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[Patreon] [Gumroad] [Find me everywhere on Linktree!]

I am an artist who makes a living off of drawing! Supporting me in any way helps me survive, pay bills, and continue to draw fun things for everyone! I have everything posted on my profile, but if you have any questions, feel free to send me a Note~ Thank you for your support!

Just like the title says, I'm now on Patreon! I am so excited!! >w< Have no worries, I am not leaving dA or Twitter! Art will still be posted to both in time. If you enjoy any of my bondage art, fanarts and OCs, please consider checking it out! PATREON Want to know what makes the Patreon so special compared to what I post on dA/Twitter? Each month I will do a Monthly Bonus Art image [or image set] as well as a Monthly Fanart set similar to the ones I've been posting recently in my gallery [Tifa Strappado, Hinata Strapped Down, Lucy Slime Capture] To join in on these, here are my current tiers: "TIP BUN" TIER You can support me and get uncensored images of the same size I now post on dA, BEFORE they're posted to dA! So yes they will still appear here, just at a later date to prioritize the kind patrons who follow me. "SWEET BUN" TIER For this tier, you still get early access, however you instead get the images in full-size HD quality! You also get access to WIPs as I have them
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do you take request

No I do not; sorry!

The closest thing to a request I do is in my Patreon Suggestion Tier !

But you would have to be one of my patrons to do that.

do you have a link?

Sure thing, it's on my profile but otherwise here is a post that talks about it + the link!

thank u for the llama lol

Nice work on here. Keep it up!