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Gary - Sketch :Monster Planet:
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Published: September 22, 2011
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Alt. title: Shitty Sketch is Shitty But I Don't Care Because I'm Desperate To Spread My Disgusting Love

(Man, DA hates titles-- it doesn't even give me enough room for the ACTUAL title.)

Can I claim first Monster Island/Planet fanart ever? Because I haven't been able to find anything re: these books. God, that would be depressing. I am so ashamed of you, internet-- you made this possible to start with, man!

But yeah. You know I could go on for at least 10 pages about how much I love this guy, how adorable and sassy he is, his disturbingly romantic relationship with this one dude, etc, etc, etc, but I figured I should space my stupid fangirl rants out or else I might run out of things to say (seriously).

So, this here is how I initially pictured his "final" form at the end of Monster Planet, because I misread the description (namely the bit about not having a body). Too bad that by the time I realized this I'd already grown attached to the idea. Also, I just think it's way cooler than [bigger version of skullcrab form + accessories]. Dammit, I'm keeping my skeleton-man-scorpion-zombie! It's purely a matter of design aesthetics and has nothing at all to do with benefits that come with having a body or my fetish for the ghost-zombie/skeleton-man-scorpion-zombie sex that is totally happening after the book and inside my head. Shut up.

Having said that, he's a complete bitch to draw because of all the stupid details I insisted on having. Not that you can make any of them out in this scribbly mess. I'll probably end up inking it, even though the prospect is horrific.

Just somebody read these books already, I'm lonely and need someone to share my perversions with: <a href=[link]>Zombies! Will not cost you anything!

Oh, yeah, and, uh... spoiler alert. This totally isn't the silly med student you meet at the beginning of book one-- different Gary entirely. Move along, now.
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