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Perverts in arms | Aomine Daiki x reader
Ahh, which one to pick? They both look very nice.  You wonder, tapping your chin in thought.
Standing in front of the magazine stand, you are faced with the hardest choice of your life. Well, the hardest choice since earlier today when you didn’t know what to pick from the cafeteria, your favourite bread or your second favourite? In the end you had to go with something else entirely because by the time you decided they were both sold out.
You shake your head to clear your thoughts. At this moment what matters is choosing wisely. With two new photobooks out this week but only enough money for one, you must choose between the radiant Mai Horikata and the ever beautiful Yuki Aragaki.* You are tempted to just buy both, but then you wouldn't have enough money to eat out for the rest of the week.
You consider closing your eyes and shuffling the photobooks before randomly picking one. The doorbell jingles as the shop door opens and closes, but you don't pay the new co
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 124 28
Infatuation | Kaneki Ken x reader
Warning: Spoilers for the manga up ahead. Especially chapter 143.
Humming softly under your breath you pause and tilt your head to concentrate. You can hear the distant sound of foots steps coming closer. Judging by the pattern it must be Kaneki-kun. Smirking, you continue humming and proceed to unbutton your shirt. You are about to take off your shirt when the sound of foot steps and a sweet smell fill the air. You decide not to turn and face Kaneki-kun. Instead, you take of your shirt and hang it in your locked before moving onto your trousers. Behind you, Kaneki gasps and his heart beat increases tenfold before hurrying to his own locker.
"Kaneki-kun~~!" You call out in a sweet voice once your trousers join your shirt in the locker. He lets out a small surprised sound and hurries to open his lock. You fight to keep your smirk under control. There is no need to scare little, innocent Kaneki-kun too soon, is there?
"Just the person I wanted to see before I go out." You continue, wa
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 62 11
Still as a... | Urie Kuki x reader
This pertains a character from Tokyo Ghoul:RE and contains no particular major spoilers.
You have been sitting in the same position for the last hour and it is getting uncomfortable. It doesn't help that you have an itch you want to scratch. You look at Urie, he is immersed in his drawing. Good.
You move and the stool creeks. You freeze up and look at Urie expecting him to tell you to stop moving again, or glare at you till you do what he wants. He doesn't do either, busy as he is with the canvas which is good. The down side is now you are in an even more stiff position than before. You slowly and tentatively start to move again. You cross your fingers as you settle into a more comfortable position and thankfully, the stool doesn't creek this time. You sigh in relief and resign yourself to sitting in silence for another hour.
Alas, five minutes later, as you take a deep breath; and mid inhale Urie's voice interrupts the silence.
"Sit still." Urie orders. You quietly groan. Calm and
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 75 12
L.I.F.E | Kuroo Tetsuro x reader
If your relationship with Kuroo would be summed up in one word, the word would be L. I. F. E. or: A bit of Leering, some Irritation, lots of Flirting and with a ton of Exasperation.
One might say that exasperation means the same thing as irritation, but with Kuroo involved there is a huge difference. According to the thesaurus, words related to exasperation are:
Annoyance. [check]
Inconvenience. [double check]
Personal interest. [triple check]
All of these fit Kuroo perfectly, that's why you chose the word after all. Which makes the acronym a stroke of genius, if you say so yourself. 
Any way back to the issue at hand, Kuroo and flirting. His horrible, horrible flirting. He knows his pick up lines are incredibly cheesy, yet somehow he says them with a straight face  and with such conviction that if you didn't know better you would pity him. Sometimes he says them with a smile, more of
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 141 8
Empty Seat | Tachibana Makoto x reader
"Is this seat taken?" You ask the fellow student. He looks up from his notebook and pushes his glasses up into place. You find yourself tracing the motion with your eyes. That's how you notice his eyes, they are a beautiful green and you can feel yourself staring. His lips move, and you hear him say something but you don't comprehend it. Too focused on his eyes and the meery twinkle in them.
You shake your head, hoping to get rid of the distractions. "Sorry, did you say something?"
"I said you can sit down if you want." He repeats with a chuckle and you know he has caught your staring. You don't blush though, you shrug and sit beside him. Just as you settle in your seat, the Professor comes in and starts the lecture. 
You take out your notebook out from the bag and prepare to take notes. You don't succeed very well with that because all through the lecture you find your eyes returning to the person beside you.
Once the lecture is over you quietly go your separate ways. Perhaps you
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 208 24
On the roof | Mitsuhiro Hayakawa x reader
The best spot in Kaijō has to be the open roof. A fact you exploit nearly everyday during lunch break. The best thing about it? Not many students go up there, most days it is just  you and the sky. Sure, sometimes someone comes up but it beats staying anywhere on campus and on standby to avoid Kise Ryouta's fans. 
