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Elic Sturm 2020


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better than nothing - MQ: Jul 2019


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forgotten and punished - FoD 2020

    The line of people and kukuri alike crawled across the scenery. Its speed varied, when some paid their tributes for the newly hatched, young, eternal goddess swiftly, and others took their time. A gentle wind stroked its soft brush across Deaths statue's surface, removing a petal or two every so often from the wreaths they were attached to. Flying, orange petals were especially fascinating to young pups, which ran after them as excitedly as they did when they spotted a butterfly. Today was surprisingly warm, considering the time of year. Spring was knocking on Winter's door, but it wasn't so clear if she was earlier than intended.    I


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sovi en pakkopaitaan


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such balance woof

World of Reos

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eater of worlds

Pearl Dragons

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and this is my opinion of your opinion


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was this here before?

Ara Ti Sapimo

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morning dew


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underneath your shell


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[ Vido Ruins ] Relic Hunter - Amadeus

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Elic Sturm 2020

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MTT DTA #176 | Poppy Lycoris


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