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I'm fast, and I'm good!

:: Basic Prices ::

(Basic image is 1 character, no BG)

Sketch (Bust-Up): $5.00 CAD (extra character $1 each)
Sketch (Full-Body): $7.00 CAD (extra character $3 each)

Line Art (Bust-Up): $8.00 CAD (extra character $3 each)
Line Art (Full-Body): $11.00 CAD (extra character $9 each)

Line Art & Digital Colour (Bust-Up): $13.00 CAD (extra character $6 each)
Line Art & Digital Colour (Full-Body): $17.00 CAD (extra character $8 each)

:: Chibi ::

Sketch: $3.00 CAD (extra character $1 each)

Line Art: $5.00 CAD (extra character $3 each)

Line Art & Digital Colour: $10.00 CAD (extra character $5 each)

:: Icons ::

50 x 50 icon for dA use
One Icon: $5.00 (animated $8)

Matching Icons (2): $9.00 (animated $15)

:: Extras ::

Background Types
Background (simple, base colour gradient): $5.00 CAD

Background (complicated, environment): $10.00 CAD

:: Payment ::

:bulletorange: Payment is by PAYPAL.
:bulletorange: All money is to be paid in Canadian Dollar.
:bulletorange: No international money please. When ordering through paypal, change currency to be paid in Canadian Dollars.
:bulletorange:When you are paying through paypal, please state in the note what commission you booked and your USERNAME on DA, not your real name.
:bulletorange: If you do not have a DA account and are sending commission through e-mail, please state your name and any additional information you may find necessary.

:: Terms of Agreement ::

:bulletorange: I will only start commission after payment is received.
:bulletorange: I may reject commission if it does not comply with the Terms of Agreement or for other reasons.
:bulletorange: Will draw YAOI/YURI/HENTAI
:bulletorange: Will not draw extreme gore. Light gore is fine.
:bulletorange: Will not refund you if drawing is not to your satisfaction or has errors (but you may ask to preview a Work-In-Progress before final image is completed to make corrections).
:bulletorange: Reference images are a MUST, I will not draw without it.
:bulletorange: I may wish to post the image on my website, but you may ask me not to.
:bulletorange: All commission images will have a very small unnoticable copyright watermark.
:bulletorange: You may not request the original PSD file
:bulletorange: I will send you the PNG file (or JPEG file if desired)

:: Orders ::

Order through note on DA. If order can not be done through DA note, please send orders to

:: Order example ::

Name: FirstName LastName
Basic Image: Sketch (Bust-Up)
EXTRA Character(s): 2 additional characters
Background: none
PAYMENT method: Paypal
Comments/Questions: Please draw my OCs Jake, Yuin, and Larry.
References: www..referenceOC

I'm very fast. I can get a Line Art & Digital Colour commission finished in a single day if you keep in contact with me the whole time for feedback.

Prices are non-negotiable. For a whole days work on a Line Art & Digital Colour (Full-Body) commission, I would receive $17.00. Not a lot for a days work.

:: Examples of my Work ::

Sketch (Bust-Up)

Sketch (Full-Body) 2 Characters

Line Art (Bust-Up) Background

Line Art (Full-Body)

Line Art & Digital Colour (Bust-Up) Background

Line Art & Digital Colour (Full-Body) 2 Characters; Background

Chibi (Line Art & Digital Colour) 2 Characters

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the-sannin-rox Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
Oh this is tempting!
I just don't have the money to right now, what with my pathetic paychecks and vast amounts to save for college. But, if I can scrounge up 25 dollars, I will definitely get a two character line art and digital coloring! :3
How long is this commision deal going to go on for, yo?
see03 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
I'll have commissions open all summer, yo! :D
If you want it, also, I could have a print made to give to you when you come visit! ;D
the-sannin-rox Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
Woohoo! Well then I will definitely get in on this deal! I'll have more money after my Grad Party!
Speaking of which, I have decided that I will send you an invite (although I know that you won't be able to attend) because, I feel as though you deserve to get one sent to you! Are you okay with this invite you will be receiving? :3
see03 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011  Professional General Artist
Yes, I'm absolutely fine with receiving an invite!
the-sannin-rox Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Woohoo! It will be sent within the next weekish! :3
see03 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011  Professional General Artist
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April 20, 2011