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Surdat W'arnak
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I doodled this in 5 minutes. 3 months later, I've finally finished it. Digital inking is a bitch, man. Though, the coloring took about 10 minutes. Laziness!

So. This here is a character I came up with after seeing this creepy mask in a mythology book-- yes, I'll create characters from as little as that.

EDIT 4/26/13: Originally, when I first posted this back in The Day, I had her named as the goddess of pain and everything bad. But character development marches on, and now she's the goddess of purification. How did that happen? Uh. Um. Well, from the beginning, she was named the Eater of Sin (surd - devour, -at - one who does/is, w' - possessive, ar - evil, nak - ghost, residue, imprint). But then I figured-- wait, if she eats evil, doesn't that make her a force for good? And it just got more complicated from there.

By eating evil, she becomes evil, allowing her to then eat even greater evil. Because that's how exorcisms work in this culture to which she's a primary deity of-- you don't scare away bad things with goodness and lovely things, you get a scarier fighter in the ring (of course, that's how I figure Christian exorcisms work, too, but don't tell the Pope that). Or, you just straight eat them. Well, actually, she devours, which is a different verb in my made up language that suggest the complete annihilation of something, as in, on an atomic level (she also has the power to DESTROY ENERGY, but usually she eats for sustenance). And evil, by this cultural definition, isn't just the simplistic Abrahamic evil-- oogity-boogity demons and murderers and so forth (though she does enjoy a good demon). A better translation might be pain: physical pain, emotional pain, brought upon the self by the self, by others, unto others, by the whims of nature, etc.

But even though she is, in her molecules, an evil entity, her motivations (as much as she can be said to have those anymore-- she's mostly running on autopilot these days) are pure. In that she's basically become a Christ figure, except for the pre-dating-Christ-by-like-a-million-years thing. Essentially, before she was what she is, she was a gentle wind spirit of Arabia who made the choice to sacrifice her body and mind and everything that made her a person in order to take the evil and suffering of the world into herself-- literally*. She's in constant pain, and yet she is ravenous; she'll even auto-cannibalize to sustain herself when she's low on "food". And that mask? Early on, she crafted it herself after the discovery of her own evil nature, as anyone who looked upon her was consumed by flesh-rending madness. Even when its on, anyone who gets too close to her is subjected to feverish hallucinations. It's affixed through the eyes. If she takes it off, shit gets real. And no, it doesn't fully cover her mouth. Need to draw that.

*Her choice to do this came from an attempt to defeat an evil entity using the power of justice and righteous anger... which failed miserably. Said evil entity is a strange loop of a creature (god?): she creates evil, is empowered by evil, but at the same time was created by evil. Essentially, we (and the spirits) created her through our evil ways (again, using the above definition of "evil"), and she in turn causes us to become more "evil" through her mere presence, becoming stronger, allowing her to create even greater evil (and not just in people-- she spawns malicious spirits, aka DEMONS, and various other oogity-boogities). She and Surdat are eternal enemies, and on the rare occasion that they face off, the results are cataclysmic-- not Ragnarök levels of world-endingness, more like a few nukes being set off in the surrounding area. Ever wonder where the Rub' al-Khali came from?
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