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[SE2017] - Prologue - The Journey begins

By Seelenlicht
Alternative title: Dangerous Beauty
Sooo - better late than never - my first (or second) piece for the Summer Event.
Baldur and Shira on their way to the Tartok Mountains.

Tokota's Import: Baldur 8936
Owner: Seelenlicht 
Handler: Shira Tairkur
Team: Chief Thunderfeather
Journal: Summer Event Journal

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The preparations took several days, till she had everything together. She controlled everything several times. Preparation was very important when entering unknown or dangerous areas, so better be safe than sorry. After she was sure everything was intact and complete, she prepared everything for a start early in the next morning. It was still dark and with a last look to her small house, she mounted Baldur and set out on the journey.

-A bit later-

It was surprisingly good weather. Warm, golden light painted the extension of the Tartok Mountains as the sun raised slowly. Usually the weather was far worse around here. Snoiwstorms were a normal occurance here. The young woman was relieved that it worked out so well, but she could feel the change in the air. At the moment there were only a few clouds at the sky - painted in the same warm colors as the mountains. But wind was coming up and Shira could smell snow in the air.
Suddenly Baldur - who had not changed his calm gait for hours lifted his head. The young women could hear thundering footsteps of a big Tokota in the distance. When it came closer she recognized a huge yeti maned dire, mounted by a small woman. "I have seen them before." She thought. "But I can't remember their names... But looking at their luggage they have the same goal as we have. So I guess we will meet there sooner or later."
Her gaze followed the unlike pair, as they passed by her and Baldur.

The camp wasn't too far away now. She should reach it in the afternoon - as long as the weather
won't change.

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The lighting in this image is so beautiful! Thank you so much for including Heifer and Avalik, what a wonderful surprise! :heart: I love that Shira recognizes them, too XD Maybe we could RP for one of the side quests or collection quests if you'd like, to finally get them to meet officially? :)
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Thanks so much! I tried to do some more extreme lightening here.
I just remembered sawing your registration and wanted to include them :D.

I'd love to RP sometime! But the last time I did was over 10 years ago xD. Sooo maybe I'm a bit rusty ^^.