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The Mayor of Cootie Town by sedge The Mayor of Cootie Town by sedge
The Mayor from Patrick Ness' super-awesome series Chaos Walking. He's pure liquid evil and I love him. Well, I hated him for reals for books one and two, and also the majority of book three. BUT THEN...


It turns out that he's been able to hear every thought of everything on the entire planet this whole time and it's made him just a little bit crazy. Just a little. But when he hangs out with the main character, who he has a big stupid crush on-- uh, I mean, who he wants to be his son-- he's able to be aware of how insane he is and try to act less insane. I think he might even wear a "What Would Todd Do?" bracelet.

Too bad Todd hates him (it might have something to do with killing his mom and one of his adoptive dads and generally fucking everything up). But despite that, he was getting less awful towards the end, until Todd's other, not dead father reappeared and he realized that he would never get to be his dad. So, instead of considering the fact that Todd's other dad is gay and single (uh, nevermind how he got that way...) and also has the same crazy head thing, except he's totally zen about it and could probably help him out... well, instead, he has a little episode. There was some fire involved...

Long story short, he ends up walking into the sea to be eaten by monsters instead of letting Todd, who was going to force him to do it, become a murderer. So basically he commits suicide because he realizes the world's a worse place for having him in it and he needs to go, which is fine with him, because he can't stand living anymore, anyway.

He's complex and tragic and terrible and that's why I want to take him home with me.

Meanwhile, to explain the joke for those not familiar with the story: the joke is that he had all the women in his town murdered. Haaaa.... ha?

They give a political reason for it (all/mostly female enemy faction + extreme paranoia), but I think it has more to do with the fact that every living thing on the planet broadcasts its thoughts except human females and that's got to make you look like an eldritch abomination to a guy who can hear everything.

Plus, there's my crackpot theory that women aren't truly silent, like a spot where there's just nothing there, but instead emit a low-frequency sound-- since their "silence" seems to 1) be somewhat detectable and 2) evoke bizarre feelings of uneasiness.

(EDIT: Damn theory murders. Just went back and found that Todd describes the Mayor's guys when he realizes they don't have any noise in a similar manner-- the whole sensation of nothingness occupying a space and that. Maybe his initial reaction to Viola was just based in the WTF quotient of a living thing that's Silent-- he did get used to it, after all, though that doesn't explain why he seemed able to sense her in the swamp before he ever even saw her. But dammit, I still want an explanation other than "Oh, it's only because everyone's so used to all the noise." Because it's cooler.

EDIT x2: Wait, no, lady silence is definitely different from dude silence. Also: all the Haven women emit negative feels, too.)

THAT, or he's afraid of cooties.
Journalist793 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011
Holy God. -_- I looked at this and felt intense fear and discomfort without knowing why. Then I realized this has almost the same drawn style, and the "cooties" theme of spoilsbury toastboy... which freaked me out to the point where I blocked it from my mind and am never watching again. *not sure if that was intended for, as nothing was referenced in the description*

Either way, great devvie. Pretty ominous. :3
sedge Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011  Student General Artist
A David Firth comparison? I don't see it, but I'll be damned if it's not going on my resume!

I love it when my joke drawings end up terrifying people. <3
Journalist793 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
Perhaps I'm misremembering the bit about cooties. I won't go back and check the video. o.O So I'll just have to remember as best I can.
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