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HE MOTHER NEVER REALLY LOVE HIM. by sedge HE MOTHER NEVER REALLY LOVE HIM. :iconsedge:sedge 1 0 INFLUENCE MAP yksi by sedge INFLUENCE MAP yksi :iconsedge:sedge 1 0 Le Straub by sedge Le Straub :iconsedge:sedge 0 1 In the Woods: Afterparty by sedge In the Woods: Afterparty :iconsedge:sedge 0 0 Gary - Sketch :Monster Planet: by sedge Gary - Sketch :Monster Planet: :iconsedge:sedge 1 0 The Mayor of Cootie Town by sedge The Mayor of Cootie Town :iconsedge:sedge 13 3
DeVOtion RAKe
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:iconsedge:sedge 0 2
In the Woods No. 8 by sedge In the Woods No. 8 :iconsedge:sedge 1 0 In the Woods No. 7 by sedge In the Woods No. 7 :iconsedge:sedge 1 0 In the Woods No. 6 by sedge In the Woods No. 6 :iconsedge:sedge 2 1 In the Woods No. 5 by sedge In the Woods No. 5 :iconsedge:sedge 0 0 In the Woods No. 4 by sedge In the Woods No. 4 :iconsedge:sedge 0 0 In the Woods No. 3 by sedge In the Woods No. 3 :iconsedge:sedge 1 0 In the Woods No. 2 by sedge In the Woods No. 2 :iconsedge:sedge 0 0 In the Woods No. 1 by sedge In the Woods No. 1 :iconsedge:sedge 0 0 PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS No.1 by sedge PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS No.1 :iconsedge:sedge 0 0


scales by loish scales :iconloish:loish 13,575 323 tangled by loish tangled :iconloish:loish 12,045 453
Syn's Dithering Tutorial
What is dithering?
Dithering is a pixel art process used to blend blocks of colour together or help apply a texture to a pixelled surface. Within emoticons it is most commonly used when making pixelled backgrounds, however it can be used in a number of other areas, e.g. massive emote bases, pixel objects etc. In this tutorial, we will focus on how 2 colours can be blended with dithering.
To break dithering down into simple terms, it is achieved by simply taking the colours from the two blocks of colour and placing individual pixels of each on the opposite side. This creates a region where the two colours merge together to create a more blended colour transition instead of a clear line between the two.
Dithering can seem like a complex process, but it's really not. Once you get the basic idea and technique, it's just all about practice and over time you'll learn how to apply it to a number of different situations. There are many dithering styles which can be
:iconsynfull:Synfull 371 87
-. WiP Ghost Hunt - Mordrelle .- by Pitsh -. WiP Ghost Hunt - Mordrelle .- :iconpitsh:Pitsh 11 4 The Mummy Demastered - 30 by Cyangmou The Mummy Demastered - 30 :iconcyangmou:Cyangmou 194 9 The Mummy Demastered - 26 by Cyangmou The Mummy Demastered - 26 :iconcyangmou:Cyangmou 169 9 Let's Pixel: a Stone Column by Cyangmou Let's Pixel: a Stone Column :iconcyangmou:Cyangmou 537 12 Resources | Food and Objects by mimihgfh Resources | Food and Objects :iconmimihgfh:mimihgfh 334 56 Those who wander though the wood by Fawflump Those who wander though the wood :iconfawflump:Fawflump 5 7 Maple Forest by Fawflump Maple Forest :iconfawflump:Fawflump 10 2 Giant by Fawflump Giant :iconfawflump:Fawflump 22 4 Guardian Set by Anevis Guardian Set :iconanevis:Anevis 45 11 Horror Lady by Anevis Horror Lady :iconanevis:Anevis 17 3 Pixel Item - Faded Scroll by singularitycomplex Pixel Item - Faded Scroll :iconsingularitycomplex:singularitycomplex 86 10 Felix by RHLPixels Felix :iconrhlpixels:RHLPixels 150 22 Croc, the crab monster by ReidYaro Croc, the crab monster :iconreidyaro:ReidYaro 49 8


sky kings by Unita-N sky kings :iconunita-n:Unita-N 236 4 Chongurist by Unita-N Chongurist :iconunita-n:Unita-N 305 20 Flying dragon by Unita-N Flying dragon :iconunita-n:Unita-N 583 28 therush by fdasuarez therush :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 1,434 58 Wake up older by fdasuarez Wake up older :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 3,455 176 shake his trees by fdasuarez
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shake his trees :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 752 27
Tearing my seams by fdasuarez
Mature content
Tearing my seams :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 2,214 199
Sickle in the Haystack by damie-m Sickle in the Haystack :icondamie-m:damie-m 8,547 839



Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Marylandonia

Personal Quote: "Ah! The big penis guy is missing!" [During my Western Civ II presentation on Art Nouveau]
SO about FOREVER AGO, I got tagged by :iconmnat: and only now is the this terrible disease manifesting itself! Horror! Romance! Intrigue!

