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I'm creating a simple platform game in Flash as part of a website interface for my site. Inspired heavily by Trevor van Meter's FlyGuy.
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Looks like a lot of fun things are goin' on here! :dance:
Skull-X's avatar
A-Team Van FTW. :D Great work, wonderful palette.
diamondie's avatar
Excellent work, I love the way the picture is so full of different kinds of detail. My favorite parts are the clouds, the rock, the leafy trees and the flying monkey, though I probably wouldn't have made the clouds so blue in color.

I think the house looks too "boxy" and the colors seem quite pale and muted compared to the rest of the picture. The grass on the other hand looks a little bit too saturated to me.
sedgemonkey's avatar
Thx for the comments. I think you are definitely right about the saturation of the grass... pops way too much. I will give that another look.
Jean-R's avatar
Great work here, but you should try to "separate" more the background from the foreground. + fav
sedgemonkey's avatar
Thx for the fave. The cluster-f feel should hopefully go away once I build a proper scene in Flash.
Jean-R's avatar
I can't wait :chew: Chroma is the key !!

MarshallArtsOnline's avatar
Love that left tree with the blossoms. Is that the A-team van btw?
sedgemonkey's avatar
It is indeed the A-team van. Glad someone noticed. ;)
Manchld's avatar
I've taken to watching the A team on my lunch break :] Its pixel-perfect!
greyscar's avatar
Awesome clouds sedge :D
sedgemonkey's avatar
Thx. My favorite part.
monstara's avatar
as always, sedge, it's great. if I should critique, maybe the star can use some more work.
Backbag's avatar
nice pixelart. i like it :)
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