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Check out my Gumroad!

My first art pack! Selling the lineart files of my fanarts from 2019-2020! 
Comes with PNGs and transparent PNGs of every image!
18+ required, as the pack contains nsfw and sfw contents.
All files are personal use only, do not sell or repost any of these files, further details are in the Terms of Use inside the zip file.

14 different images, each having varying amounts of different versions,
tallying up to a whopping 43 total versions!
Check my gumroad shop for more details on who is in the pack, but there is Aqua from Kingdom Hearts, Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, Mei from Overwatch, Akali from League of Legends, and so many more!
If you enjoyed seeing the finished images up in my gallery over the past 2 years, then please support me by getting the lineart files~

It is a 'pay what you want' with a base price of $10.00 USD
Meaning if you'd like to pay more than $10 then you can, however that is the base required price to get the pack!
Check out my Gumroad!

Info/Link HUB - ALL COMMS OPEN Check here to find all my commission information, statuses, sales, and stuff I have available! Art is how I make a living, and how I pay my bills, any and all support is greatly appreciated![WEBSITE - All Versions][TWITTER - WIPs][PICARTO - Streams][Gumroad - Exclusive Art Packs][KO-FI - Tip Jar!!][SFW Account] Commissions - OPENNew tiered commissions, so you have more variety! Commission Prices/Details - OPENJuly 16, 2020Interested in other things I am making? Check myChibi Base Commissions - OPENCute way to have a character reference~Chibi Base Commissions - OPENJuly 16, 2020Interested in other things I am making? Check myGumroad Art Packs - OPEN Art packs I sell on Gumroad, so you can get direct exclusive files!xAdoptables - OPENI don't have any up right now I'll post it here when I do though! xYCH - None I don't have any up right now I'll post it here when I do though! x

[WEBSITE - All Versions] [TWITTER - WIPs] [PICARTO - Streams] [KO-FI - Tip Jar!!] 
[SFW Account]

If you like my art, be it fanart or original characters, feel free to send a ko-fi as appreciation!
Art is my job, getting commissions is how I pay my bills, so tips and comms help me survive~
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neehkoHobbyist Digital Artist

Congratulations on your first pack! :)

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Thank you! I'm very excited >w< I hope everyone likes it~

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Thanks! I've been really excited to launch my Gumroad, so I'm super happy with how it came out!