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Balancing ghost by vikaherbs
Happy Holiday Card Project by vikaherbs
Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas! by vikaherbs
The sign of Gemini by vikaherbs
A Nature
Painting by Lilacool
Colored landscape by Lilacool
Landscape Study 003 - pastels by jerryhat
Landscape Study 004 - pastels by jerryhat
1 Summer, Spring
Hibiscus 2 by hamongle
Painting by Lilacool
Summer Rose by hamongle
Fallen Beauty 2 by hamongle
2 Automn
Tabebuia in colors by rougealizarine
The Bridge - FOR SALE by ITPaintings
Solitude by ITPaintings
Rainy Day by ITPaintings
3 Winter
Tiger spirit by Lusykia
Winter Forest by hanwoul0305
Elvis Barksley by josephinekazuki
Winter nights by Char10tte
B Nature, Humans
The Collected of 'Spirits By The Lake' from Leonid by phoenixlovebach
The Last One Year of an Elderly Couple by hanwoul0305
The Street Where the Music Starts by hanwoul0305
Painting 01 by KangHaeHae
C Nature, Animals
Sun orcas by MitziMonster
OC deer -Elwood Lighthoof - better quality by ebrown113
Elkhounds (Charcoal) by daviddekleer
Salmon Chaser by MitziMonster
D Nature, Animals, Humans
Kings could be friends... by KGK-92
-= Com: Friendship=- by Naia-Art
King and queen by Hemhet
Ireland by PascaleSoulie
E Animals, Humans
Third daughter Jenny by humbersniper
Bulle de tendresse by Papercolour
Asleep by Kstar2105
Enji and Rainey by josephinekazuki
F Animals
Abyssinian by Merylla
Ralph by DeaWilliamson
Emerald toucanet by FeatheredDiva
cats by OriNerud
G Humans
Orlando Bloom as Will Turner by hamongle
H Bugs
Poecilocoris splendidus by l-Zoopy-l
1 Butterflies
Butterfly by Jessito
2 LadyBugs
Ladybug by AndreaCipolla
3 Dragonflies
Iridescent Hues by WouldStalkHorses
I Cute
Abyssinian by Merylla
J Colorful
Saut by ArtenVrac
J Colorful 2
Poppies Group by Shirley77
K Interesting, Creative
Space Unicorn by Jenna-Karl
K Interesting, Creative 2
Mandala earrings 'with a twist' by lPrimrose
L Fantasy
Sun Fox, Moon Cat by TrollGirl
M Enjoyable
Mandala by juliapoli
N Realistic
Cosmic Dragon by Azura-Roselion
O Great artworks
-= Always in my heart =- by Naia-Art
P Day and Light
Winter Tree - pastels by jerryhat
Q Evening and Night
Nighttime Cottage by jerryhat
R Landscapes
Old Fence by DouglasCastleman
1 Mountains, Rocks
Landscape Study 003 - pastels by jerryhat
2 Forest
forest by ViktoriyaDr
3 Trees
Songe du soir by Papercolour
4 Plants
Beautiful Lithuania by robee-V
5 Flowers
Bluebells by jerryhat
6 Dandelions
Blow me away by XoxDarKLighTxOX
7 Mushrooms
mushroom by ViktoriyaDr
8 Leaves
Teal by tiletable
S Waterscapes
Lake Dog Jack by atomiccolm
1 Underwater World
Little Orca by crocodiledreams
2 Beaches
Sunset Version 2 by PINCELdeDALI
3 Waves
Under waves by Haikas
4 Waterdrops
Joanna's Foxgloves by kach-back
T Skies, Clouds
Togetsukyo Bridge by LDMarin
U Sunrises, Sunsets
Morning Light by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov
V Moonrises, Moonsets
Caribou Moon by JulieLukeartwork
Interesting Techniques
Monarch and Coneflower by Callaluna
Artisan Crafts
Poppy(glass painting) by CristianPucci92
INKTOBER 2016 - Noisy 02/10/16 by TheLazyDoodlerIsHere
Tiny Galaxy No. 82 by kavisamudra
Mixed Media
Electric Surprise by Valpigle
Wall art by dorenna
Red PaperCrane and Red Fish by ERWANLEGAL
Emigma by LallySvarion
Paintings on Stones
Autumn landscape by roberta05
Pointillism No. 17 by Samuraijose
Stained Glass
Tiffany Glass on Paper by Zentaurius
coloring book fish by nonuzza
