Chibi Base Commissions - OPEN

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(This chibi base is not up for sale, only I am allowed to use it)

(Paypal Invoice Only / USD Only)

Examples: Kurai and Zero Chibis + Adopts Chibis

1 Chibi Base:

Flat colored only, minimal shading

Base price: $17.00 USD

Version price: +$3.00 per version

[example: 1 Chibi 1 version = $20.00 USD] 

[example: 1 Chibi 2 versions = $23.00 USD]

Extra People

The chibi bases will just be side to side in the same image,

either facing each other or facing the same direction,

and will be the full price of another chibi.

[example: 2 Chibi 1 version each = $40.00 USD ($20.00 + $20.00)]

[example: 2 Chibi 2 versions each = $46.00 USD ($23.00 + $23.00)]

[example: 2 Chibi 1 version on one, 2 versions on the other = $43.00 USD ($20.00 + $23.00)]

Extra Versions

Different versions can be expressions, or outfits, or hairstyles!

Be expressive, show off your whole closet!

Very good for character references!

If you get multiple versions but would like them all in 1 image, let me know!


No Backgrounds, Other than pops of color.

Let me know if you want the pop of color or if you want it blank!

Default is whatever I choose it to be, if you don't clarify one way or another.

If you want a color pop + a version without a color pop, it won't count as an extra version

Let me know if you want the background to be transparent, default is white

Base Details

This is on a base, so the pose will stay the same.

The facial expressions can change

Small anatomical things can change or be added to fit the character if needed

[i.e. add tails, animal ears, elf ears, etc]

Subject Matter

Can be your OCs, or my OCs, or fanart!

If you want me to draw someone else's OCs, you have to have consent first.

If you want me to draw my own OC, there will be stipulations of what is and isn't allowed.

Check below for specific will/will not's. If you're ever unsure if I would draw it, just ask


- Paypal ONLY. Payments are sent via Paypal Invoice. USD Only.

- If you have ANY questions, always feel free to note me and ask.

- If you are interested, send me a note with ALL of the details involving your commission, including all reference links necessary!

- If you are accepted, I will let you know the price, and ask for your Paypal email so I can send a Paypal Invoice.

- After the invoice is paid for, I will give you an ETA on when your sketch will be finished. 

- After I finish your sketch, I will ask you if it needs any edits or changes.

Once you approve that it is ok to continue, that is FINAL.

I will not do anymore changes, and I'll proceed to just finishing the image.

- Once the image is finished, I'll upload it to my website, and send you a link letting you know it is done. Then schedule it to upload like normal onto dA/Twitter.


- It's close to "First come, First served", though I still have the right of denying orders, due to any reason including taking too long to respond with details.

- Currently there is not a set limit for commission slots!

So you can order as many as you'd like, or not be worried if there is a cut-off point.

- If the list gets to be too long, I will add you to a wait list and you will only pay once I get to you. So no worries about paying and waiting too long for your image, because you'll pay when I get to your order.

WONT draw:

[Chibi bases currently have no 'wont draw' specifics, but will add if I come across anything]

WILL draw:

- Humans, kemonomimi, furries

- Females and Males

- OCs, fanart, avatars

- Most fetishes, just ask!

[I am willing to draw more than most things, however I do have the right to refuse your order at my discretion.]

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