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Cherry Axe

A guitar player shreds a bit for the ladies... always for the ladies.
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abhimanyughoshal's avatar
very nice work... loving it!
sedgemonkey's avatar
Thx abe-x. I always listen to anyone who has an "x" in their name. Scary. ;)
darkoem's avatar
Yeah that's very stylish. You've put your generally funky character designs to a very good use here (you know with a nice bg and al). And that shadow(?) on the floor... damn that's a great and "clean" pixel solution!
sedgemonkey's avatar
Thanks a bunch Niss. Your beautiful textures are always a great motivation for me to get off my duff and work on bgs. :)
pokeburro's avatar
this is great !!!
diamondie's avatar
Funky picture, I really like the colors. The shading is also brilliant I think the cigarette smoke looks just fine with its bubblegum color. Oh how I wish I could see an animated version of this piece.
sedgemonkey's avatar
Thx! If only I wasn't so lazy with animating my pixels. :p
Fatboy72's avatar
The shading and colors look great, However the smoke from the cigarette looks like it's a deflated baloon because of the color.
sedgemonkey's avatar
Heh, I think the deflated balloon look might be more from the shape. Need to revise the top of the smoke.
grafficjam's avatar
this is great....i love the way u "rendered" the floor.
grafficjam's avatar
well i think this piece works nice as it is.....just with the cool floored! teach me pixel art!!!
sedgemonkey's avatar
Thx. Usually I just make backgrounds transparent, but I'm going to be spending more time on backgrounds I think.
So-lou's avatar
That's AWEsome - the colours are for the eyes the way lemon sherbet is for the tastebuds. :D Plus cool pose and 'mood'. Loving it!
sedgemonkey's avatar
Yum, lemon sherbert comparison is just about the most deliciously nice thing anyone has ever said. *sniffle* I'm touched.
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