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Whispers of Winters Past 32


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Whispers of Winters Past 32


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Whispers of Winters Past 32

Personal Work

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Grenzwacht 2015 - 29

Condra e.V. and other LARP impressions

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It's like flying 36

Ballet: Elements

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Ballet meets Zombies: The dead leaning in

Ballet: Emotions

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On a Train 1

Ballet: Bad Girl

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Tools of choice

Ballet and the bunker project

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Ballet: A final vision of dreams 2

Ballet: Three Visions

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Dancing around a summer castle 20

Ballet- and Dance-related

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Cover: Bilder aus Condra 2

Book Design and related

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Condra 2016: Poster 1

Condra e.V. Flyer co.

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Hilde: The Warrior Princess 4

Eifelarea Film

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assemble and heartbeat

Theatre-related works and other ads

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A Day at the Beach

Oil paintings

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Simply Making Movies


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