Tiny Galaxy No. 48 by kavisamudra
Air Auto Moto
Lotus Elise by pavee12120
Aquatic Animals
Graylag Geese Drawing by EsthervanHulsen
Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights by LaShink
Yosemite Bridge by DouglasCastleman
Bouquet of flowers
Flowers by soltho
Bubbles by patyfb04
Tula by MilaKat
Cactus Flower Watercolour by Simkaye
Tour et pont levis Loire - France by Julien1922
Green flame by Yaizayu
watercolor #9: sweet tooth by azuramustaffa
Sketch #1 by Thatynha
Dino and Cat by CatRick
Dauphins by ArtenVrac
Dragon lapiom by Azura-Roselion
Dress, Clothes
Tambouriner by Thaleeyaa
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower by Germaineouse
Hobbit House by Dundee
Valentine's cupcake by Anbeads
The Red Fox by LaurenYancey
Betta Splendens by Gabriel-s-Wings
Bambi and Thumper by Jenniej92
Fruits, Vegetables
hedgehog and apples by ViktoriyaDr
Crystals by Bonnino
Shapes and Shadows by Zackarix
Celebrate Ireland by AuroraBelleArtistry
Mese by Hemhet
Arabian Horse by IrenaDem
Winter in Smolnik by sanderus
Humans eyes
#29: Eye see you by Ben-Delamore
Humans in glasses
Jim Morrison by GW78
in Frame
Crocus flowers by aileensea
The Basset Hound by atomiccolm
Lighthouse by ITPaintings
Mermaid and Turtle by ceciosorio
Mother and kid
Winter spirit by Azura-Roselion
Music, Instruments
White lily by Paya-Art
Mythical creatures
Pink Wolf by MitziMonster
QUADRUPLETS by carolrosa
Barn Owl by crocodiledreams
Spiegelwelten by ShiroiBara91
Phoenix by littlepaperforest
Rainbow by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov
The Sunrise.. by nehamantry
The Island by ITPaintings
~New York City~ by Mallexo
Laugh by HSkinner
Self portraits
Henner-Horst Lichter by Henner62
Ships, Boats
Journey to a Forgotten Land by ITPaintings
K1600 Dsc 0838 by ViktoriyaDr
Snowman by fmr0
Space, Stars, Planets
Stanley the Space Tiger by EmmaHindall
Grigor Dimitrov... by KGK-92
Starry Night
Starry Night Fresco by naschta
New York? by Rkoucreo
Still Life
Chair in the alley by Merylla
Between Beads by NuralQamar
Coloring The Void by CAMartin
Young Swan by Isabelproffitart
Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal by vidhushkl
Light bulb by LazzzyV
Cub Cuddles by Aeralune
Turtle Family: Parent 2 by EYproductions
Space Unicorn by Jenna-Karl
Water Mill by GregBHargreaves
Farm by ITPaintings
Purpe Flowers Pears by mp2015
My Neighbor Totoro by peeweegraphix
Balloon? by Jenniej92
Hobbit House by Dundee
OC Disney
Eep crood: the Croods by gelfnig
OC DreamWorks
Puss in Boots by UnicornNimbus27703
OC Ghibli studio
My Neighbor Totoro by peeweegraphix
Element of Kindness by Jacquibim
OC Pokemon
Electric Blend by BraveNewCult
2. 3D Animations
Found a coin! by OstinLein
2. Customization
Born in Flames by NicolasDominique
2. Digital Art
Icy breath by Evelinapoodle
2. Fractal Art
optical art by Xx-lizzyyay-xX
2. Line Art
VW Beetle by ChemaIllustration
2. Photography
Mandarin by Char10tte
2. Photomanipulation
Leaving today by Photominimalist
2. Traditional Art
leopard by Rhaise
2. WIPs
WIP|Koi pond by IrenaDem
Help folder 2
Carnation by jerryhat
Dessin complet aux Copic by Titawin
Help folder
The Kin by Germaineouse
Artworks of Admin
Walking to Pagomeni Limni. Ukraine , capital Kyiv by UAkimov09
SeeMYPositiveArt 1
Winter Sun by Stefan-Becker
SeeMYPositiveArt 2
SeeMYPositiveArt 3
Abstracty Moose by Rhythmpaws
Positive Art group 1
Positive Art group 2
Positive Art group 3
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Group Info