Today is no different. You are sitting on the floor, with your back leaning against the wall and your book and empty bento discarded beside you. You are humming along the music playing through earphones with your eyes closed when a shadow looms over you. You crack on eye open to see a fellow student (perhaps even a sports player? You have seen him before, but you aren't sure) standing in front of you. Wow, he looks huge from where you are sitting. His hair isn't bad either. You appraise him in your head before concentrating on his face. You think he is saying something? His lips are moving but you can't really hear anything over your music.
He is fidg
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 50 17
His Setter | Ushijima Wakatoshi x male!reader
Ushijima's setter, someone who complements him and brings out the best of him on court.
Everyday before school starts and after school ends, the volleyball team runs to increase their stamina and endurance before the actual practice starts. Ushijima usually doesn't like to wait for his team mates and always has a head start of at least half an hour.
I really need to start regulating my breath if I want to keep up. Ugh. You think as you catch up with Ushijima.
"Waka-chan~" You singsong, or try at least. You can't hold the note very well, and have to stop running just to pant and gasp for air. Never let it be said that you don't try to keep up. 
Normally you would singsong his name in the perfect tone for maximum annoyance but with minimum injury involved, it is a scientific breakthrough if you say so yourself, but fifteen minutes into running and keeping up with his pace definitely almost has you wheezing. 
Ushijima stops and waits for you, you almost w
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 202 10
Blind Date | Eren Jaeger x reader
The noise of people talking together, soft words and heartfelt laughter, the sound of spoons clinking against the mugs as people stir the sugar and cups being set on their saucers surrounds you. Almost distracting you from the flow of time and how long you have been sitting there. It has been an hour and your date has yet to show up. Your drink has gone cold and you are pretty certain that you have officially been stood up. 
You were looking forward to this date and even dressed up too. What a waste. 
Well, as much as one can look forward to a random date. Mostly you were looking forward to breaking the cycle of work, study, sleep, rinse and repeat.
Sa, that's it. Enough is enough, better go home and order take out than sit here. Perhaps if I leave now I can still catch the episode before it starts. Hmm, that would be nice.
You move to get just as someone pulls the chair opposite to you to sit down. He sits down and  you sta
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 106 21
Boyfriend, huh? | Arakita Yasutomo x reader
You are standing in line for the cinema when you catch a glimpse of someone you out of the corner of your eye. Someone you didn't want to see again three months ago and most definitely don't want to see now.
"Fuck!" You quietly curse under your breath. You try to subtly look at them without catching their eye. They keep moving around, looking for something or someone. You quickly turn around and give them your back. You cross your fingers for good measure.
"Arakita," You whisper, prodding him with your elbow, gently -or not so gently in your panic- nudging him in his ribs.
"Eh? What do you want?" Arakita drawls, hands already grabbing your arm to stop your poking.
"Kiss me." You tell him, looking straight into his eyes. His eyebrows shot up as he loudly exclaimed, "Ehhh?!"
You slap a hand on his mouth. "Shh! Not so loud!" You yell. Arakita rolls his eyes and says something that suspiciously sounds like, "Tell that to yourself." and "This isn't the movies." but the sound is muffled by y
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 108 14
Magic | Snake x reader
"Next is our very own magician." Joker represents you. Joker frowns, looks around him and raises a hand to cover his mouth. As if he is about to indulge a a secret to the audience. 
Joker's voice drops a whole octave. "It is said that a certain magician made a deal with the devil himself!" He pauses for dramatic effect, unaware of two who exchange brief glances and hidden smirks. The tent is quite, ears straining to hear the next words. "Magic and power in exchange for a soul." Cue the audience gasp, murmurs filling the silence. From your place in the shadows, you roll your eyes, as if they didn't already know that. Tsk. Rich bastards who like to make a show out of everything.
Joker's small frown turns into a wide smile in an instant. He claps his hands, bringing everyone's attention to him. "But have no fear, the incoming act will entertain you and will leave you feeling nothing but fascination." That is your cue. You step away from the shadows into the spotlig
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 248 34
Billiards | Himuro Tatsuya x male!reader
Tight jeans? Check. Form fitting t-shirt? Double check.
Now you are ready to hang out with Tatsuya. It is definitely not a date. To be honest, neither of you want that. Dating or the whole romance thing. You just enjoy each other's company and what is wrong with little fun on the side? The answer is nothing.
It certainly doesn't stop you for performing a last check up in front of the mirror, nothing is wrong with trying to look your best either. Perfect. You look perfect; definitely and completely ready to play billiards with Tatsuya.
The doorbell rings. You abandon the mirror and hurry to answer the door.