1 - You must post these rules.
2 - Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, then CREATE TEN *NEW* QUESTIONS for the people you tag to answer.
4 - You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5 - Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6 - No tag backs!!
7 - No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this. Don't be a lazyass. Go tag some people.

1.) When was the last time you fell down some stairs?
I never fall when there's an obvious cause around. No, I only ever fall when I'm walking and then suddenly an ankle gives out for no reason whatsoever. So maybe I've fallen ON some stairs? I don't remember.

2.) What's your FAVORITE BOOK EVER?
By ever, you mean "Per my capricious will", right? Currently, I'm fanboying the Chaos Walking trilogy-- kidsbooks about the grey and slightly less grey complexities of WAR (Huh! Yeah!). For people who want EXPLOSIONS with their philosophy! Also: telepathy EVERYWHERE, whether you like it or not! Also: protagonist has two dads, but that's somehow not what the entire series is about! Also: suave misogynistic genocidal villain who's completely in love with a 13 year old boy (technically 14, if you think about, which still won't roll in court)!

3.)  Boxers or Briefs?
FREEBALLING. But boxers, if I have to choose. Because I'm not the sort of person who enjoys a constant wedgie! But technically, I wear old timey bloomers when required to.

4.) If you were a power tool, what would you be?
Nail gun. Yep.

5.) If you could change into the opposite sex, would you?
Can't I be BOTH? But no, probably not, because have you seen the state of mens' fashion, says the girl who is currently trying to find a suit that will fit her tiny frame? Seriously, that is one area of gender inequality where it's the men who get ass-blasted; as a chick, I can wear WHATEVER I WANT, but a dude wearing a skirt? BURN THE MANWITCH! Also: erections seem really inconvenient.

6.)  Pluto: planet, or round floating space-rock?!
DOES IT ORBIT THE SUN? That's what we call a planet, bitches, and I will fist fight anyone who says otherwise!

7.)  What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?
Gristle. But does it count as eating if you spit it out and start having a seizure?

8.) Do you think you can tell if a person is male or female based on how they draw or paint?
SOMETIMES. But then you enter into a weird area called MOE, in which a bunch of dudes draw cute, delicate, colorful little girls. And then do horrible things to them. Like this:… Though I still tend to assume that everyone on DA or LJ is female until proven otherwise.

9.) If MNat asked you on a date, you would say…

10.) Tea is….


1) Kuchisake-onna vs. La Llorona vs. Black Annis vs. Bloody Mary: WHO WINS?

2) An ecumenical matter: Do you think God would be pissed if someone were to create a golem of themselves and then come back and possess it as a dybbuk in order to circumvent death? Does the Talmud address this specific matter at any point?

3) Would it be at all creepy to give your wife a nickname that is in no way related to her real name, and to also do the same to your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, only mostly secretly, inside your head, wherein you've concocted an elaborate Arthurian fantasy starring them, with which you also expect them to play along?

4) For the ladies (and you too, Clive): Do you find this man to just be the epitome of sexiness?

5) Is it a racial stereotype that Asian dragons love oranges?

6) If you overheard this conversation in non-Internetland, would you punch all involves parties in the necks?

7) Could a tulpa ever love a man who is currently a shrub?

8) What do you think ghosts buy with all that joss paper?

9) How many of these questions have been related to British Christian fantasy writer Charles Walter Stansby Williams in some round-about fashion?

10) eReaders: Primary use being to make reading pornography more discreet, y/n?

I TAG! (aka, The Part Wherein I Realize That I Know Less Than 10 People)
:iconsuguri: :iconphuzface1: :iconkpibca: :iconadilicstar: :iconsnaggle-berry: :iconkrypto-wamp:

And because Fuck It, I Don't Know Enough People:

  • Watching: Keroro Gunsou!
  • Playing: Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • Eating: Hopefully not vomit.
  • Drinking: My own inexplicably sweet saliva.


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