GPF .SupportPositiveArtWorks.
( )

Famous Greens orgz. ''Green Peace'' always will support and promote Positive way in everything ! Promote and make popular moral treasures between kids , teens and adults ! This Group always will have place for really positive calm interesting kind friendly and colorful artworks ! Nature and ''Green Peace'' orgz. in heart.

On my opinion ''Green Peace'' orgz. should to keep next positions :

1 support and promote Positive way (things made in creative interesting and kind way) , except nude and rude (all mature content - not accepted).
2 support and promote Healthy style of life.
3 support and promote care about Nature , Animals , Plants and Bugs.

Greetings from Admin Dima Terz. : )

I myself attaching artworks of people. So i can better control group.

Members can submit their artworks but last word still from me.
(Sorry now submitting for members was closed too.)

Draws with blood , glamorous or very girly pictures , especially where girls have tails or ears like foxes, cats etc - not very welcome (this group can visit kids and for them such pictures on my opinion not need to see , if you want to see glamorous pictures then better go and visit group about such stuff cause this group for Normal Positive draws) also draws about horror is not very welcome.

This group support and promote Healthy food and Healthy style of life. And this group not will promote artworks with tattoos , piercings and all other things which can cause skin cancer. If you like to do that to you ok but in this group no place for this stuff , we are Greens and we want to see healthy people , them now very less and promoting of tattoo and piercing alot as and ads of smoking and drinking so i not will help those things to get more popular and i will try to promote and support really positive artworks.
Founded 4 Years ago
Oct 15, 2014


Group Focus
Art Collection

Media Type
Every type of art made in Positive way

250 Members
415 Watchers
55,408 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews



Admin here is only the one (me)

i do support Movement of Greens and Positive Way in drawing and in thinking.

No Smoking | No Drinking | No Fast Food | No Poachers

Water , Healthy Food and Sport



:icongreenpeacefund: GreenPeaceFund Greens Work in Name Nature

Nature and People should to be a Friends !

World Greens Organization ''Green Peace''