Calm down. Take a deep breath. You remind yourself and slow down in front of the door, wipe your hands on your jeans just in case.
You open the door and smile when you see Tatsuya.
"Hi." You greet, definitely not breathlessly. Tatsuya's lips twitch in a small smile and that's enough for you now.
"Hello. Ready to go?" He asks and you nod. He takes a step back as you step out an
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 173 25
Coffee | Tsukiyama Shuu x reader
Sometimes you meet with Tsukiyama for coffee, sometimes you don't. It all depends on how bored you are feeling and how willing you are to put up with him and his usual self. Today you find yourself bored enough and in need of distraction. And in need of his company as well. Not that you would ever tell him that. You might as well hand him the gun to shoot you with.
Ah, speak of the devil. You think just as you catch a glimpse of Tsukiyama. He walks to the glass doors, hands behind his back and reaches a hand to open the door to the café. The bell jingles as he turns his head to find you. He immediately notices you and heads your way. 
"Bonsoir," Tsukiyama greets, lifting his hand in a wave. 
"For you." He says with a flourish as he proceeds to pull his other hand from behind his back. Clasped in his hand is a light violet flower*, the bastard knows you don't know the language of flowers, yet he brings you one every time&
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 148 13
Should he do it | Midorima Shintaro x male!reader
"Isn't my Kouhai cute?" You say, and sling an arm around Midorima's shoulders; successfully pulling him closer to your side. 
How is Midorima cute? The team wonders, carefully watching you two, muscles tense in anticipation for the moment Midorima explodes and pushes you away, possibly throwing something -most likely his lucky item of the day, which is a wooden statue of a monkey, which means lots of pain- at you. 
But the moment never comes? What the fuck is going on? The poor guy in question just grunts and bears on, has Midorima finally learnt from previous experiences that it is better to stay still and bear your clinginess than to pull away? Doubtful because just last night Takao was teasing Midorima about something. 
Now that the team thinks about it, wasn't Takao teasing Midorima about finally coming close to kissing [Name] only to push him off the bench and onto the floor? Wait, does that mean Midorima finally kissed [Name]? Midorima?
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 140 21
Snippets | Tanaka Saeko x fem!reader
Manga spoilers, do not read unless up to date!
"Sae-chan! Sorry I am late! Muguruma wouldn't stop talking about how we should beat the boy's team to nationals this year too and how the Little Giant's team is no way better than her own team." You excuse yourself, almost shivering when you remember the Captain's dark aura whenever someone brings up the boys volleyball team.
You are concerned when you receive no response so you gently nudge her with elbow, "Saeko, are you okay?"
"A giant, an angry little giant." She says still in daze. "O-Okay?" You place a hand on her forehead just in case she has a fever or something.
"Come on let's go. I would even treat you to your favourite." You suggest with a wink and wrap your arm around her. At the mention of free food, Saeko perks up, steps away from your hold to drag you by the arm to the store.
"Ne, Sae-chan, have you thought of what you want to do after High School?" You are both sprawled on the roof, basking in th
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 79 1
Choices | Eto x fem!reader
Spoilers for the manga! Do not read unless up to date.
Eto tosses and turns before stilling and looking at the bedside clock. When Eto sees how late it is, she jolts awake and the sheets pool around her as she moves to get up. [Name] doesn't like that and wraps her arms around Eto's waist.
"Come on, stay with me." [Name] suggests.
"I can't! The manager would be angry with me if I get late." Eto pouts, her Takatsuki Sen mask already in place.
"Would  he now?" A small bite to the side of her neck. "Now we match." [Name] teasingly whispers against her skin and Eto tilts her head back to give her more space. "As your assistant, I am telling you to." A kiss accenting every word. "Stay."
The kisses stop, Eto turns to look at [Name] who shrugs and completely pulls away; lays back against the bed.
Mask cracking, Eto gulps. She considers her options, either: a) Join [Name] in bed. b)  Go to the book signing, watch as the humans fumble around, wondering if they get the
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 43 15
Dance | Yomo Renji x reader
Sometimes when a really good song came on the radio you either danced or sang along to it, depending on what you are doing at the time or both if you can get away with it. One thing is certain, it always when you are alone. No one can witness you dancing and this time is no different. Except as you spin you catch a glimpse of Yomo leaning against the door.
You freeze for a second before making up your mind and sauntering towards him. You grab him by the t-shirt, Yomo doesn't do anything in return and you take this as permission to do what you want so you pull Yomo along to the couch where you pushed him on it.
"Don't move." You command and kiss his cheek before moving away to turn up the music.
Standing in the middle of the room, you don't really know what to do. At first you move stiffly not really comfortable with his burning gaze on you, tracing every movement but then you give him your back. Once your eyes are closed, you slowly start to lose yourself to the beat of the music, sway
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 144 24

