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April 9, 2006
There’s no doubting that Usagi Yojimbo's Last Bender by ~sedgemonkey has a lot of stories to tell. (Some of which I’m sure we’d rather not hear!) A worthy pixelation to this gritty character.
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Usagi Yojimbo's Last Bender

A night out with retired rabbit samurai Usagi Yojimbo always ends in disaster.
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lollige's avatar
pretty cool! congrats with your daily dev!
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
You have been featured in my top deviants/deviations of 2006 :winner::clap: you can find your feature at the link below - keep up the great work :hug:!
aka ^oibyrd
LINK -> [link]
zi-'s avatar
hihi you deserve DD because you have personal style man ;)

I'm glad that more people will see your works :)
Not to keen on your making Usagi an alcoholic but at least I've found some on who remembers Usagi Yojimbo (he was always my fav character in from the turtles although he was only in 2 or 3 episodes). :)
sedgemonkey's avatar
There's a lot of Usagi fans (at least among my circle of nerdy friends). I was a big fan of the Usagi Yojimbo comic book, but I never saw him on the terrible TMNT 80s cartoon.
As a kid I loved the turtles :P Use to love the Usagi Yojimbo Commodore64 game tooo (Showing my age)
NukedPalms's avatar
Oh ho ho. That's great.

If Stan Sakai was dead, he'd roll in his grave.
sedgemonkey's avatar
Maybe Stan Sakai can just roll in his bed. :)
SleepyShippo's avatar
I remember this dude! He cameoed on the OLD Ninja Turtles series back in the 80s! i know he's got his own comic series (which i would LOVE to read someday!) and if i recall a spoiler, a son who's traveling with him and does know that Usagi's his dad! w00t! :w00t: Nice take on mr.-ears-in-a-topknot! I bet this IS what he'd look like if he ever lost his shit!
sedgemonkey's avatar
Stan Sakai (the artist) has got such a wonderfully clean style. I highly recommend picking up some of the old issues if you can track em down.
Vezz's avatar
very nice!! :nod:
Beau-Skunk's avatar
I like Usagi Yojimbo. :giggle: Nice job.
istarith's avatar
God I love Usagi - I've read those books forever. ^_~ He's such a little badass... Hee hee! ^_^

sedgemonkey's avatar
Usagi is indeed a badass, but probably doesn't like being called "little". ;)
DolphinSpirit's avatar
Wow that's amazing...
I never saw someone with such great care and detail with pixel art...
This definatly deserved the DD.
Awesome job!

sedgemonkey's avatar
Thx for the props on the pixel art, but I assure you there are a lot of amazing pixel artists out there who go the extra mile on their pixel art. Check out [link] if you are interested in seeing some. :)
MrBoBBy-x-10's avatar
It's great but to small
Stalinismo's avatar
oh my god. It usagi yojimbo. this is a great translation of his character, although I wondered what happened for him to just let himself go like this
sedgemonkey's avatar
Spasibo Stalin(ismo). My guess is it's the same old story... alcoholism and poor hygiene. ;)

A bad bender or two can really put you down quickly.
Sunnybrook1's avatar
Wow, this is awsome! I recognize the character, despite what the years have done to him - well done! :D :+fav:
sedgemonkey's avatar
Thx! As long as the ears are thrown into a top knot I think Usagi will always be somewhat recognizable.
Zaffire's avatar
Hihi it's original :D
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