031015StarFlower by Dragonforge

=Kind Interesting Creative Colorful Enjoyable Positive Artworks=

Duckling for grandma by w176 Double cat-portrait by Vinganita Squirrels by Hel-7t9 Sunflower Field by CrowFairy Fire Bird by Hopehopey Toucan by KandusJohnson March by Veelra domestic cat by Tomek3618 Doggie! by Shaakku Polar Bears - painting by DRAWMOD Bairdemys sanchezi - In Colors. by dopellgersec savannah king by Schiraki Spring by KittyKid1617 Spying the Hummingbird by ELLEliz Giant Plated Lizard by WillemSvdMerwe Dogba by Rufina-Tomoyo Bigu by Rufina-Tomoyo Kitty cat by ricky4 Lamb by artbykayra The bluish meeting by pikaole Swan by NataliyaBohdana Foxglow - painting for sale, edit by rieke-b Polar Wild by Eddyfying Swan Takeoff by DouglasCastleman Spring Bee by KandusJohnson Flower Dust by rieke-b What's this?... by KittyKid1617 'Waiting for the Tide' By Savannah Sam Photography by niumeblog Sulfur Crested Cockattoo by LucieOn Sunbath by KaritaArt Parade Bound by Magnolianna Heart of the Forest by Magnolianna Owlet ACEO by Schiraki Crane Large by agstudio1 Day 249 of my 2016-a drawing every day resolution by shonechacko Among The Daisies by artistwilder leopard2 by NekoKawaiiNya Sheeps by LauraPex Card1 Pheasant by EarlyOctober Brain by Cortoony Woofer Commission by Rhythmpaws A penguin by MHahto Wild Mesa by lakeside21 Journey by Althea-25
I think i should to write about it cause some people not reading rules of my groups , thats okay i can repeat general rules and also mine wishes :

1 This group support Greens ; Volunteers which helping Animals ; ''Green Peace'' organization and World Wide Fund (WWF).

2 This group support and promote artworks made in Traditional Positive Way , where word Traditional mean that group promote artworks which concentrating attention on Traditional Positive things which developing person in such way that in future He or She can became sportive , healthy , clever and unique. One of those positive things is drawing and i think that in world and in your own imagination existe alot (wonderful and interesting) things which you can to draw or implement in life and show other , but need to remember that in our world existe and not nice things which concentrating attention on rude , nude and bad things. As Green and Person which posting everything only in Traditional Positive way (photos and digital/traditional draws) so i will never send request or add to my groups anything about nude , rude or bad.

3 This group support and promote Healthy style of Life.That be Green and be Sportive need to lay to sleep in one time and everyday , sleep enough time and also eat Healthy food and drink Clear water and i will never add to my groups any picture which showing or making promotion of Smoking and Drinking ( same and about Still Life ). I will not add pictures with bottles of wine , beer and soda cause i dislike them and will not promote them. I will be very glad to see and send request on picture about Bottle with Clear water :) Also i can tell you that handmade Carrot and Apple juices are very healthy too. Also very nice to drink Tomate juice but better buy it in shop.

4 Also not need to look that this group calling Positive , this not mean that i will add here anything which in opinion some people can be marked as ''positive'' artworks , need to remember that i creating and organizing all my groups for raise up Respect , Care and being Tolerant and Friendly to everything what have Life. Most of time i adding artworks about Nature , seasons of Nature ; also portraits about Forest , Plants , Flowers ; also scenes were drawn Animals and Humans together (but not something glamour , if you think that positive mean glamour than im sorry but nope) Also i very like and always adding to group artworks about Fantasy (but positive Fantasy which sending positive and light energy like familly holidays :)) Surreal scenes ; also i created folders like ''Interesting n Creative things'' , ''Colorful'' , ''Enjoyable'' , ''Great Artworks'' , ''Cute'' , ''Realistic'' , ''Fantasy'' and many other folders (near 70). I do support Traditional Way in drawing and will keep to do this always.

5 Also please do not forget about creator , he not only posting photos but and very like to draw , just when you managing such groups it really can make you tired in emotional way , after creating center where you can in slideshow every day see only Nice , Creative , Interesting , Colorful , Natural , Alive , Peaceful , Beautiful , Dreamful , Unique , Realistic , Accurate , Light , Kind , Adorable and Great artworks making you really forget about your own ideas.. Also do not need to forget that i trying to send not only virtual faves but and write long supportive comments that cheer up Artist.. i remember how i started my way in drawing , i very liked to draw and post everyday but almost nobody commented my works even they were Cute and Pretty :) but i tried to be another , tried to be Friendly and support artworks of other and by faves and by nice supportive comments , so please do not forget about me cause when i adding here someone from my new friends they almost immediately forget about my existe maybe cause this group it is one of my best ideas for which i really trying to make it look likes Nice and Enjoyable :)

