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Published: January 27, 2020
    "I don't think I was a bad pup", I say after a silence that feels like it has lasted for years. I scratch behind my left ear with the dulled claws of my hind leg. The ear has two notches on its upper half.
    "Just curious to the bone, that's all." I turn my eyes away. The crimson rook tilts his head. The setting sun makes his bright green eyes glimmer for a passing moment inside the fake eye sockets on his light face. His name is Rusto. I scoff myself wordlessly with a silent snort. It's a miracle I still remember his name.
    I met him right after I had died the second time. I wasn't even sure if my head was still intact. While seemingly uncaring, he still stopped to ask me if I was alright; or why I looked like I had just pissed myself in front of a full bun of pups, my eyes mixing fear, disgust and hatred inside them. My head had just exploded into a million pieces, shards of my skull and teeth embedding itself into my neck and throat, followed by the Hive Corruption consuming my whole dying being in one, gross gulp. Of course I was terrified! But... it was something he did not know, even to this day. It was one of those rare things I never told him, the things he never knew. It was weird, since he knew a lot about me, anything he was willing to remember. But this... the feeling of violent death, a bullet passing through my skin and bone... this I kept from him.
    I didn't answer him, I didn't know how. This led Rusto blabbing away about the territory he had lived in. He made it very clear that it wasn't his, but there was no one to chase him away either. The marks were clear that the place was owned by someone else, but he never saw anyone. If I, on the other hand, would have seen someone, as I looked like I had seen a headless ghost, the crimson rook would not be too happy leaving behind the territory he had called home for years. As I stood up and tried to leave, Rusto followed me. I stopped on my tracks, turned around and screamed at him to stop it. His words and face on that exact moment are carved into my memory to this day.
    "Whoa there, don't flatter yourself", he said with an annoyed tone. "I happen to live here. Besides, if you don't belong here, what makes you so keen on going this way?" he asked with a strange grin as he walked past me.
    "...how long were you-"
    "Not long, but damn you mutter a lot in your sleep!" Rusto ended with a laugh as he continued onward. I didn't like his tone, I didn't like his attitude and I didn't like his face. But he was right. I remember glancing around me like a lost pup. While the place was new; strange; it still felt familiar. It felt like it had been trapped in amber as soon as I was taken. How long was I gone; I did not know. As I tried to find the red rook again with my eyes, I noticed he had already walked for quite a distance away from me. In a beginning of a panic I hurried after him. That bastard's fluffy butt cheeks were the only reference point I had at that moment, and I surely didn't want to lose it.
    I wouldn't call Rusto a friend. A shoulder to lean on is more accurate, but not really the right term either. He doesn't really care that much, but he's not a soulless piece of shit either. We tolerate each other, mostly. There's no conversation; my monologue fills the silence. He listens; that's what I needed for too long. He remembers what he wants, but he always seems present, which is really important to me. He seems legitimately interested in my senseless word diarrhea, even if he afterwards doesn't even remember a single detail or a bigger twist.
    Kaiser didn't really listen. It was clear when he did, since he remembered well what I had told him. Most of the time however he was so absent minded, that I could ask him twenty times if he would like to marry my left big toe and he would always say yes. Someone like that doesn't really help to lighten the burden on your slouched shoulders. He did have his own duties and worries; he was a Guardian after all. Still, he was too kind; too polite. Too considerate in the wrong way. It would probably have been better if he'd just leave as soon as he could. He wasn't much of a company.
    I lever myself up from the pressed grass. Rusto watches my clumsy ascent snickering. Somehow he gloats every single time I show any signs of being older than him. It doesn't bother me; if the youngling finds pleasure in mocking anyone twice his age, let him. As long as he doesn't do it too vocally; that even I do not tolerate from the only listening ears.
    I turn my back to the red rook, giving him a small nod. He replies with the same gesture; it's a sign of a temporary farewell. Neither of us know when we will see each other next; it could be only hours, or it could be months.  Maybe that's the fun of it;
    the uncertainty.
© 2020 seepranne

Word count: 924
Main Kuku: Ranka 6287
Side Kukus (Whole story): Rusto 7630

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