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Revla System
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Published: December 1, 2017
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This is the Revla System, located in the Alpha Quadrant in my AU Abramsverse  New Start series.
It is the home system of the Nlians who are members of the United Federation of Planets. 
The Revla System is about 115 light years from Earth.
It is in the northern part of the Norayis Sector
 in the Alpha Quadrant.  
It is located within the territory of the United Federation of Planets. 

The system has one star, four planets, forty nine moons and a comet halo at the outer edge of the system

Type: G type (Yellow)
Revla is a G type yellow star, similar to Sol

Class: K (Adaptable) 
Population: 25,000
Colonized: 1870

The first planet from the sun, Icar is a hot, arid world with a thin atmosphere and several active volcanoes.
It's rich in ores and minerals, including dilithium, and is the location of the system largest mining facilities, 
refineries, foundries and shipyards.

The Nlians have been as meticulous and careful about the environment of Icar as they are of their home planet
and in the 400 years they've have mined Icar, they've used less than 0.3% of its resources.

Class: M (Earth-like)
Size: Venus
Population: 500 million.

Nlia is the second planet from the sun and homeworld to the Nlians.
Roughly the size of Venus, it’s largely an arid world that is mostly covered with large deserts.
Despite this, it’s home to a rich, vibrant and peaceful civilization that has lasted for thousands of years.

Class: D (Barren, rocky)
Population: 2000
Colonized: 1855

Tilva is a silicate/metallic moon, similar to Earth’s Luna.
It’s rich in minerals and known for its unique geographical features.
It's outposts are used both for mining and research. 


Class: J (Gas dwarf)
Size: Slightly larger than Earth
Colonized: 1920
Total Population: 500

Droshen is a gas dwarf not much larger than Earth and is the second smallest gas giant in the sector. 
Atmospheric mining takes place on two stations, each with a population of 250.

Moons: 8 (Class: D)
Total population: 3000
Droshen's eight moons, all have valuable minerals and each has mining/research outposts.

Weengo        Population: 500
Koqon          Population: 500
Poca             Population: 500
Zeenamel     Population: 500
Afray            Population: 400
Qoen             Population: 300
Torvan         Population: 200
Ayeea           Population: 100

Class: J  (Gas giant)
Size: Neptune
Colonized: 1935
Combined population: 2000

euna is a ringed gas giant, slightly smaller than Neptune.
It has two distinctions: it’s the third smallest gas giant in the sector and it has more moons than any other planet in the sector.
Atmospheric mining takes place on four tiny stations, each with a population of 500

Moons: 40 (All class D)
Inhabited: 12
Combined population: 2643

    Population: 543
Valeena    Population: 500  
Raquel     Population:  400
Nal           Population:  300
Jaym        Population:  200
Lyray       Population:  100
An'ne       Population:  100
Eyer         Population:  100
Arro         Population:  100
Leelel       Population: 100
Fara         Population: 100
Tamiel     Population: 100

Gemon is Zeuna's largest moon and location of Nlia's Deep Space Research Center.
It was here that Warp Drive was invented in 2010. 

The Revla Ice/Comet Field is similar to Earth’s Oort Cloud.
It is a cloud of predominantly frozen ices that marks the outer boundary of the solar system.
It’s from here that Revla’s comets originate.

In 1839 the field posed the greatest threat to the Nlian people when a 14 km comet was dislodged from its orbit
and sent on a collision course with Nlia.
The Nlians, who had recently become space faring, successfully launched missiles to destroy the comet.
After this they accelerated their space program.


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This is a commission done for me by DcKiq
Check his site out here!


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I spotted an interesting bit here: If Nilan history is largely without major wars--at least by Earth standards--how did they come to develop nuclear bombs? Did they have to do a crash Manhattan Project style effort in order to create something powerful enough to alter a comet's course in a hurry?
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Glad you spotted that. I'm thinking about changing it to a different power source, this is another planet after all.

The Nlians had experimented with explosives for centuries. They would use them to clear landscapes
and blast holes through mountain ranges in mining and construction. In 912 A.D they discovered Green Fire,
their most powerful incendiary substance. They discovered it was a powerful energy source as well and it
was the main power source of their rockets when they started exploring space in the 1800's. That's why their
nacelles are green.

By 1816 the space age began. By the time the comet threat became appearant in 1839 they had built
a permanent space station and telescope in orbit and had regular moon landings

When they found out the comet was coming their projections showed that it would approach Nlia in three
years and they used that time to prepare. They did have a Manhattan Project style project, but they had
already had experience with explosives. They spent that time designing the largest and most powerful rockets
they'd ever designed and they used Green Fire which I suppose is similar to nuclear power
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I'm guessing this Green Fire is a fissionable element or mineral found on Nila; maybe a 'cleaner' form that has explosive power without long term radioactive contamination. 
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
I suppose I'm no engineer.

Another thing about the Green Fire is that the Nlians were as cautious with using it as they were
with everything else in their environment. It was their most powerful substance, but they seldom
used it in blasting, preferring to use other substances. When they used it on the comet that
was the most destructive use they ever put it and  they only used a very small amount.

When Federation scientists studied Green Fire they discovered that it could be used as a
safe, highly efficient power source, but if used as a large scale explosive weapon it very quickly
went out of control with devastating  consequences.  In other words the blast would be a LOT
bigger than planned.

If Green Fire had ben native to Earth it no doubt would have been used as a weapon
and the result would have been catastrophic.
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