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this is gonna hurt

this is gonna hurt
this is gonna hurt you
this is gonna hurt you
more than it hurts me

and i don't wanna hurt
that's why i'm gonna hurt you
that's why i'm gonna hurt you
that's how it's gonna be

hoobastank - this is gonna hurt

    The man pulled out a partly rusty, seemingly old saw. As he turned on his heels and approached the animal again, it started whimpering. The albino kukuri begged and prayed in tongues he could not understand. It squirmed on its place under the heavy chains but there was no escape. Nimbus had taken everything into account.
    With the tool in his hands the man kneeled onto the side of the kukuri's neck. He turned the animal's head with force and held on to keep it still. As the white monster raised the saw with his right hand, the kukuri started to screech; it knew what was coming, it was obvious. The pliers still lied on the floor next to them, only reminding of the horrors that had happened only moments before. Covered in blood, they reeked of abuse and violence, followed by a tinge of death. The kukuri's claws were gone, scattered all around the concrete floor. Its ripped out frontal teeth had been tossed to accompany those past weapons like wedding rice, all of it stained, soaked in the creature's own blood.
    Nimbus slowly set the saw's blade on one of the kukuri's horns' base. Horns were essential for a kukuri, as a defense and offence, a status symbol, to make a creature show capability in their mates' eyes and individuality. Now, all those things were going to be taken away from the dove, and it could do absolutely nothing to stop it. As the serrated blade dug its way through the top layer and into the core, the creature cried out even louder. Desperately it tried to reach the man behind the pain, only managing to smear its surroundings more with blood, including Nimbus' clothes.
    The first horn dropped off, sounding like a breaking mirror for the dove. The smell of the bleeding bone marrow and the sight right in front of her eyes completely silenced her. Despite the pain the saw inflicted as Nimbus moved on to the next horn, the kukuri stayed quiet. She watched as the dark puddle grew larger and slowly united with the one coming from the kukuri's side itself.
    Utu closed its eyes as the second horn dropped to the floor and Nimbus stood up. The loss of blood, alongside with the fight it at least tried to put on only made it want to fall asleep; to never wake up or just to wake from this nightmare. The dove had thought that it would be safe now, after getting away from the pirate and her dominant loaf. Utu had never been more wrong.
    The kukuri hesitantly opened its eyes as Nimbus returned. As he walked closer, the smell of burning hot steel grew stronger. He was holding blackened, metal tongs with heavy gloves; and the tongs held a piece of steel, glowing red. The kukuri wasn't stupid, it had seen this before. As Kyynsointu couldn't just leave her alone to be somewhere when she took care of things, the albino dove traveled alongside her and her violent trio; and the places they went were even more so. Large wounds were burned shut to stop them from bleeding. Utu recognized the smell of burning hot steel and next would be burning flesh. The thing was, that flesh would be hers and the screams following would not be anyone else's either.
    This was going to hurt like hell.

Word count: 565
Handler (if present): Nimbus De Witt
Main Kuku: Utu 501

3 FP

Finished this quite fast since I apparently enjoy causing pain to my characters way too much.
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