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Let's Murder the World

By sediment
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Not 100% digital, I did a pencil underdrawing, but the vast majority of the work on this was completed digitally.

Uh, probably spent about six hours on this across three days? I could've blown through it faster, I think - a lot of time was spent being wishywashy over whether I wanted x effect or y effect in the end, whether something conveyed what I was shooting for I guess.

Danakh, robed in scarlet and girded in armour not of human make, bearing more armanents than can be witnessed, able to disappear without a moment's notice and emerge wherever he likes. (his favourite colour is obviously red)

vague trivia about his physical appearance; for his people he's something of an albino, they are typically grey-skinned and generally dusky. A scar crosses his throat from a fatal injury, and his arms are tattooed, gradiating from his natural skintone at the shoulder and breast to black at his hands.

crunch: shadar-kai assassin/rogue/fighter/shadowlord, depicted here at very high/epic level, 3.5e style. I've never played him nor done a mockup of him for 4e, but he'd definitely be a striker. Probably a rogue striker with some shadowy and teleporty stuff going on.
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This all looks so hand-made. It's amazing you did this al digitally! :o
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Greatest picture in the universe, right here. Srsly, though. This is amazing :|
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I am a fan of this.
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I have to admit I do like this man's profile and design. A lot.