6 Everything what was added to this group it is artworks which i liked personally , you can find those artworks and also in mine faves. At first i click fave , trying to comment artwork and only then i making decide to add artwork now to group or later that better promote most of added artworks. Also i cant to come here everyday only that add new artworks of members , im sorry it is very hard... Also i have my own free time and ideas which i trying to implement.
Hi everyone ! Good day or Calm evening to You ! :)

I Made this Group before my birthday at 16 October 2014. Already 07 June 2016 and im very Glad to see how Group look likes now , i keep to change and impove it , but it already look likes Very Nice !

In group i adding artworks made in Traditional Positive way which promote Respect , Care , Friendship and being Tolerant to everything what have Life : to Nature , to Animals , to Plants , to Trees , to Bugs and also to us Humans.

I try to make focus on scenes where animals and people together also on scenes where they are together plus Nature as background. Artworks with those scenes you can see in folders at top from left side under slideshow.

I want to say Thanks to everyone who agreed to add here his or her artworks ! Thank you very much and Good luck to you in everything what you will try to realize , create or make ! And Best of luck to you in your life ! :)

Also i want to say that groups have limits and bugs , i tried to write message to Admins of Deviant Art that tell them about problems and mistakes which i found but i guess that they are very buzy... i understand it is not easy to be as admin of biggest site hmm so near 10 months ago i wrote message to person look liked as Admin of Deviant Art which respond from changes and improves on this site , i got this cause early i got news about changes on site and journals about all changes posted that person. So i send him message where i tried to described every bug plus i added screenshots with arrows that clearly show where is mistakes.. He answered to me ''Thank you from feedback !''

I thought that he will do something but no those problems still without decide so i want to write here about those bugs too.

Problems depend with bugs :

Problem number 1 : When you create near 8-12 folders and then copying one artwork to 5-8 folders (for exemple) to Traditional , to Nature , to Trees , to Skies , to Realistic and etc. so there is mistake system under thumbs of picture in ''Featured'' folder will showing links of first 3 folders (if their names long) or of first 5-6 (if their names short) where was copied that artwork but will not show all other links... i said Admin that need to make something like list that click and see in which folders was copied artwork.. (its esspecially important for me as Admin)

Problem number 2 :  Only in ''Featured'' folder you can see to which folders was copied artwork.. if you moving artwork to some other folder which you created then those tags or links under artwork (to which folders you copied artwork) so they disappear... those tags system showing only in Featured folder , they work only if artwork still in folder Featured...

Problem depend with limits :

Problem number 1 : Admin can create not more than 200 folders in one group but perhaps the premium can solve this limitation hmm

Problem number 2 : Admin can add to faves of group not more than 50 000 artworks , this number look likes as large and not easily accessible but the important thing is not this but that what happens when the number of favorites finally reaches this number... So when it happens System start to eraze oldest faves from last pages of Favourites.. that you could to add new artworks to Favourites... this happens simultaneously and automatically without any notification user from the system... so you can not to notice it.. You can only prevent this... Just need remember next formula 50 000 artworks = 2084 pages in ''Favourites'' folder so when You see that in your Favourites pages more than 2080 then need create new folder (in Favourites folders calling as collections) then need move there faved artworks from last pages : from page number 2080 , then 2079 , then 2078 and etc. This will save yours faves from disappear...

Problem number 3 : Admin can copy to one folder not more than 5000 artworks If this number will be exceeded then system will eraze oldest artworks from last pages of this folder.. This applies to any folders including with ''Featured'' folder.. So im sorry but i cant to add everything as and let members sumbit everything to group. Near year ago i shoulded to excluded the possibility of addition new pictures to group by members cause limits and cause i dont have alot time for look on every picture and decide need to add it or not ( cause not all what the members are doing may be added to group.. i never adding artworks with blood , with tattoo , with piercings ... also i never adding artworks about rude , nude , mature and glamorous scenes... )

Those problems which i described at top apply and to ordinary users.

