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Molly and the Doughboy 3-3

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FAQ, cont.

5. I know most of your characters are based on people you know, so who is this based on?
Like Stan and Slop in the comic, Molly and the Doughboy aren't based on anyone in particular, actually. Rather, it's just conversations I overheard or witnessed... When ever I hear such ridiculous things, I just want to shake my head and repeat what they said back to them, slowly, so they understand how utterly ignorant their idea was.

6. I miss the pretty colors. Why don't you color the pages anymore?
Because it takes too long, and honestly, I think it looks better in black and white. This art style really isn't made for too much color, as we learned from previous pages.

7. Oh my god, 9! I love you!/I want to have your babies!/You're my favorite artist ever!
...Not really a question, but okay.

8. Can you draw _______ for me?
There's two ways to get me to draw something for you.
A) You get on my forums and earn 10,000 Cookies by posting a lot or being helpful to everyone.
B) You give me money.
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Hehehe. You know I love you, 9. ;) HAHA.

I'm loving this doughboy more though.