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Oreo by Seeker-Mar Oreo :iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 1 10
You may be a Warrior's fan if...
On any given day you can be found reading a book with over 100 characters in it.
You know the difference between The Tribe of Endless Hunting and Star Clan.
You know what someone means when they talk about the British Erins, The American Erin and that Erin that only writes "Seekers."
Any time someone uses a lighter you quietly whisper, "Fire alone can save our clan."
You call your pet cat, "Kittypet."
You call your pet rabbit, "Windclan prey."
Your friends have looked at you like you are weird when you accidently referred to summer as, "Greenleaf."
You know that Hollyleaf is/isn't the forgotten Warrior.
You call kittens, "Kits."
You know that Jayfeather and Jays Wing is the same cat with different lives.
You know that Cinderpelt and Cinderheart are different cats with the same life.
You read those last two sentences and didn't say, "huh?"
You have cried over Fallen Leaves.
You have come to accept that sometimes cats change eye color and occasionally fur color too.
When you're sick you
:iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 19 45
Willful by Seeker-Mar Willful :iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 0 0
Untitled 2
Do I really exist to you?
I'm as white as a fog
yet you see right through.
A kiss, as warm as cocoa
on an a distant autumn night,
does not change the fact
that I am left unexplored.
:iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 3 10
Longing by Seeker-Mar Longing :iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 0 2
Melody's First Day
"Forever is a long time."   Melody mused as she drifted in a peaceful trance.   "My new home," she thought with a smile.  "The universe."
Mel decided that Heaven was pretty much the way the book had said it would be.  In some ways it was organic.  "Like my new body."  She thought as she squeezed the very real flesh and bone of her arm.    
"And yet, I really could have never imagined this."  She murmured as she waved her hand toward the giant gas planet that hung in the sky above her.
Mel glanced down.  She felt the urge to admire her perfect body again.  "I may be shallow," she thought.  "But it's nice to no longer have the hugest hips in all creation."  
Then there was the humming.  "Well sort of like humming."  She thought.  "That's really the only words I have to describe it.  It's like my body is full of
:iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 2 15
Me ID by Seeker-Mar Me ID :iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 0 0
Epilogue - Five Years Later
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Epilogue - Five Years Later
Fan Fiction by Seeker-Mar
"Oh Ron, it's so good to see you!"  Gushed Hermione as she hurried toward him.  "How have you been?"   
Ron returned Hermione's enthusiasm with a wide grin as the two friends embraced in a hug.  After what was perhaps one moment too long for a simple, friendly hug they let go of each other.  The two old friends took each other in.
Ron smiled as he noticed that Hermione's hair was as bushy as ever.  Even pulled back into a lose fitting bun.  However, the overall effect was pleasant.  The messy bun caused her hair to frame her face.  
"Lonely."   He said while still smiling.
"What?"  Said Hermione in mock disbelief.  "You a famous, international Quidditch star have been lonely?  What about all those lovely American girls?"  She laughed but on the in
:iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 3 5
This is a fantasy I have as I pull my threadbare t-shirt over my head and slip into my comfy Cheshire Cat Pajama bottoms.  
The conversation earlier on the phone with my dad was different.  So very different.  He says, "Sweetie, how's that baby boy of mine?"  I beam as I glance down at his grandson.  I say, "He's good Dad, but he misses you."  My dad croons.  "Well you tell my little guy that Grandpa will be over there in the morning to play with him."
Then my fantasy fades.  I slump in exhaustion and clenched nerves releasing.  The baby whines but I need to write.  His daddy takes him.  He whispers sweet words in his ear.
My conversation with my dad includes words like, cancer, psychiatric hospital, fear, distrust.  Words that I don't want to dwell on but still I linger over them.  It ends with a statement of love made about a baby he barely knows and an of
:iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 1 2
Aurora Borealis
He says he saw Northern lights right here in Tecumseh, Michigan.
But the only phenomenon I see is you.
Those tight arms, like Saturn rings.  Oh, how they could hold me!
Soft lips, moon dust brushes across my cheek.
Gravity is gone!  I have no air!
Your hand caresses my neck.
Ions charge,  I burst into blue and green!
:iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 0 0
The Founders - Chapter Two
“Helga   Will you please tell us where we are going ”  Godric was
walking at full speed to keep pace with tiny Helga who was practically running
down the valley path.  
“I agree Helga ”  Called Rowena.  “Why all the suspense?”  She was
holding hands with Salazar and they too were half running to keep pace with Helga.  Their robes flowed behind them.  
Rowena clutched her navy blue, velvet robes tighter. It was starting to get cooler and she didn't understand why Helga was making them walk so far.  Although she had to admit that Helga's valley was lush and beautiful.  She glanced at her boyfriend. Salazar looked regal in his rich, fur robs which were lined with beautiful deep green silk.  She smiled up at him then let go of his hand and ran to catch up to Helga.  She playfully knocked Godric out of the way as she jogged past. 
:iconseeker-mar:Seeker-Mar 8 4

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I don't write these stories, they write me.  Which causes me to live with a boundless enthusiasm for writing and life that some misinterpret for optimism.  

Nonsense.  I am merely a practitioner of optimal behavior, which means behave yourself, listen to your Muses, get your work done, and enjoy the sense that you just might live forever.

-Ray Bradbury

These are inspiring words for artists of all types.  Also words I need to internalize again.  I have completed my Young Adult novel and now I need to do the hard work of trying to find a Literary Agent.  I have queried five so far and had one read my first three chapters exclusively.  She didn't pick me up but still I am encouraged by that.  At the very least I wrote a good query letter. :laughing:

Yet, I find that I let life discourage me.  That sometimes when I am right where I need to be I sort of give up.  Time to get out of that crazy cycle and start believing in myself again.  Time to practice, "optimal behavior."  Maybe spending some time on DA will inspire me to work harder toward my goal of finding a good Literary Agent .
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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Michigan, USA
Favourite genre of music: If the song is good I like any genre
Favourite photographer: My husband
Favourite style of art: Pencil
Wallpaper of choice: My baby
Favourite cartoon character: Fry from Futurama & L from Death Note



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