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~*~A paradise for Wolves~*~
New Zealand
Current Residence: Seeking 'paradise'
Favourite genre of music: Wolf's Rain OST
Favourite cartoon character: Kiba, Tsume, Toboe, Hige, Blue... Cheza and Darcia as well...
Personal Quote: "Head for Paradise. Paradise" Kiba- WR Manga vol.2

Interesting links!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 11, 2008, 9:59 PM
  Watch & Download WR Episodes!
Last Updated:..



:bulletblue:… <-- This is a very good site to WATCH anime, without the need to download anything. Most of the episodes in here are good quality, but I have not checked through all of the WR eps. Enjoy! ^^

:bulletblue:… <-- you might be able to find most of the episodes in here. Though I believe Veoh requires you to download VeohTV if you want to watch more than just a preview... They should be good quality, though ^^


:bulletblue:… <-- It's got all episodes (apparently) in Real Player format.


:bulletred:--> <-- Blue's Fanlisting.

:bulletred:--> <--Tsume's Fanlisting.

:bulletred:--> <--Darcia's Fanlisting.

:bulletred:--> <--Cher Degre's Fanlisting.

:bulletred:--> <--Quent Yaiden's Fanlisting.

:bulletred:-->… <--Fanfiction Fanlisting X3

:bulletred:--> <--Song: 'Cloud 9' Fanlisting.

:bulletred:-->… <--Song: 'Strangers' Fanlisting.

:bulletred:-->… <-Song: 'Tell me what the Rain knows' Fanlisting.

There we go. Some of the fanlistings that used to be here have been removed from the list because they are no longer active. Sadly, some of those include the Flisting for most of the main characters and songs, but if I (or you guys) find any new Flistings, we'll post them up here ASAP


~IF I know the name of the Song and Artist, OR, the maker of the AMV provided that information, I will post it here. If not, I will leave it blank or put a '?' next to it, please don't kill me guys, I cannot possibly know every song or band's name out there. IF You do know the name of the song/band, please do tell me. I'd love to know and then add it here to the list ^^ ... And please, do cerrect me if I messed up a band/song's name... I tend to do that more often than I should >.<

MOST RECENT UPDATES- March, 11th, 2008
:bulletred:… Song: 'You Can't Take Me' by Bryan Adams
:bulletred:… Song: 'Away from the Sun' by 3 Doors Down
:bulletred:… Song: 'Born to Lead' by Hoobastank
:bulletred:… Song: 'Until the End' by Breaking Benjamin
:bulletred:… Song: 'Breathe no More' by Evanescence
:bulletred:… Song: 'Animal I have become' by 3 Days Grace -Darcia Tribute-
:bulletred:… Song: 'Blow me Away' by Breaking Benjamin
:bulletred:… Song: 'Animal I have become' by 3 DAys Grace
:bulletred:… Song: 'Why does it Rain?' by Darin Zanyar
:bulletred:… Song: 'Oomph!' by Augen auf

Aaand... that's it for today, kids. I'm going to bed ;D
:bulletred:… Song: 'Our Truth' by Lacuna Coil Includes scenes from Ginga Densetsu Weed as well as WR
:bulletred:… Song: 'Time of Dying' by Three Days Grace
:bulletred:… Song: 'Whispers in the Dark' by Skillet
:bulletred:… Song: 'I Stand Alone' by Godsmack
:bulletred:… Song: 'So Far Away' by Staind
:bulletred:… Song: 'At The Beginning' by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis
:bulletred:… Song: 'Falling Apart' by Zebrahead
:bulletred:… Song: 'Cold' by Crossfade
:bulletred:-->… Song: 'Meant to Live' by Switchfoot
:bulletred:-->… Song: 'Welcome to Paradise' by Greenday
:bulletred:-->… Song: 'Numb' by Linkin Park
:bulletred:… Song: ' ' by Three Days Grace
:bulletred:… Song: 'Power of goodbye' by ?
:bulletred:… Song: 'Alive' by SR-71
:bulletred:… Song: 'Diary of Jane'

Other Random Sites/Fansites

:bulletred: <-- amazing game coming on December 2007. Wolf lovers, you can't miss this one!!

:bulletred: <-- Although some of us might not be able to understand french, this site still has a lot of cool images in the galleries section. :excited:

:bulletred: <-- Some good multimedia and downloads. :P

:bulletred:… <-- This one's got some pretty cool information.

:bulletred:… <-- This is one of my personal favorites. Cool images and lyrics for some of the songs.

:bulletred: <-- Fanlisting under construction.

:bulletred:,11… <-- Good info about the anime.

:bulletred:'s_R… <-- Yay for wikipedia! If you don't know much about the series, I reccomend visiting this page.

:bulletred:… <-- Funny Quiz in quizzilla to find out which WR character you are :D

:bulletred:… <-- Good Chapter screenshots. Beware . This one contains A LOT of spoilers in case you haven't seen the anime.

:bulletred:-->… <-- For those of you who would like to buy the 1st or second OST.

:bulletred:-->… <--These webpage sells anime goodies. Minly t-shirts. This is the WR section-->… <--

:bulletred:-->… <-- Do you think you know everything about WR? Anime and manga? Well,then. Try this test. ^^

Stop Animal Abuse Stamp by pillze69:thumb26481120:



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