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Gallery Folders

Grogu by Chel-C137
Eyes of the butterfly by Ophelia-Yvaine
Magnolia  by rayray2536
Queen of Violets by Ophelia-Yvaine
A Nature
Snowy Rocky mountains by Sangeeta1995
Carte postale de Bretagne. France by yltac
Cloud Study No.10 by Schoerie
Cloud Study No.9 by Schoerie
1 Summer, Spring
Dinner by dessinateur777
Kingfisher Waterfall by PhilipHarvey
20201026 202931 by everythingsartmdh
River View by Schoerie
2 Autumn
Gold Season by InnaNasonovaKnox
Disappearing into the sky walkway by ImeriBridzhet
happy family of foxes by Sangeeta1995
Autumn Colours by jennomat
3 Winter
Merry Christmas! by BeatryczeNowicka
My best Christmas wishes for you by BeatryczeNowicka
Winterevening by Helenfee
Gunesti camdan vuran... by fiyonk14
B Nature, Humans
A Sense Of Longing by wasteddreams
Harp by aralk
Roses by TahaAki
Mulan by missr00t
C Nature, Animals
Living in the woods by ImeriBridzhet
The Stag Pauses for Reflection by SueMArt
Lady In Dress by kizelgius
PUPA November 2022 by Amaryn-Philomena
D Nature, Animals, Humans
Poppy Field by TahaAki
Spring series #6 by TahaAki
I love Nature by TahaAki
Spring series #5 by TahaAki
E Animals, Humans
By The Window by wasteddreams
Chameleon - eyes, Chamaleon - oci by Hana-T
Boy and the duck- pencil sketch by Sangeeta1995
My cat and me by Sangeeta1995
F Animals
Friendly Clownfish by MystiqueDeep
Beta by OtherSideOfTheTracks
The Cat by Silverwolf1345
Into the Light by Amaryn-Philomena
G Humans
Feel the Nature by Gaurangini
H Bugs
Butterfly Feeding on Nectar by happytimer
1 Butterflies
Variety Moth by ONEEX89
2 LadyBugs
A natural heart by Myrieen
3 Dragonflies
Strekoza by ImeriBridzhet
I Cute
Sparrow bird  by ImeriBridzhet
J Colorful
Saut by ArtenVrac
J Colorful 2
dancing peacock by Sangeeta1995
K Interesting, Creative
Amaryllis by Sabientje
K Interesting, Creative 2
Small pond by Icydoor
L Fantasy
Cloudland 2 by BeatryczeNowicka
M Enjoyable
view to flowers by ingeline-art
N Realistic
Match Made in Heaven - Arteet by Arteet
O Great artworks
Spring Blossom Wren by PhilipHarvey
P Day and Light
abandoned house by ImeriBridzhet
Q Evening and Night
Uncommon Buzzard/Rodbla Ormvrak/Buteo Nocturno by bernardojr
R Landscapes
A beautiful garden (Tayao Gardens) by Wen1ci
1 Mountains, Rocks
A Crag in the Weather Hills by Yeldabon
2 Forest
Nowhere in the wood by Puzzle48
3 Trees
The Tree of Dragons  by pleasant28
4 Plants
An Offering by aglezerman
5 Flowers
Beauty From Within by OnlyNature
6 Dandelions
Dandelion by ART-byLinda
7 Mushrooms
Magical Mushrooms by SueMArt
8 Leaves
Rose scented rain by donnatello129
9 Parks
The Park in Putbus by jennomat
S Waterscapes
Kingfisher Waterfall by PhilipHarvey
1 Underwater World
Royal Angelfish - Watercolor Painting by ElomaArts
2 Beaches
Tranquil Palm Beach Oil on Canvas Jessica Hamilton by JessicaTHamilton
3 Waves
Sandstrand by MarkusMalerei
4 Waterdrops
The falling drops. Etude by Wolf-Helen
T Skies, Clouds
Mayon Volcano 2 by DonCabanza
U Sunrises, Sunsets
Sundown Seascape by PhilipHarvey
V Moonrises, Moonsets
Night sky by missr00t
Interesting Techniques
Sleep beauty by ReDragoNatalia
Artisan Crafts
Long-tailed tit by ImeriBridzhet
Corgi Puppy by ImeriBridzhet
Eye of Bird Mandala by AzCraftyAz
Mixed Media
paper quilling by twopixies
Ukraine. Kyiv. ''Rise Up In The Dirt'' [Video] -3 by UAkimov09
Sadako Sasaki (7) by ERWANLEGAL
Kitty Rue by aralk
Paintings on Stones
1908 Farman Voisin by Stevie-The-Fixer
lone duckling by umi-zella
Stained Glass
Rose Window cling by WhisperingWoodCrafts
magic door by Tatyanka-Gunchak
2203 by santosam81
Air Auto Moto
Painting oil pastel by ImeriBridzhet
Aquatic Animals
Orca Painting by WolfaTheFloof
Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights by LaShink
The Good Place fanart by vihervirveli
Bouquet of flowers
Flowers by soltho
Bubbles by patyfb04
Lisbon Panorama - illustration by EwelinaKuczera
Inspiration of the Poet 2 by UAkimov09
Chateau Eilean Donan. Ecosse by yltac
Llama Love by UnbridledMuse
watercolor #9: sweet tooth by azuramustaffa
Tambouriner by Thaleeyaa
Triceratops Knight! 001 color by RobertoBonelli
Kings of the Heavens and the Seas by Liris-san
Stained Glass Lung Dragon by AviDragonLady
Dress, Clothes
Siren by jaanavesanen
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower Paris Evening - Arteet by Arteet
The cleanest Fella by Sadoch
this cake looks delicious by Eleithel
Breathe (ACEO) by Actlikenaturedoes
Fish painting  by ImeriBridzhet
Easter card by Hemhet
Fruits, Vegetables
Taste autumn Sold by ImeriBridzhet
Crystals by Bonnino
Shapes and Shadows by Zackarix
Celebrate Ireland by AuroraBelleArtistry
Rudolph by Eleithel
Highlander by ImeriBridzhet
Summer residence by Juliafdt
Humans eyes
Raw by aralk
Humans in glasses
Michael Jackson by IrenPortrait
in Frame
Crocus flowers by aileensea
Cozy evening by TheAdventureDragon
seaboard by buendnynumerstacji
An Independent, Successful Mermaid by valloria
Mother and kid
Friends in Freedom of Blue by sabb-art
Music, Instruments
Mark Knopfler by BerniePaintings63
Mythical creatures
The magic of the Unicorn by SueMArt
Parking :) by ImeriBridzhet
Eurasian eagle-owl by xxAlbert1337xx
Peacock by swethas92
Phoenix by Danieljamieson