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Teleport + Slit Throats

By sediment
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Dark Sun re-imagining of my flagship character Danach. Still shadar-kai.

This is a concept for once he picks up Enchant Magic Item from some contacts in the Veiled Alliance and begins crafting his own gear. Magic items are rare in the Dark Sun setting, as powerful sorcerer-kings began collecting what troves and hoards there were in the world ages ago and destroying what did not directly benefit them. As such, being an enchanter is a pretty potent capacity.
Especially when you're also a hired killer!

4E game, class I'm going with is Assassin from Dragon i379 - a striker similar to a blending of rogue and warlock, their power origin is strictly shadow. Not truly martial or arcane, they're very teleport-heavy and manifest temporary weapons from pure darkness a lot. Good fit for him.
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Yay for dark fantasy! :D
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I still get chills looking at his face. His attire is masterfully rendered too. You have a skill for texture that I can only dream of.
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A lot of that is a function of the brushes I use! Lately, I've been specifically exploring Shaddy Safadi's brush collection he offers on his website: [link]
I've barely even touched most of them but the bristle pattern on them is phenomenal.