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Canada is located in the northern part of the North American continent

It borders the United States in the south and extends from the Atlantic Ocean
in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, and northward into the Arctic Ocean.

Ottawa is the capital and the nation's 4th largest city.
The population is over 33 million

The name 'Canada' comes from the Iroquoian word 'Kanata', which means 'Village' or 'Settlement'.
Other names considered were Victorialand, Norland, Superior, Transatlantia, and Tuponia.

Canada is the world's second-largest country by total area.

Canada's  common border with the United States is the world's longest land border.

Canada's largest cities are:

Basketball was invented by a Canadian named James Naismith.

32%       Canadian
21%       English
15.8 %    French
15.1%     Scottish
13.9%     Irish
10.2%     German
4.6%      Italian
4.3%      Chinese
4.0%      Native American(First Nations)
3.9%      Ukrainian
3.3%      Dutch

72.07 %    Christian
19.09%     Non religious  
2..9%      Muslim
1.1%       Jewish
1.0%       Buddhist
1.0%       Hindu
0.9%       Sikh
0.75%     Other
0.59%     Chinese
0.40%     Ethno-Religionist
0.10%     Baha'i

William Osler (1849 –1919) Physician and professor
Sometimes described as the "Father of Modern Medicine"

William Shatner (b 1931)   Actor and producer. Known for playing Captain James T Kirk  
Donald Sutherland (b 1935) Actor
David Paul Cronenberg, (b 1943)Filmmaker, screenwriter and actor
John Candy (1950-1994)         Actor, Comedian
James Francis Cameron (b 1954)  Film director and producer
Atom Egoyan (b 1960)   Stage and film director
Michael J Fox (1961)   Actor, Producer  

Jon BonJovi (b 1962)  Singer, Actor

David Suzuki (b 1936) Environmental activist
Terry Fox. (1958-1981) Had leg amputated at the age of 18.
Started a run across Canada, titled "The Marathon of Hope', to raise awareness for cancer

Jacques Joseph Charles Villeneuve (b 1971) Automobile racing driver
Adam Joseph van Koeverden (b 1982) Sprint kayaker.

Rick Hansen (b 1957) Paraplegic athlete who embarked on his "Man in Motion" Tour
Wheeled himself across 34 countries)

Clara Hughes (b 1972) Cyclist and speed skater.
Won two bronzes in the Summer Olympics in 1996

Wayne Douglas Gretzky (b 1961) Professional ice hockey player
Owen James Hart (1965-1999) A Canadian-American professional and amateur wrestler
Patrick Jacques Roy(b 1965) Former professional ice hockey goaltender

For thousands of years Canada was inhabited by various Native American tribes,
including the Inuit and the First Nations.

In the late 15th century, British and French explored and later settled,the area's Atlantic coast.

After the Seven Years War (1756-1763) France ceded nearly all of its North American colonies.

Eastern Canada was the main front in the War of 1812 between the U.S. and Britain.

After the war there was large-scale immigration to Canada from Britain and Ireland.

In 1867, Canada was formed as a federal dominion of four provinces:
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

The Northwest Territories joined  the Confederation in 1870.

British Columbia and Vancouver Island joined the Confederation in 1871.
Prince Edward Island joined in 1873.

Canada created the Yukon Territory in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Alberta and Saskatchewan joined the Confederation in 1905.
Newfoundland joined in 1949.

Canada is one of the world's leading industrial nations and has strong trade links with the United States.

Canada has a market-oriented economy and a high standard of living.

Canada's diverse terrain; mountains, forests, wilderness, grasslands and arctic tundra provide
vast natural resources and contribute to the nation's current wealth.

Canada has had a long and complex relationship with the United States.
Both have a shared British cultural heritage.
Both have one of the most stable and mutually-beneficial relationships in the modern world.
Each is the other's chief economic partner.
Large-scale tourism and migration between the two nations have increased rapport.

Canada is one of the most multi-cultural societies in the world.
At its heart are three diverse cultures: French, British and Native Canadian.

