Pray for an end of Mingi

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Among some tribes in the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia
certain children are considered Mingi (Impure, Ritually polluted)

Reasons for being declared Mingi are:
Being born out of wedlock.
Being the result of an unplanned pregnancy.
Being born a twin.
Being born with a cleft lip or palate.
Being born with some sort of deformity or imperfection.
Having one's genitals injured in some way.
Having ones teeth develop in the upper jaw before the lower jaw.
Chipping a tooth during childhood.

Children declared Mingi are considered cursed by the spirits.

It is believed that if allowed to live a Mingi child will bring misfortune to the community.

Children declared Mingi are either abandoned to die or killed outright.

Mingi children are either drowned, starved, or, in the case of infants,
have dirt stuffed in their mouths so that they choke to death.

Please, please pray that this evil practice stop!
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Wow, that's messed up.

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Spread the word if you can

And thank you for caring

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I see the nasty shit you are talking about hope it will stop. How the fuck is this going on hundreds of years or thousands of years I hope not that

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Spread the word if you can

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Thank you for caring. :)

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Good god, that sounds awful! I noticed you posted this 8 years ago, has anything changed since then?
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The Karo officially banned the practice in July 2012
Around 642,000 individuals secretly continue to practice it in other Omotic communities.

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Lord Jesus, following Your example and command, we pray for our enemies today. We ask first that You would saturate our lives with the Holy Spirit’s power and might. Send Your love flowing through us, and forgive us for holding on to anything that could hinder our prayers. We release any mercilessness, thoughts of revenge, or hateful emotions that can quench Your Spirit in our hearts. Then give us wisdom as we seek how to bless, to love, and to pray for our enemies. We pray for you to bless our enemies and to orchestrate events in their lives that will leave their hearts exposed before you. We pray they will discover Your comfort in times of mourning, and they would be humbled before You—in Your way and Your time. We pray You would show them mercy before it is too late—knowing we were all God’s enemies before You extended mercy to us—and that they would, in turn, be merciful to others. Lord, we pray that instead of lusting for pure evil, these people would hunger and thirst for Your purity and righteousness, become advocates of Your justice and that their warring spirits would be changed into peacemaking. Remove the façade of well-being; tear down the lies that have deceived them; and hedge their ways until they can see no way out but up. We pray You would show them the futility of what they are doing because in opposing God’s kingdom and in their darkness, they are often oblivious about the true reasons for their behavior and resulting consequences. Reveal to them any deep hurts or traumas in their own lives that may be contributing to their destructive actions. Knowing how you sometimes use pain and difficulty to bring blessing to our lives, we pray the same for our enemies. Use whatever means You need to soften stony hearts, open blind eyes, and to help them realize their ultimate neediness for You. If necessary, allow persecution in their own lives so they can experience Your blessing. Speak to them in miraculous, supernatural ways if necessary, through a dream, a movie, another believer, Your Word—or even through our own lives if we are ever confronted. In some way, let them witness Your power and recognize that You are the source. We pray for conviction, for an honest evaluation of their own destiny, and for a sense of desperation if that’s what it takes for them to consider Your claims and to discover Who You really are. Pursue them, even allowing goodness to lead them to repentance. And give us patience and a deep trust in You, Lord, even when we can’t see any change in our enemies. When we waver, not wanting to pray for our enemies, help us to remember Your grace in our own lives, and what we would be without You.
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My regards and My prayers for them.👏👏👏
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Spread the word if you can
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Oh my goodness, this is disgusting.
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Spread the word if you can
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Its inhumane! Goodness gracious -what on earth will they think up next?

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Spread the word if you can
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I'll try. But there's something I have to bring to your attention as well. Do you know what is going on here in SA? The current government is trying to take away farms from their rightfull owners, who worked for it, and give it away to whoever. Right now they're trying to make it legal for whoever to just- take what they want...WITHOUT compensating the rightfull owner. I'd say that is also a subject worthy of prayer.

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This is so sad. I noticed you posted this about seven years ago. Do you know if anything has changed since then?
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I know that one of the tribes, the Karo officially banned the practice in July 2012
About 642,000 individuals secretly continue to practice it in the other Omotic communities
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Unfortunately we cannot change this... But the government, yes. We can not do anything...
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uhhh im a twin but they're dead so, uhh, i'm partially cursed i guess? honestly this is so stupid though. they're just children for fvcking sake.

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Oh my word! I've never heard of this! it's horrifying!
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