Pray for an end of Mingi

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Published: November 18, 2012
Among some tribes in the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia
certain children are considered Mingi (Impure, Ritually polluted)

Reasons for being declared Mingi are:
Being born out of wedlock.
Being the result of an unplanned pregnancy.
Being born a twin.
Being born with a cleft lip or palate.
Being born with some sort of deformity or imperfection.
Having one's genitals injured in some way.
Having ones teeth develop in the upper jaw before the lower jaw.
Chipping a tooth during childhood.

Children declared Mingi are considered cursed by the spirits.

It is believed that if allowed to live a Mingi child will bring misfortune to the community.

Children declared Mingi are either abandoned to die or killed outright.

Mingi children are either drowned, starved, or, in the case of infants,
have dirt stuffed in their mouths so that they choke to death.

Please, please pray that this evil practice stop!
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withered-rosezHobbyist General Artist

uhhh im a twin but they're dead so, uhh, i'm partially cursed i guess? honestly this is so stupid though. they're just children for fvcking sake.

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Oh my word! I've never heard of this! it's horrifying!
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Spread the word if you can
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I’m trying to find official Oriental Orthodox policy regarding this practice. I’m guessing you are with that Communion, or Uniate Ethiopian Catholic? Or Ethiopian Jew? Those are your three main official religions, as I understand it, and having been raised Roman Catholic, I don’t need to inquire further into one, as I’m sure Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel is fighting this abomination with all his might, as a Pro-Life imperative, but what of the others? I was trying to find a translated sermon or lecture by Patriarch Abune Mathias on the matter, to no avail. Does he make it a priority? Given Ethiopia’s LONG Christian and Jewish Tradition, going back to Thomas and Soloman, how has such a pagan practice proliferated in recent times? Has there been a degradation of the faith in the common land owners, a sort of regional “Dark Age”?
What is the cause of this spiritual ignorance?
Perhaps if you emphasize Christ’s punishment for child harmers:
And then ACTUALLY execute child murderers and torturers this way, you could make a difference, and shift the burden of spiritual fear from fear of pathetic animist beings to a healthy fear of the Almighty Triune God, for it is said:

Now, Two potent Americans who could make this a priority are Kanye West and his Wife Kim Kardashian. She’s just returned to the faith of her Father’s fathers (although not he, himself, who was an apostate, of which she has repented), Armenian Orthodoxy, and he has been hanging around prominent Caribbean Ethiopian Orthodox Christians lately.
My guess, is he’s planning on formally converting to that Rite, and then renewing their vows in a proper Oriental Orthodox Sacramental marriage.
Now, Caribbean and American lay Orthodox are, of course, Generally very well educated, and they are very influential, becoming recently very conservative and traditional, so their advocacy for re-educating the common Ethiopian with PROPER Pro-Life Christian values is essential. Your country needs hundreds of new Sunday Schools above all else!
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
I'm not Ethiopian I'm from the US.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Sorry about that. I should have asked specifically if you were a practitioner or the Alexandrian Sub-Rite within Oriental Orthodoxy. As much as I enjoy Sci-fi I’m actually quite religious and am Western Orthodox myself (pro-Chalcedon, otherwise I’d probably be Celtic Orthodox).
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
That's ok :)
If you're interested in what I believe check here
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I cannot wait to start laughing at these fucking idiots for wanting to shrink their population. That is a good way to drive your tribe to extinction! Just as good as South Africa killing their experienced white farmers, enjoy the famine!
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YullapaProfessional General Artist

Horrible, hard to believe that such tradition can exist(((

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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Spread the word if you can please.
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9000KelvinHobbyist Digital Artist
Not a fan of kids but geez, why is this even a tradition in a tribe?
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Spread the word if you can
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Yeah you showed me this before and I did pray about it. I can pray again if you like.
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Thank you.
Spread the word if you can
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kaisernathan1701Hobbyist General Artist
Shared to my Facebook :)
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Thank you. :)
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kaisernathan1701Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome :)
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Skylight22Hobbyist General Artist
God please end this madness...
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Spread the word if you can
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Now that's just plain wrong.

Hasn't Ethiopia been through enough crap already.

May the Tao be with them.

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kingdragon01Hobbyist Photographer
Thats very sad, I'll pray for them.
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Spread the word if you can
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What an utterly Satanic concept, very dreadful! I'll definitely pray for these children. 
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