This group can visit kids so i trying to add Creative but made in Positive and Interesting way artworks . Also i remind that this group as and i support and promote care to Enviroment so any artworks with promoting or showing Drinking / Smoking i will never add to this group . I will support and promote only Positive Art and if someone forgot how should to look likes ''Really Positive Art'' then im ready to remind him / her it , so no rude and no nude pictures !

Group calling ''See My Positive Art'' this also mean that everyone making many artworks but some part or even almost all of their art is really so that from looking on it to us coming Light energy , such Art i and trying to add and promote.

Positive and Colorful way Forever !
Healthy Style of Life and Care to Nature Forever !
''Green Peace'' organization Forever ! Life its Move !

Greetings from Green Dima :)
I Made this Group before my birthday at 16 October 2014. Already 30 March 2015 and im very Glad to see how Group look likes now , i keep to change and impove it , but it already look likes very nice ! In group i adding Traditional Positive art and cause groups have limits on number artworks in one folder i cant adding everything or let members sumbit everything also in Group Info wrote which artworks can be add and that most of time i themself adding artworks in group and membership in Positive art not mean that i will let to sumbit anything . This group can visit kids so i trying to add Creative but made in Positive and Interesting way artworks . Also i remind that this group support and promote care to Enviroment so any artworks with promoting or showing drinking / smoking i will not add to this group . Also i not will add any artworks with nude humans / rude things . I will support and promote only Positive Art and if someone forgot how should to look likes ''Really Positive Art'' then im ready to remind him / her it , so no rude and no nude pictures !

Group calling ''see my positive art'' this also mean that everyone making many artworks but some part or even almost all of his/her art is really so that from looking on it to you coming Light energy , such Art i and trying to add .

Positive and Colorful way Forever ! Healthy Style of Life and Care to Nature Forever ! ''Green Peace'' organization Forever ! Life its Move !
I believe that among the many qoutes and statements about how live , should always be the main thing for You is that ''the Main thing is You'' never be discouraged and always try to open your heart and show the bloom of light and heat that comes from inside of you. Also (Be a Human) Respect Nature , Animals and People around You. We all do mistakes, but General its not let any bad and rude make us forget what we always will still have inside and always say sorry from mistakes and ask forgiveness.

(And never Give up and try always miss bad or kidding words about you, in those moments you just should to remind that The Main Thing Is You and that bad rude and kidding words its temporary and they cant to be general , general its You and You should keep to move always forward.)

Positive and Colorful way forever !
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Elephants by CristianPucci92 Elephants :iconcristianpucci92:CristianPucci92 8 0 Salmon Chaser by MitziMonster Salmon Chaser :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 16 0 Salmon Hunters by MitziMonster Salmon Hunters :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 46 8 Individulality by MitziMonster Individulality :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 43 12 Color in flight by MitziMonster Color in flight :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 23 3 Sun orcas by MitziMonster Sun orcas :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 29 3 Grayling over the Rainbow by MitziMonster Grayling over the Rainbow :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 6 5 Killer Whales by MitziMonster Killer Whales :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 7 3 Lady Killer by MitziMonster Lady Killer :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 23 4 Nine Orca by MitziMonster Nine Orca :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 43 12 Blue Moon by MitziMonster Blue Moon :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 21 13 Phoenix (pre-sketch) by genetux Phoenix (pre-sketch) :icongenetux:genetux 2 0 Pink Raven by MitziMonster Pink Raven :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 10 0 Sun orcas by MitziMonster Sun orcas :iconmitzimonster:MitziMonster 18 2 Phoenix (Japanese stone pigments and mica) by genetux Phoenix (Japanese stone pigments and mica) :icongenetux:genetux 1 1 Strelitzia  by genetux Strelitzia :icongenetux:genetux 1 0


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