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a higher plane of existence, blighted - CoL 2021


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    She watched as the creature's screeching, inky copies emerged from the foul smelling portal one by one. She couldn't stop now. Particles of Blight hit her face as she ran, barely being able to stand on the slippery surface of the arena. For a moment she halted, and her eyes met his. The rook's pitch-black gaze sent uncomfortable chills down her spine - and a voice emanated. She had seen something she could not explain, but not heard a word. Yet, she connected the dots - the man's razor sharp, ice-cold tone hummed violently with authority between the kukuris' glances, spinning like a knife on its tip on an old, wooden cutting board. It echoed, scratching against her eardrums and corneas, stinging like a squeezed lemon into an open wound.

    "Do not disappoint me."

    But it wasn't for her. The dove inhaled, the icy air prickling in her lungs. There had to be something wrong here. The pale rook wasn't able to do this before - but all the black and sickness felt familiar to her, somehow. It shared the sickly, dark feeling as the surrounding trees that day. No, impossible. It must've been the goddess. It must've amplified his sadism and lunacy. This is what it gave him. The albino dove leapt the small stream in the middle of the sheets of ice. The copies started multiplying themselves. Their bleach-like reek amplified with their numbers. She had to find an opening.

    Little did she know how hilariously wrong her derivations were.

CoL collab with the amazing Culexx ! i'm so excited to be able to show off Ranka's Taken magic ghghhg.
i made the sketch, the kukus, the Ascendant portal mess and the Taken clones + some effects
Culexx made rest of the beautiful background

+3 CoL bonus
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