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Anre Ro'Car



This is a commission done for me by kaelacroftart

Anre Ro’Car 1969-2055 Captain of the Silvenyo Birthplace: Nlia Western Continent Red Mountains Region City: Jorskel

Jorskel, The City of the Red Flame

Father: Jakoslo Ro'car Mother: Anva Molye Brother: Tainoch Rocar Sister: Daybla Lifemate: Talenfra Vo Daughter: Lyaine Son: Aykel

“We shall go forth bravely, but also humbly.” Ro'Car was captain of the Silvenyo the ship responsible for Nlia’s First Contact in my Saratoga verse

SILVENYO CREW HISTORY Ro'car was born in 1969 during the last days of the Nlian 6th Age (The Age of Unity). At the time of his birth, Nlians had explored and built outposts on every world in their system and from the time he was a small child, Ro’Car knew that space was where he belonged.

As soon as he took Adult Passage in 91, he began a career as a pilot at the Space Center.

Not long after joining the Space Center he met fellow pilot, Talenfra Vo

Talenfra Vo

They both quickly proved to be among the top pilots at the Center. Ro'car was known for his great drive to excel while Talenfra was known for her patience and finesse. The two worked well together and Talenfra always encouraged the leadership skills she saw in Ro'car. First a strong friendship and then love grew between them as they realized that they flew best when they flew together. They lifemated in 95. The Mating struck them only a few months later and their daughter, Lyaine was born in 96.' Their son, Aykel joined them in '99. In 2003 tragedy struck when Talenfra was killed in a shuttle accident. Ro'Car was devastated, but focused on being there for his children. As the years passed, he continued to advance in his career. In 2000 the Nlians, began experimenting with ways to achieve faster than light and in 2010, scientists developed warp drive. Two years later other scientists came up with an incredible breakthrough using Green Fire, a powerful incendiary substance, that if used properly, was a tremendous source of power. Through it scientists developed an engine capable of reaching warp 2. Excitement was rampant at the prospect of visiting other stars. The Nlians fitted a Warp 2 engine on their most advanced ship, the Silvenyo and plans were made to send it to the Norayis System, Nlia’s closest neighboring system, located 4 light years away. The ship would have a twelve member crew of Nlia’s finest scientists, engineers and pilots. As Nlian lifemates suffer duress if separated for long, three of the crew had their lifemates accompany them as well, bringing the total number onboard to 15. Ro’Car was chosen as captain of the Silvenyo. He declared, “We shall go forth bravely, but go forth humbly.” THE SILVENYO LAUNCH The Silvenyo was launched in early 2014 and after a journey of six months, reached its destination. The entire crew was jubilant at being the first Nlians to see another star. Their mission was simple and straightforward: Get to the system, have a look around, collect data. There would be future missions, so this first would be preliminary. The Norayis System was a binary system with eight planets and an asteroid belt. Their plan was to begin at the outher edge of the system and then slowly work their way inward, spending about a week at each planet, running scans and launching probes from orbit. (Landings would wait for future missions when they knew more about the planets.

Norayis System

They were beginning their studies on the 3rd planet when the unbelievable happened- they detected a signal. A signal not from Nlia and rapidly approaching the system!

The furor that gripped the crew was intense. Further sensor readings confirmed that the object was some kind of vessel and it had 'not' come from Nlia. So the question facing all of them was…what to do? They were alone in space, four light years from home. The Silvenyo’s purpose was to explore and approaching their location was undeniable proof that their people were not alone in the universe. Should they make contact hoping they were friendly? Or should they flee in case they weren’t, but in doing so betray the very purpose of their mission? The ultimate decision was Ro’car’s. After long discussions and deliberation he looked at his crew and took a deep breath. “Director Jornella Nemon, often said that our people needed to reach out and become part of the universe, not turn inward and ignore it. We will try to make contact.” FIRST CONTACT Cautiously they headed toward the outer planets and before long, another ship appeared. As the strange ship approached, Ro’Car sent out a signal.

“Greetings. I am Anre Ro’Car, Captain of the Nlian ship, Silvenyo. We come from a distant star system and are here on a mission of peaceful exploration. We hope to greet you as friends, but if you have claimed this system as your territory and wish us to leave, we will immediately.” There were several minutes of waiting and then a response.

“My respects to you. I am Vonren of House Ni’Xareth, Commander of the Tkarite ship, Korisa.”

First Contact I

The Nlians had made First Contact with the Tkarites from the Droyana System located nine light years from Nlia. They were about a century ahead of the Nlians technologically speaking and had been warp capable since 1956. They hadn’t encountered Nlians previously because their explorations had been in the opposite direction of them. The Norayis System was ‘south east’, as it were, from Nlia. The Droyana System was ‘south’ as well and all of the Tkarites explorations had been in a ‘southerly’ direction. This was the first time the Tkarites had explored in a ‘northern' direction)

This historic meeting began the Nlian 7th Age (The Age of Contact.)

First Meeting

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Nila's answer to Earth's Cochrane! Good thing he was a skilled diplomat. :)