Added to this mix are a significant number of people from Europe, Asia, Africa
and Latin America.

Immigrant communities in Canada are continuing to grow.
Vancouver is the world's second largest Sikh city.
Toronto claims to be the most racially diverse city in the world.

In the past the unity of Canada was threatened by an undercurrent of feeling
in French speaking Quebec, in favor of becoming independent from the rest
of the country.
In 1995 Canada came within a few thousand votes of breaking up.
The Prime Minister attempted to resolve the issue by giving Quebec special
status as a 'distinct society'

The Inuit in the Arctic have been devastatingly affected by the impact of Western culture.
Their suicide rate is four times the national average.

Secularism and pluralism are very high.
Popular culture has shown increasing antipathy toward Christianity.
Increasing numbers of people are non-religious.

There is increasing division among many congregations.
Many congregations are becoming more liberal.

Evangelical Christians have declined.

Most French Canadians in Quebec strongly identify with Catholic culture,
but only a quarter of them ever attend church.

Other religions are also growing rapidly through immigration and high birthrates.
Many Muslim immigrants are coming from French speaking countries

There is, a growing prayer movement in Quebec, which brings together Christians
from different denominations and traditions.

The indigenous people suffered deeply during the advance of Western culture.
As a result of this many are suspicious of Christianity.
Court cases against churches have increased over their treatment of native Canadians.

Despite this, small numbers of indigenous people have become Christians.

Pray that the tensions between Quebec and the rest of Canada be resolved peacefully.

Pray for a much needed revival among the churches.

Pray that there be greater discernment and love of God and His Word.

Pray for meaningful evangelism, church planting and spiritual growth
into diverse cultures.

Pray for a growth of indigenous leadership and culturally appropriate
churches in their communities.

Pray that there be a great spiritual move among the Inuit.
Pray that they receive justice, healing, hope and encouragement.
Prayer update: Canada

Alff of the above information I got from the following links.


Operation World


Global Prayer Resource…
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SpaceCowboy5000's avatar
Amazing! Detailed and accurate too. I'm from Quebec and I'm bilingual, so I'd like to say, "Bonjour!" This is a very nice thing you are doing. Thanks for this incredible effort. Clap 
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Glad you like it. :)

GOD bless
John 3:16
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I like this initiative you took! Very interesting and touching !
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Impressive. I didn't read ever thing but I like how you took the spiritual pulse of my nation. Yeah things are weird nowadays. Try looking up SOGI and see what that silliness is about. P.S Thanks for pointing out that one of my favorite musicians, Bon Jovi, is Canadian. I didn't know that. 38, soon to be 39, and still stuff to learn.
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Very interesting, I did not know most of this, because suff comes in my ear and out the other. :/
I like it, very good!
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Very interesting :)
SeekHim's avatar
Hope I got all the facts right! :)
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Basketball was invented by a Canadian named James Naismith.
SeekHim's avatar
Thanks! I've added that!
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You’re welcome! :D
SeekHim's avatar
Hope you liked. :)
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 You've done a lot of research and I hope the prayers do come true
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Wow, you get it quite right !

I weren't knowing the demographics !! XD
Almerious's avatar
Thank you so very much for posting this!
I find that Canada is often neglected in history, so it's wonderful to see someone sum up some amazing points about this beautiful country! Well done :hug:
Scarlet-Wings-Kaili's avatar
Heyo! This is pretty cool. Some of this I didn't know, and some of this I remember from social class. Can I add to this?
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Go right ahead. :)
Scarlet-Wings-Kaili's avatar
First nations's grievances aren't just the advance of Western culture. They have their own culture way before Europeans landed in Canada, the sore spot is because Canadian society has attempted to assimilate the First Nations into the main-stream culture, disregarding First Nation culture as "inferior". Another likely reason, First Nations are suspicious of Christianity is because from the middle 1800s to  1996, children of aboriginal families were taken from their parents to residential schools, and suffered all kinds of abuse under the hands of those that ran the residential schools, mostly nuns. First Nation and Canadian history has always been a sticky mess. 
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