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The Philippines is an island nation in Southeast Asia.

Its closest neighbors are Taiwan in the north, Vietnam in the west, Borneo
in the southwest and Indonesia in the south.

The Philippines are made up of 7,107 islands.
1,000 of the islands are inhabited.
The largest islands are Luzon in the north and Mindanao in the south.

Manila is the capital.
The estimated population is about 94 million.

The Philippines are the world's 2nd largest chain of islands.

The Philippines is the world's 12th most populous country.

The Philippines is the only nation in Asia where the majority of the populaton
profess the Christian faith.

The Philippines has the third largest English-speaking population in the world.

Over half the population is under 15.

In 1543, Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos named the islands
'Las Islas Filipinas' in honor of Philip II of Spain.

There are over 175 different languages spoken.
Filipino and English are the two official languages.

30.1 % Visayans
28.1 % Tagalog
10.1 % Ilocano
9.1 % Moro
6.9 % Bicolano
3.3 % Kapampangan
1.75 % Pangasinense
1.30 % indigenous and non-indigenous.

80%  Catholic
20%  Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu.

11 million Filipinos live overseas.

In prehistoric times, Negritos were some of the archipelago's earliest inhabitants.
They were followed by successive waves of Austronesian groups.

From 1000-16th c A.D. there was extensive trade and commerce with Asia.
This commerce brought influences from Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

During this time there was no unifying state over the entire Philippine Archipelago.
Instead, the islands were divided among competing kingdoms and city states

Some kingdoms were:
The Confederation of Madyaas
The State of Ma-I
The Rajahnate of Butuan  
The Sultanate of Sulu.

In 1565 the Philippines came under Spanish rule (1565-1896)

In 1896 the country went through the series of wars
The Philippine Revolution,
The Spanish American War
The Philippine–American War.

During the war 4,234 American soldiers died, and 16,000 Filipino soldiers died
At least one million Filipino civilians died as a direct result of the war.
200,000 Filipino died as a result of a cholera epidemic after the war.

From 1898-1946 the United States had sovereignty over the Philippines.

The Philippines became independent in 1946.

From 1965-1986 the Philippines went through a dictatorship.

In 2001 President Estrada was kicked out of office following accusations
of corruption

The Philippines is newly industrialized.
For a long time its economy was based on agriculture but in recent years it has
been focusing more on services and manufacturing.

Primary exports are semiconductors, electronic products, transport equipment,
garments, copper products, petroleum products, coconut oil, and fruits.

Major trading partners include the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Over the past 20 years there have been problems with government
corruption and mismanagement.

There are problems with land ownership issues.
Millions of farmers are landless.
Deforestation has led to floods and landslides.

Continued injustices result in frustration and sometimes violence.

Poverty is a problem.
A third of the population lives in poverty.

In Manila over a 1,000 slums have been built on the city rubbish dumps.
Due to poverty many illegal shantytowns are forming in high-risk areas (storms, flood).

Long-term investments into health, education and basic infrastructures are needed.

The Philippines are prone to earthquakes and typhoons.
In 2009 the Philippines suffered from a series of storms.
Over 1000 people were killed and millions displaced.

The Muslim minority in Mindanao is often marginalized.
This has caused resentment and many Muslims want to set up an independent Islamic state.

Catholicism has seen a gradual decrease in members.
Some members are trying to preserve the status of Catholicism in politics and society.
Others work to oppose Protestant and other Independent groups.

In some parts of the islands, Catholicism is a thin veneer over long-held
indigenous beliefs and superstitions.
Large numbers of Catholics are influenced by animism and witchcraft.

Some Evangelicals, also have extra-biblical superstitions and beliefs.

Most churches are only involved in wealthier areas.

There is increasing spiritual unity among evangelical churches.
300,000 prayer warriors in the Philippines have committed to praying
one hour every day for their nation

The Filipino Church is becoming a significant missionary-sending Church
Nearly 900 Filipino missionaries work in other countries.

Pray that the economy continues to grow.

Pray for those suffering from poverty.
Pray for improvements in the lives of the millions of poor.

Pray that those in leadership positions pursue justice and stand against
greed and corruption.

Pray that the country be protected from typhons and earthquakes.

Pray that GOD will pour out His spirit on the Philippines.

Pray that Christians in positions of leadership may decisively influence
their nation for good.

Pray for peace in Mindanao among the Muslim population.
Pray that perceived "Christian" oppression not turn them away from the Gospel

Pray that there be peace and cooperation among the different churches.

Pray that churches reach out to the poor.

Pray that the Gospel to preached to the Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.

Pray for discernment and vision among the churches.   
Prayer update: Philippines

All of the following info comes from these web sites.
This stuff isn't mine; I'm just trying to raise awareness.


Operation World

Global Prayer Resources

Prayer Map
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HttydatAJ's avatar
May God bless my home country... T.T (Especially Mindanao, in Marawi, there was a bloody battle held in there, the people in that place were terrified, the president enforced a law in that place just to keep them safe...) 
revinchristianhatol's avatar
Thanks for supporting my home.
SeekHim's avatar
Glad to be of service. :)
Marrone-wolf's avatar
Thank you very much for supporting the Philippines. :iconnewhugplz:
SeekHim's avatar
You're welcome. :)

GOD bless
John 3:16
Abremson's avatar
Wow, that's a lot of facts. thanks for posting this:)
But you miss one fact, even with those trial or calamity we're still a happy people that's why our tourism slogan is " It's more fun in the Philippines". Filipinos can still put a smile on their face after those trials because we believe and have faith in God that we can overcome it. It wont last for so very long, life should go on.
But still, those who were unfortunate from the typhoon really needs our prayer. :pray:

GOD Bless you SeekHim!
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sheamy's avatar
Another thing about Philippines that it is the only christian country in south east asia

Philippines has been under spain's colony in 300 years and been set free by americans

There is a Filipino-American war but didn't last long

We've been under the puppet government of the Japanese at world war II

We are forced to plant cottons instead of rice ...