Random Favourites

I'll be fine... by fausto-The-Endless I'll be fine... :iconfausto-the-endless:fausto-The-Endless 179 33 frying pan Itachi by steampunkskulls frying pan Itachi :iconsteampunkskulls:steampunkskulls 463 62 Suzuya Juuzou #20 (Tokyo Ghoul) by YokoYokoNashi Suzuya Juuzou #20 (Tokyo Ghoul) :iconyokoyokonashi:YokoYokoNashi 196 13 Halloween Titans by moni158 Halloween Titans :iconmoni158:moni158 6,163 284 Sasaki Haise by Keyade Sasaki Haise :iconkeyade:Keyade 922 116
thigh highs. bokuto koutaro x male!reader
thigh highs ; © chinaaru
- - -
Your fingers dragged across your messy [h/c] while you continued to rummage through you school bag with your free hand in search of your phone. Hiking off through the destitute hallways, you scanned through the device to find one unread message from your energetic boyfriend.
From: Bokuto ❤
To: [Name] (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
[namee]! did your meeting finish early after all?
Munching on a granola bar you had found in your bag, you quickly tapped onto your device - pushing on the school doors with one of your shoulders to make your way outside.
From: [Name] (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
To: Bokuto ❤
yeah, im on my way to the gym already.
A small yawn escaped your lips –causing you to blink from the small tears that stained to corner of your eyes - before a ring from your phone informed you of Bokuto’s reply.
From: Bokuto ❤
To: [Name] (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
awesome! can’t wait for you
:iconchiinaaru:chiinaaru 299 24
akira by ThoruPanda akira :iconthorupanda:ThoruPanda 87 8 Makoto simple animation by misunderstoodpotato Makoto simple animation :iconmisunderstoodpotato:misunderstoodpotato 136 54 Kuroooochannn by mimururin Kuroooochannn :iconmimururin:mimururin 46 5 Kuroshitsuji: Corruption by miisheruu Kuroshitsuji: Corruption :iconmiisheruu:miisheruu 378 49 Shinigami Haken Nursery: Friday Night by miisheruu Shinigami Haken Nursery: Friday Night :iconmiisheruu:miisheruu 1,111 263 Shinigami Haken Nursery by miisheruu Shinigami Haken Nursery :iconmiisheruu:miisheruu 717 95 Shinigami Haken Nursery: Welcome by miisheruu Shinigami Haken Nursery: Welcome :iconmiisheruu:miisheruu 963 194 akai by CarrotCakeBandit akai :iconcarrotcakebandit:CarrotCakeBandit 604 29 heichou by CarrotCakeBandit heichou :iconcarrotcakebandit:CarrotCakeBandit 719 63 grell by CarrotCakeBandit grell :iconcarrotcakebandit:CarrotCakeBandit 739 66




Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Just a bored uni student who is getting back into writing after a year of hiatus.

I procrastinate on anything and everything I can.

All my fics are gender neutral unless stated otherwise. [Example: Onsen | Aida Riko x fem!reader or Roommates | Matsuoka Rin x male!reader]


  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

3 years. it feels longer than that though.
  • What does your username mean?

nothing really special really. I was trying to come up with a username.
  • Describe yourself in three words.

procrastinating young adult.
  • Are you left or right handed?

left handed.
  • What was your first deviation?

an edit that shows the tenth doctor with cracked skin.
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

so far it is writing but tbh i want to draw more.
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

art in general!! getting back to drawing and seeing improvement that matches my taste is still in progress.
  • What was your first favourite?

i can't remember, surely it was a fanart? 
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

lately it is fanart, but literature as well. although i have been looking at a lot of tutorial lately too.
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

there are a lot of artists here whose work always makes me awestruck. (aka i am too shy to mention them here)
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

the ones i got to be friends with. :D
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

whenever i see something really nice/pretty, it motivates me to create something nice as well.
  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

digital. whether art or literature, digital is the way for me.
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

anywhere really, i am always blocked so it doesn't matter.
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

eh, I want to say when i make friends, but at the same time getting feedback is nice too. 
  • Listening to: psycho pass ost
  • Reading: gintama
  • Watching: higashi no eden
  • Playing: nothing ;n;
  • Eating: biscuits
  • Drinking: water
I was tagged by the lovely, :iconcuddlebros:

  • Write down every letter of your name.
  • Write down a song that pops up in your mind beginning with each letter.
  • Count the number of letters and tag that many people in your friends list.
I don't really understand the last rule.

S: Sex Yeah - Marina and the diamonds. [Link]
A: Avalanche - IAMX. [Link]
S: Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence. [Link]
H: Hymn of the Fayth - FFX. [Link]
A: All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt. [Link]
  • Listening to: lotr ost
  • Reading: yowapeda
  • Watching: doctor who
  • Playing: bastion
  • Eating: bannanas
  • Drinking: soup
I have been sick for the last two days. I have been feeling feverish and weak, and it really sucks. 

Request list:

    • Takao Kazunari x reader for :iconfrenzydaydreamer11:
    • Eren Jaeger x reader for :iconlandra15:
    • Erwin Smith x reader for :iconsnkmizore:
    • Shinkai Hayato x reader for :iconrin0kiyomasa: 
  • Listening to: iamx - volatile times
  • Reading: fanfic
  • Watching: htgawm
  • Playing: bastion
  • Eating: bannanas
  • Drinking: tea + soup
Over 50+ watchers. I would have expected this much. You have my gratitude and thanks.

Hence, I would like to open requests till the 16th of October to give myself time to write them since I go back to uni on the 18th.

Please note that I can take a while depending on how inspired I am.

Fandoms I can write for:

  • Death Note
  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Free!
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Kuroshitsuji
The other news I mentioned, please check this 40,000 point giveaway: <da:thumb id="487192462"/>.

And the group :iconcuddlebros: and I maintain: YowaPedaxReader.
  • Listening to: Modotta Light - Taniuchi Hideki
  • Reading: snk
  • Watching: htgawm
  • Playing: bastion
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: water



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