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Passing on

By SeekHim
This is a commission by s2ka

Takes place in my AU New Start verse…

In my story
A Book's Journey 

A Book's Journey: Ch 1: Year 2260
Stardate: 2260.0.4
Oneema Gas Cloud
USS Saratoga
Captain's Quarters

It had still come as a surprise to Kirk.
He’d been 'hiding' in his cabin (because there were so many wrong connotations to the date that not even calls from Admiral Pike or Ambassador Spock could make it brighter. Only to be called by M’Ress, via  the comm, to the Mess Hall, – for a surprise birthday party.
It had been Shylea’s idea of course. The ship's unofficial morale booster, and a consummate hostess, his Soul Sister could never resist planning a celebration. She'd overseen the decorations and the crew had made him an enormous cake, with Happy Birthday! written on it in what must have been a hundred languages.
Now hours later, tired, stuffed and happy, he had made his way back to his quarters. He briefly remembered  a birthday celebration of the other James Kirk, the one whose memories he had briefly seen during a mind-meld with Ambassador Spock.
The birthdays had be


Khasha, the City of Steel
L'Naym Residence

“Do you know what this day marks, Shylea?” Thunrol L’Naym asked.

The ten year old girl standing before him nodded solemnly. “Yes, Grandfather. Today I become a Level 2 Initiate.”

Thunrol nodded. “Indeed. You have undergone five years of formal education and are now ready to advance to the next level.” 

Thunrol was usually stern and intimidating, both to his many students and his family, but he had always been more mellow toward his grandchildren and gave them an occasional smile. He gave one now to his oldest grandchild. “Well done.”

Shylea was naturally demonstrative and her face broke into a beaming smile. “Thank you, Grandfather.”

“This occasion merits a gift.”  Thunrol picked up the large tome that he had earlier placed on the library shelf.  “This is the life’s work of my father, your great grandfather, Ingstar L’Naym. As you know, he was a noted historian and this was his greatest work- a history of our world. Computerized copies were made of course, but he always felt that printed works had more meaning. As do I."  

He placed the volume in his granddaughter’s hands. “This copy is now yours. Study it well and someday pass on what you learn.”


Stardate: 2260.0.4
Captain’s Quarters
USS Saratoga

"Happy Birthday, Jim."  Shylea said as she handed Kirk a large tome bound in hand-tooled leather. “This book is very special,” she explained. “And it had its beginnings a long time ago. It was written by my great grandfather, Ingstar L’Naym. He was a famous historian and this was his greatest work, a comprehensive history of Nlia from its beginnings to modern times." 

She patted the cover. “Today it’s still one of my world’s most popular history books and it’s been translated into several off-world languages, including Standard." She smiled. "I had this copy printed for you. I hope you like it.”


Thunro L'Naym
Thunro L'Naym by SeekHim 

Shylea L'Naym
Crewman Shylea L'Naym by SeekHim

Ingstar L'Naym by SeekHim

The First House of Leaning
On Nlia children begin formal education at the age of 5
Education from age five to twenty two is considered part of the First House of Learning

Level   1    (5-10)
Level   2    (10-14)
Level   3     (14-18)
Level   4     (18-22)

The Second House of Learning
The Second House of Learning is for those who want to obtain what on Earth would be Masters or Doctrates.

Level 5     (22-26)
Level 6     (27-30)
Level 7     (30-34)


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Yes, that's exactly the sort of present Kirk would like. :) (Smile) And I like how the Nilans are dressed; sort of makes me think of north Africa. :) (Smile) 
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Thanks! That's sort of how I think of their culture, a combination African and Middle East.
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Ah! So cute. :heart: I love history, this would be such a great present! :love: 
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I love it! Especially her outfit. :D
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Great drawing and the story with it is very touching!  So, does that mean that :icons2ka: is now taking commissions again?
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Awesome!  I might actually commission him to draw my Discovery character, Bianca.  As soon as I figure out if I want another reference or a drawing of her with one of the DIS characters.
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Great to see these kind of images. Gives a lot of background information and visual ideas
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