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perfect, near fatal

welcome back to our series with seepra who desperately tries to shade fur properly.

Hello I just love my glowy mushroom gal way too much ghhh. Bye.

Kuunkielo 601 by Kuku-ri
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Whoa o.o
First contaminated Kuku that I've seen.
Is she ok? I'm genuinely worried about your Kukuri e.e
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There are a few around, Kielo was one of the latest to catch the contamination in the second stronghold I think. She's fine, not too happy about being covered in shrooms tho. `u´ I JUST REALLY WOULDN'T WANT TO HEAL HER FOR BREEDING AND STUFF BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE HOW SHE LOOKS but you can't have everything sob
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Awesome :D
Oh wait... umm... I don't know if it's a bad thing because I think they have a cure... right?

Oh by the way because I don't know too many people in this community, is it OK if you send me a link to her Kuku?
If you can find it anyway, you don't need to if you don't want to. 
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Yeah, there is an antidote for the contamination. If there weren't you would be pretty screwed with a contaminated kukuri since it cannot breed or participate in activities that have handlers in them :'D

I assume you mean the contaminated kukus?…
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 Yes thank you. I was looking for these but I could not find them.

I am going to assume now that they're on the main page on the left side showing the different categories that people have posted to the group.

And now that I reread that that doesn't really make any sense.
Point is I think I know where to find those now. Thank you.