Filipinos taught the vietnamese how to plant rice...

The spaniards are the first people who brought christianity because Philippines is ones a muslim country

Philippines is ones names as Felipenas as a tribute to king felipe of spain....

Thats all I can share...
Sorry for some wrong info's if there is... ^^;
SeekHim's avatar

Thanks for the info!

GOD bless

John 3:16

sheamy's avatar
hitome's avatar
Just read this!

Thank you for posting this!

GOD bless you
SeekHim's avatar
You're welcome. :)

GOD bless
John 3:16
6alcor-eldioan9's avatar
Hi, I may be too young but I think one that has the gravest impact within our country, I mean the one that has been the greatest weight is that, a lot of Filipinos tend to choose HAPPINESS, that is they choose where money is since most of the time, everyone wants to be happy:

1.) They prefer misplacing (irrelevant to their craft or field) jobs with larger income levels than doing what they
study, press on with pressure for n years. It's okay to take drifts from your professional career/ field when starting but a lot, I believe, tend to love where they have drifted into. Forgoing the fruits of their studies, their past endeavors, the money and time invested on such not-so-short and not-so-easy process of education. This can be augmented with the the flawed general system of education. You see Filipinos are multi-skilled race, but versatility is also a curse when no focus. Also, the system imposes a more pro-pressure or competition education style than pro-long term and real-life learning for real life.

2.) I believe, so many are more financially, scientifically, yes totally capable of governing and improving lives but only, although there spring the NGOs, a lot still depart from helping the government and choose their own precious wealth and lives. The brightest are not yet unified, are scattered across the world, preferring to live their own lives. Those who got the guts and power to shake things up, they are the first to back out. That is,
there is some sort of human resource deprivation in the more significant, executive sectors. That is, on general, even parallel to what history tells, the rich, the upper class, like Jose Rizal's family are the ones in position, and the poor will always stir. Today, I guess, majority of the government officials are from poor families, I mean they have the great need towards money, toward wealth so, they steel taxpayers money.

3.)Politics and elections. Politics has gone so dirty. Thanks to P-NOY, the current president and his Mass Media power that propels cleansing of the government, or the government culture. Many politicians indulge in fighting their ways to their thrones of choice. They, ofcourse would choose their names over the country's, over the people's sake. Bombs, instead of giving hands. Some would want to cause an effect for the downfall of the opponent. LOL. In elections, likewise, more of the masses, those less intellect, those whose votes can be bought are practicing their right to vote. So election results appear like a joke.

4.) Culture. Or culture resulting from too much or overlapping freedom. They wanna be happy, they wanna do their yearly feast and so affect the traffic and nation's productivity or motion, not exaggerating. Culture, in a way favoring the intrigues, the lives of personalities prominent or not, instead of edutainment. LOL. They wanna be happy eh. So they wanna talk about useless Showbiz controversies than learn and have fun in edutainment.

5.) Population. They wanna be happy. The church and its allies will-sticking to culture-oppose even pre-mature, unpassed bill or concept of law addressing the population control. Let them multiply LOL. In the long run, a Christian country will-represented by a taking off plane-will feel the weight, and take off more slowly. So many from the provinces are condensing the cities. They are those illiterate, but are all hoping to make a living within the cities. Relocation? They are uncontrollable. They are like tumors within an organ. The main reason why, rivers
went dark from clear, rowdies and crime rates rise. Pollution, yes all sort of, is lifted.

there still are so many reasons aside from Happiness. I'm a Statistician and knows lot about the figures, but figures doesn't really show the truth. They are like precised estimates. Maybe one can think of my reply as a claim, a mere claim but does makes sense. A lot of sense. Sadly, not all Filipinos get the point of their national hero-Jose Rizal. So sad, majority just wanna be happy for themselves.

Fortunately, the current administration has been shaking up a lot of things. But then again, there's taxes and their thieves...
AIANspiration's avatar
Thank you very much for being kind. Not so much people these days care for other countries. It's great that some still raise awareness, like you, to help unite the people. I hope God bless you always.

Btw, I think the Philippines has 7,107 islands.
SeekHim's avatar
Thanks, I've made the change. :)

GOD bless
John 3:16
Minami-Kousaka's avatar
Thank you for the concern because I am a Filipino. ^_^
SeekHim's avatar
You're welcome. :)
I had a Filipina roommate in college years ago.

GOD bless
John 3:16
VioletParrNarnia's avatar
On behalf of the Filipinos, thought I haven't read all. It means a lot to hear someone cares. I will be posting this online for other Filipinos to see. :)
TrainerEM-Dustin's avatar
I thank you for this thing that you had done for us filipinos, and for our country. Indeed, there is a growing problem a midst our society especially among the conditions of the poor. I thank you for letting people know about the reality that is present within us.

God bless you and your work.
SeekHim's avatar
Thank you so much! :)

GOD bless
John 3:16
gintoki6-16's avatar
thank you so much for this.
not just for the effort to raise awareness (which is great by the way)...but for all the concern, specially for the prayer. :)

"Bible is God's love letter to us, and we are ask to respond to this letter... through Prayer."
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