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Nlian Duty Uniforms 2014



This is a commission done for me by HaphazArtGeek

Nlian Uniforms Series
Nlian Duty Uniforms 2173 by SeekHim

Nlian Duty Uniforms 2258 by SeekHim
Nlian Duty Uniforms (Female) 2258 by SeekHim


These are the types of uniforms worn by the crew of the Silvenyo (Venture) an early Nlian explorer in my New Start verse.…

The Silvenyo was a type of explorer developed by the Nlians during the 21st century. 
It was the first ship to be constructed with warp engines, enabling the Nlians to explore outside their system and make First Contact with their neighbors, the Tkarites  in 2014

First Contact I by SeekHim

First Meeting by SeekHim

Name: Silvenyo (Venture)
Type: 21st century Nlian Explorer
Length: 55 meters
Crew: 15
Speed: Warp 2
Launched: 2014

Silvenyo Class Explorer by SeekHim

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By the late 20th century the Nlians had established colonies and outposts on all of the worlds of their home system.

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Speculations about faster than light speed travel had abounded for decades, but in 2001 the government began a project
to develop ships capable of faster than light travel. 
During those years they also developed their most technologically advanced ship from various models, resulting in the Silvenyo.

In 2010 the Nlians succeeded in developing a Warp 1 engine and immediately began deep space tests.
Two years later, scientists came up with an incredible breakthrough using Green Fire, which enabled them to achieve Warp 2.

Excitement was rampant at the prospect of visiting other stars and the Nlians eagerly prepared for their first Interstellar flight. 
Their planned destination was the Norayis System, their closest stellar neighbor, located four light years away.
A warp 2 engine was fitted onto the Silvenyo and a crew of Nlia’s finest scientists, engineers and pilots was selected.

The Silvenyo was launched in 2014 and arrived in the Norayis System after a journey of six months. 
The crew was in the process of exploring the system when they encountered another vessel, the 
Tkarite  vessel, Korisa.

After this historic First Contact other Nlian ships were made of the Silvenyo class.
Until 2094 this type of ship was Nlia's main explorer and were seen all over the Norayis Sector. 

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I think it's certainly an interesting concept, though I'm of the opinion the rank should be on the collars as well, and perhaps the hems of the sleeves, just for ease of identification. Imagine how awkward it'd be if you had to keep glancing at people's belts to figure out who they were and whether they were your superior officer.