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"I said I was sorry!" The mare cried out, ruffling her golden brown wings. This guy, seriously! The expression of pout spread across her face as she watched the dark stallion inspect its new wound. Tendrils behind its metallic skull restlessly scrabbled the air around them as a black, greasy fog swirled around its pasterns as a sign of displeasure. And still it said nothing. Liquid similar to molten gold dribbled out of an unclean cut right under its left front knee. Gwen, only wanting to help as fast as she could so she could get to other things as quickly as possible, was the culprit for it with an accidental, stray kick. The stallion's silent treatment only made things more awkward and annoying for her. Not that she had heard it speak, like, ever, but still! At least say something! The stallion bowed its head lower, closer to the wound. The unusually colored blood had already reached the ground below the equine's hooves. Gwen heard it take a deep breath, but nothing on its face

imprisoned - MQ: Aug 2020


imprisoned - MQ: Aug 2020

Ranka scratched behind his right ear and continued the streak lower on his neck. This whole place made his whole body so damn itchy, and it was driving him insane. The light around the Shore was the weirdest he had ever seen, casting purple and blue light absolutely everywhere. And the smell; the smell was the absolute worst thing about it. Everything smelled of iron and some other metals Ranka did not recognize; and if it didn't smell like a metal, it smelled like a dried out puddle of years old cat piss. As a cherry on top, those odors were crusted in a thick layer of burning anything. More often than not Ranka couldn't put a finger on the thing that was likely burning and intruding his nostrils; it was probably for the best, however. Suddenly a smell wormed its way into Ranka's nose that he actually recognized. For a short moment he froze, before it started to grow in intensity. The kukuri eyed at his surroundings. Blue smoke like substance twirled around him. It's acidic and
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Please reply here to comment my page, trying to keep things clean! Thank you!
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Hi!  SUUUPER weird question, but do you remember a Plague Flight banner you made for Flight Rising?  I was using it as my signature in the forums, someone else had it, but I can't find them anymore, and the link broke some time over the last couple of days.  I went to inspect the image link and found you as the creator, but I don't see it in your gallery.  I guess what I'm wondering is if I'd be able to save the image so I can upload it to my and attempt to use it as my signature again?
seepranneHobbyist Digital Artist
Which one? I never deleted them from my, but I'm not surprised that dA has broken something lol.

Profile size:

But feel free to upload it to your own if you'd like!
SavannaEGothHobbyist General Artist
Oh my God, I suck at replying, RIP.  Thank you for linking me!!  I ended up finding out that due to updates on both sites a lot of images are gradually breaking.  I privately uploaded them on my personal imgur, hidden to the public, to get them to work.  aoiheoihawge--Why DA, a literal art posting/sharing site, would not want to offer image hosting is beyond me.

Anywho!  I have your lovely work in my sig once again!
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Have your cake and eat it too Party Happy Birthday! Party Have your cake and eat it too 
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Thank you! ♥
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Happy Birthday! cute pug!! Pug