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By seepranne
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Word count: 941
Handler (if present): Uldren Sov (man, Awoken, Prince)
Main Kuku: Ranka 6287
Side kuku: Rusina 11894

3) Finally you were able to find the burglar. No one can hide from you forever! Draw or write about your kukuri taking the burglar to task.

Rusina confronts Ranka about the stolen eggs - but are her clues red herrings?

+2 FP MQ
Published:   |  Mature
© 2021 seepranne
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Snarling and growling you find the burglar, possessively protecting it egg hoard from you. The small (or rather large) creature puts up a good fight, but you still manage to defeat it. With one last angry look, it vanishes and lets you take all their eggs.

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such lovely quality of writing! ^v^ <333 wonderful job!

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aaa thank you ;u; ♥

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