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i was like you

"It's absurd, thinking about the past. It feels like it was a few years ago, but in reality... centuries have passed. I didn't see them passing. I was dead. Ha! I wonder what was so special to them in my rotten remains. You know, I used to be a being of my own. Thinking, breathing. Doing something else than surviving for SIVA. I don't know what else to do anymore. I've been doing it for so long. But...

They called me Aisa."

Aisa before her resurrection and integration with SIVA. She died of natural causes, right at the doorstep of the Golden Age, and lied dead for centuries before being found by the Devil Splicers. She's not bitter, since she doesn't really know how to. Hasn't been herself ever since the integration. The only thing she knows is how to survive - and to spread the plague she carries.

old thing from february, or before that, can't remember.

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i pets. i gives lots pets

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better have an insurance for those hands then