2 maximum hornsets (head)

Ee Aa nprl nDs nCal
Bay dotted sooty calva (carries pearl)


Ee Aa nprl nDs
Bay dotted sooty (carries pearl)
Bald mane


Ee Aa nprl DsDs
Bay dotted sooty (carries pearl)


Ee Aa nprl nDs
Bay dotted sooty (carries pearl)

Parent's stats at time of breeding (if calculating inherited stats, you must use the numbers below):

Gaits: 0
Dressage: 0
Jumping: 0
Intelligence: 0
Stamina: 1
Speed: 0
Strength: 0

SOOOO I've found the relaxing side of pixel art and would like to scribble some more smol kukukus~.

squares by seepranne call me cute i dare you by seepranne the floaty boat by seepranne better than u by seepranne good morning, sunshine by seepranne sing it back by seepranne
Great as pagedolls or tracker headers!

10 € per piece / 13 € with simple animation
(blink, glow, ear flick* etc., combining multiple may cost extra)

(ask if you're unsure if I'd accept your kukuri)

I don't do icons at this time, they're way too tiny for me. ;u;
No slot limit, but I may close these if there's an influx of orders so I can finish them before taking more.

Only accepting PayPal. Always send your payments in euros.

* my skills with pixel animation are still in a toddler's shoes, so please keep this in mind.


Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2017, 6:53 AM

Or more precisely, the following:

Dangling tears by momma-kuku

0 x Dangling tears

I will pay the itemlist price, which is 100 Cr per item! If you have only one or otherwise less than I'm asking, that's fine! I'll still buy it from you if you'd like to sell it!

  • no inbreeding in any circumstances unless otherwise stated
  • when offering FP or activity entries, please link some examples and estimated time you need to finish your payment
  • please let me know if you're not okay with doing specific activities.
  • enamored will be your responsibility and it cannot be part of the FP payment
  • slot/s will be granted only after full payment, unless otherwise stated
  • always discuss with me before reselling, trading or gifting any slots got from me.
  • no rerolls, unless you buy another slot for it.

Ruoto 232 by Kuku-ri

Pearl with Blanket, Panda (Dominant), Luminescent and Underbelly

  1. 30 € / 50 FP / 4 activities

Sysi 240 by Kuku-ri

Raven with Panda (Dominant), Piebald and Underbelly

  1. 40 FP - SignlessCan 
  2. 40 FP - ClarityWind
  3. 25 € / 40 FP / 3 activities

Corvus Umbra 318 by Kuku-ri

Hazed Ebon Crimson with Hood, Collar, Siamese and Flank



For requirements,
click here [WIP]

Utu 501 by Kuku-ri

Crimson with Siamese and Ringed
  1. 25 € / 40 FP / 3 activities
  2. 25 € / 40 FP / 3 activities
  3. 25 € / 40 FP / 3 activities

RL money payments via PayPal only, first come, first served.
FP/activities not first come, first served.

convert your currency

Psst, I don't bite. I just have bad experiences when things are not clearly written out, that's all.
I'm not too eagerly taking activity or FP payments. They are an option, however, if nothing else comes up. Feel free to ask for an activity slot, I'll contact you later if I've chosen your offer.

An activity = one (1) activity roll
  = one kukuri doing an activity in an image, not a separate image unless otherwise specified

Activity rolls or FP may be converted into training images. I will always ask beforehand.
The conversion for trainings is usually the following:
  1 activity roll = 1 fullbody character

Ruoto 232 x Zack 3341

3) Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
    Pearl with Underbelly
    Floppy Ears, Devil Horns
    Crepuscular, Herbivore

  20 € / 2 activities



Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Hazel with Viper and Bubble
High ears, Devil horns
Diurnal, Omnivore


  20 € / 2 activities 

proof & lineage


Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Crimson with Underbelly, Socks, Dalmatian and Blanket
Regular ears, Rhino horn
Nocturnal, Omnivore

  20 € / 2 activities

proof & lineage

RL money payments via PayPal only, first come, first served.
FP not first come, first served. Please provide examples and state the approximate time needed to finish your payment.

convert your currency


will make a proper shop later. probably. maybe.

kukuri headshot commissions

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 19, 2016, 2:35 AM

Um. Hi.

multiheads by seepranne seasoned, not spicy by seepranne

I am offering kukuri headshot commissions like above on left for 10 USD each. Neatly lined and shaded. This price includes one kukuri. If you're interested in a background, the price will be 15 USD.

Without a background your kukuri gains 4 FP, with it 5 FP.

I don't take points or art trades. PayPal only. Comment below or note me if you're interested.

Interested in something else instead? Ask!



1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

Cactus ref. sheet 2014 by seepranne

1.) The character's name came from this song.
2.) Cactus has monophobia (the fear of being alone). He doesn't have a problem being by himself when he knows someone is out there and will come back soon, but being completely alone can drive him to the edge.
3.) His closest and only friend on adult age is Jäävä.
4.) Cactus is overprotective. When combined with his tendency to violence, it's not such a good thing.
5.) The hate towards his real name can be a problem, since Cactus isn't too good at controlling his anger.
6.) Cactus was adopted - he knew this very well when he brutally murdered his mother.
7.) Towards end of his years, Cactus was knows as Caim - the ruler of over thirty legions of demons. This referred to his army of skeletons, controlled with black magic.
8.) Cactus ended his own life after accidentally killing Jäävä in uncontrollable rage. He threw himself down from the same cliff he lost his tail at and where his miserable life as he knew it started from.

Nope. Yes I'm bad at tagging.


Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2015, 3:45 AM

i'm clearing my watch list completely and rewatching those i feel like watching. it's easier to remove everything since there's more than 400 names on the list. just a heads up.

// DONE & rewatched whoop feels better already.


Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 7:10 AM

mikä vittu siinä on, että jengi kyselee, et teetkö tota tilauksesta ja teetkö tätä tilauksesta ja sit kun vastaan et joo teen ni ei kuulu enää pihaustakaan, vaikken oo ees lätkässy hintaakaan niiden sormille.


ihan tarpeeks arvoton olo muutenki varsinkin piirtelyn saralla. ei auta yhtään, et kiitti vaan.


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 2, 2014, 4:40 PM

öhö öhö poden huonoa omaatuntoa kun en ole piirtäny mitään taas moneen moneen päivään. ei ihme etten kehity ku en jaksa ikinä piirtää. en tiiä pitäis ehkä ostaa joku jännä luonnoslehtiö tai joku mihin ois kans kiva sit piirrellä ja koittaa suhrustaa edes jotain pientä joka päivä. mutku en tykkää piirtää käsin enää pitäis kyl opetella taas. koska 99% aattelee et tietokone tekee aina kaiken sen tekijän puolesta son niin helppoa. voi pörlkl. ja no ei missään pääsykokeessa voi piirtää koneella. vattu.